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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Distinguishing the Soul Purpose - Ashtar Sheran

Greetings noble souls,

I am your brother, Ashtar, and I come today to tell you a simple word of love, so that you continue the journey of light that you set out to tread.

It is you, my brothers, who spend their days facing each other, bringing to their world all that has been asked of them, and which they have accepted to do. I know that in this path they face the human pains, the confusion that the mind causes when they come into conflict with the heart. I know my brethren, for I have been where they are, I have already worn a physical garment in times past. It was necessary for me to do so, for how could I entrust them with a mission if I myself had not gone through the trials that matter imposes upon us?

Just as you have endured harsh soul challenges, to the point of often denying the existence of a God, or even of unity and brotherhood. I know what life is made of, doubts that take us and drag our hearts, which put us before ourselves doubting the way to go. In physical life we ​​confuse love, which often becomes attachment to those we need on our side, we leave the courage aside to give vent to unimaginable fears in more subtle environments. But all this is that which ennobles our souls, for if we are able to find ourselves in this environment where they pervade the most varied energies, forgotten of our soul purpose, far from our sacred gifts, in the face of the illusion of separation and struggle for survival What will be said of the force of our light, the shining of our essence in environments where the rule is unconditional love.

Passing through the soul's tracks through physical life is the consolidation of all that we are, free from all constraints and crystalline in purpose. For, my brethren, to live in a three-dimensional environment, in times of great paradigm shifts is for the strong and brave those who know the peace of their hearts and trusted that they would find it wherever it went.

That is why they should not enter into the illusory game of separation, where they focus on that which comes from the ego, from the mind, which places them as separate beings who fight among themselves to remain on a planet. This is not my brethren, for this is the illusory play of separation which has just transcended its days. In so doing, entering into the collective fears, they move away from the greatest armor of light they possess, the peace of their hearts, the greater protection given by the Father / Mother to all their children.

You must separate everything you feel you are from what you said you are. They need to anchor the real purpose of elevation, self-seeking, self-knowledge, abandoning material attachments. Only then do they find the peace and love that they are, no matter where they are. Because the greater purpose is not egoic, to rise to get rid of all constraints and then to follow in a solitary way. No, my brethren, you have come to something more, to leave a legacy where you pass, to leave a message of love. That is the purpose of each one of you. And they do so when they find this peace of heart, for it is from them that they are all that they are. When they come out of criticism, judgment, imposition, wanting, being able to just stay in their truth without useless discussions.

That is why they should not allow themselves to enter the illusion, the revanchismo, to put their conscience in the judgment, in whatever form: political, religious, ideological, because they came to learn, but since they already bring a knowledge, they came to show That every human being on this planet is free to make their own decisions, regardless of what kind they are. Each being has the free will to anchor his own lessons. It is up to you to follow life, anchoring a higher purpose of elevation, showing what it is to love differences, not accepting the inequalities imposed by the world, but showing how it should be done through attitudes and not words thrown that can hurt others Hearts that do not know the pain.

Every word said there is a heart to listen to and it is not for you to distinguish this brother in any way, judging as being of light or not, of truth or not, it is only a matter of seeking oneself, always recognizing the greater concept of brotherhood and goodness -the pleasure we give you in these messages. Each one who launches a word of criticism, of judgment, of contempt is in truth denying himself by letting go yet another opportunity to search for his truth.

When they go out into the world to say to whoever is intent on judgment, they are again mirroring themselves, comparing themselves, showing themselves wiser along the way and the path, and this is the ego, not the heart. Whatever the choice must be honored and permitted, anchored in a greater purpose of ourselves and never as an imposition of what we think is right.

So you may wonder if you should accept everything passively. And I tell you that a pure and true heart does not accept much of what they harbor in their days, for it knows its truth and it is unshakable. He trusts and from that certainty anchors the greater purpose of himself and makes arrangements for the truth of his heart to manifest in the world, he leads with balance, with confidence, passing over the play of illusion with the inner peace that the Great of heart bring within.

I know well that it is not always easy to make the decisions that need to be made in an environment of restraint, but if you listen to your inner stillness, your peace, it will always prevail. When you stop hearing the fear and start thinking about the planet, everything that is around us, find that peace that I tell you now and then you can be true to yourself.

The path of the heart will always be that of full unity and never of division, of strife, whatever it may be. Those who enter into the dispute of words, of the ego, because they need to show themselves certain are deep inside the inner conflict. For he who knows his truth knows, he trusts, he needs nothing but what he brings within himself.

And that's what they came for, to find this feeling of the certainty of what they are, of what they came to do. There is no other reason for being in this environment, but to show themselves what they are made of. All the rest, my brothers, is the illusion of life, of lack of purpose and of confidence in oneself.

Be assured of this truth.

I am your brother Asthar Sheran.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson – March 23, 2017.