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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Death of Personality and Union with the I Am - Lady Kuan Yin

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Beloved children of light and love. Children of the truth of the I Am.

I am here to show you how the death of the personality gives way to the union with the I Am.

After a long period of inner cleansing, where you no longer see yourself holding the same opinions in the face of various situations and about life, you begin to "dismantle" the personality. The union with the I Am begins to be born.

But the process takes place gradually, since you are already familiar with the old way of thinking and living. The first sensation that is awakened in you, is of emptiness, of being lost and not knowing which way to go. You still observe in your life all the remnants of the past, to sustain your routines and your lives in matter. But they begin to question whether those certainties they held in their lives still remain as truth for this new self that is forming.

The death of the old personality is necessary for the emergence of the new Being, united with the I Am, which is already part of all that is life, being the whole, the One.

Everything you held as truth, the way you were accustomed to acting and materializing the dreams in your lives, is no longer a truth.

Everything stops making sense and fit into what you now understand as the new truth.

Living free of personalities, has no place for opinions, discussions, observations, or materializations, but only has room to let it flow. That is why you enter a phase where nothing else matters, nothing else makes sense, and you realize that only remaining alive in the experience of matter is enough to feel happy and absorb the learning.

For they discover that the true purpose of life is precisely in the discovery of the I Am within yourself, and in living this new reality.

Everything that was erected, constructed during the life, happens to be questioned. For you begin to observe everything under a new look. The look of detachment and unconcern.

Everything becomes accepted as it is, and there is no more room for concern, for it is replaced by acceptance.

This is the state of fullness.

But you have the transition period, where there is still the attempt to live the way you knew how to live, and was part of their personalities, which are only manifestations of the ego.

This transition period is filled with concerns, but soon you will no longer find explanations for such concerns as you try to find a solution. Your days come to be taken from the coming of ideas and thoughts, and then from the realization that there is no importance in what was thought.

So many are the attempts of the ego, of the old personality, to invade your thoughts and your lives again, but the understanding of life, which you have absorbed through the experiences, no longer gives space for these thoughts to manifest. You become wise of yourselves, applying wisdom to your own thoughts, which arise involuntarily, but which are only reflections of the old Self-Personality, in the attempt to manifest.

You still live in the midst of the experience of matter, and therefore observe these manifestations which will occupy a specific period of your lives, but which will be absorbed by the I Am.

The wisdom they have gained from the experiences are their remedies to heal the small manifestations of the ego. And you are no longer victims of the old mesh. Become self-reliant and lords of yourselves.

This is a phase of liberation and union with the I Am, so remain just Your Truth, regardless of what you were or what you were in the past, but only taking on this new truth and incorporating into yourself.

Stay in peace.

I am Kuan Yin

Messenger: Michele Martini - March 26, 2017.