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Monday, March 20, 2017

Connecting to the Essence I Am - Mother Mary

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

Beloved children of the unity of the I Am.

The search for ascension brings to the heart that feeling of separation and non-belonging to matter is an illusion.

The incarnational process is nothing more than the aggregation of experiences on a planet for the learning and evolution of the I Am.

Each of you, being an "arm" of your soul, which is at once an "arm" of the Higher Self or I Am, is only a representation of a more subtle energy.

Understand, children, that you are already and have always been connected to subtler, softer energies. You, children, all in no time, are already ascended beings and there is nothing to remove them from this condition. Realize, then, that the unbridled pursuit of winning the race for ascension during the incarnation will not bring the experiences to be accumulated in your record, but will only keep you more and more bound to matter because you cultivate the feeling of ego in the heart.

As higher representations of energy experiencing a material experience, they aggregate experiences that become agglutinated wisdom to the I Am. You experience experiences that are unified with the cosmic records of higher energies to which you are unified. They thus anchor the practice of the incarnational experience to all the theoretical wisdom they have accumulated throughout the existence of the Monadic representation.

The union with the I Am already exists in all of you, and it does not need to be sought in the external, but rather you can begin to look at your experiences as learning opportunities to be carried in the baggage that you will carry when you are disincarnated.

Understand, beloved ones, that you are already unified to the I Am because this is your primordial condition. The only thing they need to do, thus, is to experience earthly experiences by bringing experiences to that unity they are. But for the experiences to be lumped together as already transposed soul experiences you need to detach yourself from the planetary holographic network of control, the matrix of suffering.

By detaching themselves from the matrix, overcoming the experiences of the flesh, each of the seven deadly sins, you add experience to the I Am and draw closer to the essential energy that you are. They give up the energy of representation that is embedded and approaches the essence of the I Am that they are. You rise to the level of soul with each experience that detaches itself from matter.

This is the only way to return to I Am in the way you understand. It is experiencing experiences on earth by understanding them as incarnational experiences that unify wisdom to the I Am. And so, beloved ones, you breathe on the outside of the matrix of suffering, keeping consciousness on a higher level of vision, connected to the I Am and understanding the experience from a higher view, devoid of the egoic bonds that bind you to the wheel incarnational.

There is no possibility of pursuing the ascent leaving the whole planet behind as a rush to see who will first reach the upper level. The race is illusory and keeps them trapped in the experiences of matter. The I Am are you. You, in no time, have been separated from the I Am. If they are one with the I Am then use the earthly experience with gratitude, adding wisdom to the body of light that they are, to the ascending energy they represent on the planet. This is the purpose of every human being, to detach himself from the matrix of suffering and thus to add superior experience to the I AM, but always living the material experience without denying it.

It turns out that the connection with the I Am to be felt and embodied while incarnated, will only be possible through the opening of the heart. It will open the heart to love, humility, the sense of equality and fraternity, understanding the freedom that all children are made. It is, therefore, beloved, that you will approach the essence I Am, not leaving the planet back towards the ascension, but placing yourself in brotherhood within the purity of your hearts that will rise to what you already are and have always been, but that the Separation veil does not allow them to see.

When they abandon this sense of equality of all, which leaves the ego to encourage them to run for what is spiritual, leaving the humility of the heart aside they close the I AM truth and become another character of the matrix of suffering. The selfishness that leads you to think that you are more or less advanced than the others, cultivates the ego and maintains the illusion.

The detachment of matter takes place from the moment you learn to love and bring love to all beings. That they understand that they are the planet, that they are already ascents in other dimensional levels and then leave the race for the ascent and integrate in love in the service of all. Thus, beloved ones, they abandon the ego, recognize themselves as representations of higher energies on the planet, and allow themselves to be loved. This feeling of love, of union leads them out of the attachments of the matrix of suffering and places them in the unity of love. You become the very essence I Am on the earth, which is devoid of the ego.

The quest must always be to radiate love and use its spiritual learning and evolution as incarnated to bring this love to all, showing the way for them to also connect to the I Am. This is the purpose of each of you, beloveds, to gather experiences as the practical wisdom of the I Am through the irradiation of love to each brother and to the entire planet. But they do not need to search for so much knowledge in a race towards individual ascension.

Those who seek studies, courses, experiences, in order to detach themselves from matter and leave the planet behind remain connected to the ego. All that they seek, beloved ones, must be to radiate love to the unity that springs from their hearts, gathering wisdom to the I Am and fulfilling the function of experiencing matter the way it presents itself.

Realize that the I Am does not have ego, so how would it be possible to connect with higher levels to open the possibility of ascension, seeking evolution without radiating from love to its external? Love is the door not to ascension, but to the simple connection to the energy that already represents our eyes.

My beloved children, you will remain inserted in the illusion of matter as long as the quest is not for peace and for the transformation of all humanity. After all, what would this experience be worth while incarnated as energetic representations of your I Am, if not in order to bring more wisdom through the radiate of love to all? Something so simple that human eyes become so distant.

We bring to you the remembrance that all are One. Therefore, incorporate into your hearts this feeling of unity, and radiate in love for all beings in the incarnate world.

For that would be to add wisdom to your I Am and connect to the higher energy that you are.

You are not individual beings but representations. As representations of the I Am, it would not make sense the individual search, because there is no individuality.

Realize that you are part of the Oneness, and therefore, the collective search is the way of aggregating wisdom radiating love and light, bringing opportunities of elevation for all.

Walk the path of love, humility, openness of heart to your real feelings and emotions, be true in absolutely everything, without masks, without leaks, only being the truth that radiates from the heart and, thus, beloved, approach that Which are: unity with all creation.

Be in peace.

I am Mary, your Mother.

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - Mar 18, 2017.