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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Exalt your inner truth to dilute your I Am - Lady Master Lis / Isis

You, dear children, are daily involved in situations where you have the opportunity to face your deepest fears.

They are often placed in situations of confrontation, friction, where they are forced to put out something that is stored or needs to be released.

There are so many burdens that you add during the walk and that there is no need to be burdens, but opportunities for evolution and wisdom, but as long as you know the right moment to release it.

You carry only what you have not yet learned to let go. They are deceived into thinking that it is necessary to follow obligations and duties that were only creations of their own minds, lonely and fearful of facing life as it is.

You realize that life has become a repeated aggregation and release of connections, where they leave a piece of you, but not what they are now, but what they were.

By not allowing the release of that I that no longer resonates with you, you remain attached to the past, to fear and attachment. The feeling of being free begins with each new beginning of walk. When you detach from something that no longer serves you, but which has brought wisdom and knowledge, you feel freedom, lightness. But then they start a new journey, because in this life, at all times. You will be filled with opportunities to add more wisdom. In this new journey you are carrying more burdens, which you have just created, and carry them to the point where they no longer serve you until the moment the lesson is learned. And then let it come loose, let it go free.

The release of feelings is not something that should be feared. It is something that must be understood as an opportunity for evolution.

We bring you the truth in half words, so that you understand in smaller doses, what is the great purpose of life, which is the liberation of everything that binds them to matter.

You are in constant training for this release to take place definitively, but that if it occurred at one time it would cause suffering and imbalance.

Therefore, children, half truths are beneficial, because they contribute to the fact that the walk always remains constant and in balance. You are not prepared to find the full truth at once, for it is far beyond the reality that you live in matter, the way you have learned to live life, the routine, the rules of society.

The total liberation of the spirit comprises the complete release of all that you have and of who you are today, to then begin the new tomorrow.

This new one, which will open, will be filled with a new road, which will be formed from the empty emptiness of God. God is the one who will fill the new road that will be of light and love, of faith and hope. But no more of fear and restraint, of attachment and sadness.

You end some cycles to start others, which open continuously. And when they are received with love and peace of heart, with the feeling of gratitude for the new opportunity, they are able to allow God to write the lines of their stories.

These new stories will be filled with much love, adventure, peace and transformation.

The transformation that each new story promotes in their lives, when it is given in the hands of God to be written, is definitive. In this new journey, you will no longer add heavy bales to be let go. But yes, you will add only wisdom and nothing else. You will allow your stories to not just be your stories. But you cease to be yourself, to belong to something greater, to something divine. They belong to Oneness, which is God. The Unit will write your story and therefore, children, you no longer have identity, for you are no longer yourselves, but you are the One.

This One will be manifested when they allow their stories to be written by God, giving up control, worry, fear. Allowing it to be written lightly and sweetly, with whole words and no more half-words. For you will already be free to understand how life works. You have already completely surrendered yourself to the Divine. And this story will be written with whole and true words, without expectations, without identity, but with freedom and total surrender to God.

You, children, are entering a new phase. That phase that I promised to be with you. And in this new phase you are now being given to God. Leave the identity aside. Allow yourself to be One with the planet, with life, with God. You connect with the Divine and there are no longer any expectations as to what will come. They give up control of their own lives and then something new will arise. It will emerge from the ashes of that Self that existed and that had an identity, but that today no longer has. It already belongs to the whole.

The understanding of the dilution of one's personality to the whole can only be realized by a humble and pure heart that is able to connect with the multiplicity of lives and experiences brought into its register. You, my children, bring within you the experiences, the registers, of all the roots races that make up, or that composed all the human manifestation on this planet. The connection with this multifaceted divine nature is what will place them in completeness of connection to the planet, to nature, and to everything that exists.

From the moment you connect with this cosmic nature that composes your records, with all the wisdom of the roots races that have entered the physical life, you open up the greater truth and accept the dilution of the personality without any resistance. For in this state you understand the truth about the multidimensional reality you experience in that now.

During your multiple existences you have been adding to your records all the cosmic wisdom of all the roots races that make up this planet. And when we say this we express that they bring within you a wisdom that transcends life itself on the planet, because it is cosmic, linked to something so magnificent, so great, that you do not yet conceive within the reality that you live.

But when you pay attention to all the wisdom that you bring within yourself the only understanding you will have will be how small you are if you consider this one existence. You will look at yourself and you will see yourself so small in the face of all that you bring, that the only feeling that can manifest is that of humility before physical life, the realization that all yearnings, disputes, everything will be so diminished within that Cosmic perspective of the soul that you will all be able to connect, and at that point nothing else will matter.

So it is this feeling of humility, of being small that will lead you to the deeper connection with the I Am. And this connection will only bring greater humility to your beings, for it will show life as it is. And the humility we say here, children, is for you to realize how small you are in the face of the greatness of life, not as beautiful divine beings, but as beings that manifest in a very restricted environment of consciousness.

This, beloved children, is the first step to understanding unity, which is to allow yourself to feel unified, for within you there is all the ancient wisdom of many peoples who have experienced life on this planet. And if you look at this, you will realize that maintaining individuality is a mere illusion of material experience, for in a greater reality you are connected to this and other planets, to this and other galaxies, simply because you have lived on this or other planes in between To people who composed what we call root races.

And if you look with that understanding, how small is the physical life on this planet in comparison to the cosmic truth, you would accept to dilute and unify your hearts to God, to the planet, without any attachment, without resistance, with acceptance and trust in the flow divine. And this sense of connection to the whole will bring surrender, the understanding of life, the ancestral wisdom, allowing the dilution of the ego that wants to be, to have, to possess, to create rules and to become involved in that very small reality that is the planetary material life.

The only existing reality, children, is that they are one with all that exists, for they have been so. That is what composes your cosmic records and in connecting to this aspect you will perceive that the whole is you and you are the whole in a beautiful and harmonious unity where what matters is the greater will of Father / Mother God that blows in our ears to All time: I love you son.

Let my brethren, with the grace of God which they keep in their hearts, be at peace.

Lady Master Lis / Isis

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – March 1, 2017.

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