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Monday, April 3, 2017





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Dear Masters. Very grateful for this opportunity, I love you and I feel more and more connected with you. I ask you why my life does not advance. I have had some work, but I do not feel well anywhere, despite making good friends and being able to adapt after a lot of effort. This last job I had was too hard in every way, I know that you've always been with me, but I seem to be missing something. So far I have not found anything that makes me happy, I ask the Masters to help me, to guide my steps to where I feel more attuned and more useful. With regard to love, I have never had anyone, sometimes I think: is the problem in me? Am I not entitled to love and be loved or does not correspond to my destiny in this life? I am too anxious and I am struggling against it, following your teachings and living in full self-love that maybe that is what I am missing. Thank you very much my Masters for always being with me and with mine. I love you so much.


Daughter. You are experiencing repeated experiences in which you start something without paying attention to the process that occurs in each stage of transition. Watch for the transitional periods, for they are the ones that are repeating themselves in your life. These periods, where you are going from one experience to another, are necessary for you to learn something. They will keep repeating themselves until they look at the present at these times, not at the uncertain future that will open up. What is missing for you, daughter, is to look at the present. Realize that all the experiences that are presented to you are not punishments or wrong paths taken by you, but are experiences necessary for their evolution and learning. Focusing only on the future and the mentalization of what it would be like when things change in your life is skipping the experience of the present, which makes it repeat itself. This anchorage in the present must be observed by you, only you can find the points that most bother you in these transitional periods, and it is precisely these that must be worked out. If it bothers you, it's because they have to be worked on, daughter. This is the learning from which you must no longer escape. Observe your present, meditate, accept and absorb the teaching that is contained in your own life experience. This will open you up to find yourself and manifest new realities in your life in the professional and relationships area. Stay in peace, beloved daughter.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



Thanks to the messengers and the Masters for the opportunity. I know I'm starting a new cycle in my life, it was not easy to assimilate the cycle that ended, but I'm very grateful for all the support I've always had. I'm still lost at the beginning of the cycle, I got a blank page, but I have doubts if I'm on the right track and if I really assimilated everything from the cycle that happened, I would not like to repeat it. Gratitude, love and light.


Dear daughter. You will keep repeating in your mind until you have freed yourself from the thought of fear you feed. That fearful thought that experience returns, feeds reality, and does not allow you to see the new that is showing itself to you now. Meditate and silence the mind. Silence the memory of what happened. Simply bless the experience, and cultivate the feeling of gratitude within yourself whenever you remember the experience that has contributed to your becoming enlightened and wiser as you are today. Thank everyone who was involved in the learning phase and the experiences. Gratitude when created from the heart in a sincere way releases the experiences, agglutinating them in their eighth chakra to elevate to the level of cosmic record that will be engraved in the form of wisdom in its DNA, for all its history. But for this, daughter, one must use the pure feeling of gratitude, illuminating the thought of remembrance that brings of the past experience, and raising to the eighth chakra. At this level you will be free to see the new that opens before you. That today is still covered by the fog of fear, pain and remembrance of suffering through the construction phase of a new self that you passed. That work, daughter, is just about releasing and organizing the information in your akhashico record. It will bring no suffering and pain. It will only be to feel free, light and happy every day. Stay in peace.

I am Kuan Yin



Masters. I come to ask you about the relationships in my life. I've been alone for a long time, and I have not been in love for a long time. Opportunities arise, but I do not get involved with men that I realize they will not bring me the kind of life I want, whether they are still attached to the other person, or because they are not compatible with me and the lifestyle I Will make the relationship happy. In fact, I'm fine with myself, with my professional life, family life has been improving. But I feel like I've been waiting for the right person for a long time, and on the other hand, I'm exhausted from getting involved with men I know are wrong. I've been married, I've had other boyfriends too, but I have not yet been full of love. And this is the greatest desire of my soul, it has always been to be married and happy with a man who loves me and whom I love, and who is also compatible with me and with my desires for life. I know I'm ready for it, even because I do not accept anything less than that and that's why I'm alone, but being alone does not satisfy me. Please clarify me about these aspects of my life. Thank you.


Dear daughter. Peace is your true search. The illusion you have built in your mind, of a perfect and happy family and a perfect marriage with the perfect man, is only the materialization of the thought of insecurity with itself. When you put your happiness in a future idea, stop looking at the present. And so it ends up not living the current experiences. But what you do not understand daughter, is that the future will only open when you accept the present as it is. Experiences come up one by one. Each moment of the present must be seen as an apprenticeship, a lesson. And as long as the lesson of the present is not absorbed and transformed into wisdom, the next will not open. This is the school of life. You will go through the next year of the school calendar only when you learn the lessons of the school year. The most beautiful manifestations of your dreams are already a reality in your life, but they are somewhat distorted, because you still cultivate thoughts of fear and insecurity about your self-love. As for your ability to love yourself and be happy as you are. Material attachments also extend to relationships. All those based on attachment will not be complete in experience of elevation of the spirit, they will be temporary only so that one of the two perceives that it is only a form of encounter with itself, for then the separation takes place. That true relationship will only begin when you find yourself. For it is not possible to live something true if you are not sincere with yourself and can not manifest the full truth of who you are to the other. True love comes first, for yourself, where you find your own truth and your peace. Then the loving relationship can come up with a person who will resonate with that energy, accepting who you are. Since from that moment you have already discovered who you are. Then there is a relationship based on truth, constructive exchange, and freedom. But for this, it is necessary that each one find in himself the peace, the balance and the own identity, that will make that accept the life as it is, in the present moment, finding in this way the true peace. Stay in peace.

