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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Releasing materialism - Brother Gregório (Chico Xavier)

Children of the heart,

Earth life is made up of challenges to be overcome, this is a maxim of common understanding. But what we call challenges, my brethren, are just the way we see events as we enter our consciousness into the material world.

Matter causes us many wants, many restrictions, it challenges us daily when we enter the holographic game of life. In the terrestrial passage, immersed in materiality, we are compelled to make contact with so many wills. We are led to believe that the luggage we carry is necessary for the conduct of our journey, when most of the time they do not pass completely unnecessary and unnecessary loads on our way.

Overcoming this way of living is linked to the sense of transcendence of material immersion, for when we allow ourselves to be led by that path of the ego, carrying our attachments, our wants, we will always be led on a path of pain and suffering. We enter the path of life with attachment to everything we would like to possess, to have, to entrust ourselves to, and then let ourselves be led into the path of the misfortune that matter inevitably leads us.

Walking along the material path with wisdom requires detachment from the soul, loosening the bonds, freeing oneself from attachment, to tread lightly and smoothly. In this condition nothing or nobody imposes us, we are freed, with confidence in life and in God. We trust in divine justice and in your time.

But how many are those who seek happiness in the material life and lose themselves in this journey, for they enter the planetary holographic life, enter into competition, accept the demands imposed upon it, take upon themselves the pain of those who follow this path, immerse themselves in Consciousness in the terrestrial environment of restriction. But in this way they forget the power of themselves, of the capacity for liberation given to each one, they forget that in the simplicity of life they could find the ease and lightness of the path.

It would be so simple, brethren, if you understood that matter is not smooth if lived within this game of social strife, but it may be lighter if it is anchored in the heart, with detachment, with compassion, with the feeling of bestowing to bestow, to bestow The other side if necessary. Look at the example of Christ, my brothers, who, unattached to himself, cried out for his brothers hanging on the cross and brought us the greatest example of a free life, free from all want, a life of compassion, love and brotherhood.

Living in matter demands this feeling, of liberation from all that restricts us, free through the heart that emancipates us from our wills with confidence and faith in life.

To live in this confidence, beloved, does not mean to deny matter, but to know what it causes us and how to walk it by knowing it, knowing that the Self I am free of the ego needs so little for its walk of light, , Bound only to the love that Jesus came to teach us.

How often, brethren, we hear that spirituality does not cry out for vows of poverty, but in this statement we forget the balance, for for a life worthy we do not need as much as our mind imposes on us as well. To be spiritual is not to be lacking, but it is not to want, to want and never to acknowledge the gratitude that is necessary to our life. This feeling brings us balance, trust, anchors us in the happiness of knowing that all we have and are comes from the kingdom of God that is where we come from and where we will return.

To conclude, I would just like to remember the feeling of humility, since it removes us from the material bondage of life. I am not saying here to serve for love and brotherhood, but to serve something that does not bring you and will never bring full happiness: material achievements. When we enter into the ego's wants, we serve matter, but when we are open to humility of the soul we serve nothing else, we work only for the sake of our brethren, full of trust and faith.

It is the path of simplicity that places us in love and withdraws us from the material bondage that the wills of the mind impose on us.

Be in peace my brothers.

I am Master Gregório known by you Brazilians as brother Francisco Xavier or just Chico.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - March 21, 2017