I am Master Serapis Bey



Dear Masters, I have a 14 year old daughter, and since last year she has had some panic attacks, she feels very bad, and we can not understand what may have triggered this. The crises appear anytime, we have passed in some doctors, she is doing treatment, but it improves and then she has the crises again. I wish you could tell me what we can do to help you at this time that it has been very difficult for her and for all of our family. Gratitude.


Beloved daughter. I ask you to show this letter to your daughter. For I come especially to bring the beneficial energy she needs to go through this moment that will transform her life and that will be a dividing between the old and the new that will open after this phase transition during the incarnation experience.

Beloved daughter. May the blessings of love bring peace to your body mind and heart. You are alone and helpless in your world protected by your fears and longings. No longer does she feel safer outside her inner self, but even isolating herself inside still feels she is missing something to complete and fill her heart. That causes the feeling of anguish and sadness, fear of living life. I am here especially for you, to extend my loving mantle of mother, so that this mantle in the form of subtle energy will remain with you, to protect you and to protect you from all that brings fear. Remember, beloved daughter. That my mantle will remain with you and as you read my letter I am by your side, radiating my love. Give yourself to my love and I will support you and listen to your pains, your yearnings and your anxieties and fears. Give me those feelings and words you can not tell anyone, because no one can understand them. I am here to show you that you are not alone, and that in this journey of discovering your inner self, I will be by your side, listening to you and guiding you through intuition and prayers, the moments in which you call me Help you You are living a transitory phase where it is necessary that you release the fears, the yearnings, that you keep within you. As guards, my daughter, you will not be able to move on to the next phase of life, which is prepared to welcome you into a future of much light, love, and accomplishments of all your innermost dreams of peace and happiness. You are special, my dear, and you are simply going through a transient moment where you will leave behind all that will not carry on the new self that you will become. You will leave behind everything that could prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. And I am with you, my beloved, to hear you. You're protected by my cloak and you can talk to me whenever you want. I will show myself to you in a dream when you need it, but believe my beloved, that I am always for you. As you pass through this stage, a beautiful young woman will be born who will become strong and wise to teach me what it is like to be a brave woman who has overcome the transformation of life into a new being of light and love. You are special my dear. Stay in peace.

I am Mother Mary



Why did my life change so much? Some changes were for the good and the other for the bad, like a tsunami cleanup, it is difficult to focus, much sadness. Kind regards.


Daughter. Life is always a change. It passes through us, changes, brings sorrows, which are the blessings of tomorrow. It brings joys that help us walk. Wherever you are this way will be the life of ups and downs, but always of situations that we do not control. What you need to pursue are the lessons each situation brings you. Look positively at your life, always remembering that you go through temporary situations, which will continue to change, for this is life. Everything passes! Stay in peace.

Serapis Bey



Hello dear Masters! I have learned a lot from the messages, plumbing and am very grateful for it. But I still feel like I'm "stopping in time". I am 37 years old, single, have no children and still live with my mother. I had a long relationship of eleven years, which ended tortuously almost nine years ago, and since then I have not been able to relate to another person. I fell in love with a boy, we were together a few times, but he never wanted to enter into a relationship with me and I still suffer because I'm still in love with him. I graduated in Law, but I never practiced the profession and I have not yet found my true professional vocation. I am grateful for my current job, but I would like to do it professionally. Anyway, at the age of 37 I could not have a family, children and I did not do it professionally. I feel my life completely stagnant and I do not know how to move forward. I wonder if this could be past life debt, or if I am blocking the divine flow in my life in some way? Gratitude!


Life, daughter, is moved by our confidence. Notice the person who radiates trust, how he captivates everyone. What she lacks is trust because she still lives conditioned and attached to her mother's wishes. You have to transcend this daughter. We call it inner abandonment. It is not a matter of physical abandonment, of material abandonment, but internal. The children were made to be released at some point in their lives. This does not require separation, rupture, but closure of inner purpose. And this purpose will only be anchored when seeking its own truth regardless of the opinion of its mother or the other people. We do not say that it is bad for you, but there is a dependency relationship and it needs to be revised so that you can anchor your own aspects in your life and then you can find out. Then you will become captivating and free and then your life will change. Stay in peace daughter.

I am Confucius

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - Feb/2017.

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.