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Saturday, March 25, 2017





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I am living in very difficult moments in the relationship with my husband, we fight a lot, everything is reason for fight and disagreement, this has greatly damaged the family relationship, especially with my children who have suffered a lot.
In spite of everything I do not think about separation because I still like my husband and my son would not accept it.


My beloved daughter. I see you in a dilemma, between what you crave for your life, and what you try to convince yourself to be the right one. When a relationship reaches a point of so many disputes, it is necessary to silence for a while, but not to hold grudges, anger, hurt. No, it is a time of silence to forgive, to anchor forgiveness to everyone around you. It is a healthy departure, where we lower our heads to life and accept as it turns out. There must be a time in this silence, seeking not to see, not to argue, just to stay in your corner, taking care of your life. It will be a great training for you, where you will seek for your inner peace, for your interiorization. By silencing, by being silent in the face of any offense that is made to you, you will learn to seek your center, your peace, regardless of any inner situation. But above all it is a training of humility, where we leave our ego, our pride and vanity, a little side and we put ourselves to silence, to seek our inner peace. Remember daughter, from the example of Jesus, for it is time to turn the other cheek. She may be silenced once, twice, ten times, until her silence will touch her husband's heart. This attitude will also lead you to reflection. But it must persist, it must be anchored in this certainty, that the quarrel, the dispute, does not solve anything. And in those hours, the best answer is silence. Read about the life of Gandhi, who achieved the independence of a country, through the interior silence, of the peace that comes from within and infects everyone. And in this time of silence, the whole family will be led to reflection, each one will seek their mistakes and silence will get all the answers they need. Be at peace my sister.

I am Lanto



Hello dear Masters. First of all I send my, our gratitude to all of you, for this wonderful work of Love and compassion for us here of the physicality. Today I want to address especially the beloved Master Jesus, because the Master, when he was incarnated here on Planet Earth, performed several cures, among them, he performed the healing of a man who did not have the physical vision, that is what Historical book known as bible. I am talking about this subject because I have a brother who at 11 years of age was blinded by his physical eyes, due to a health problem, he, me and all of us here in the earth family, we want a lot of the healing of his physical vision, I want to ask you two questions, dear brother Jesus. Is it possible and appropriate that he, my brother, be cured of his physical vision in the present incarnation? If so, what does he need to do to get this cure? Endless gratitude.


My beloved daughter, greetings. To all those who ask for my presence, I will be there, that was my promise to humanity. And I thank you for the remembrance in my name. My sister, your brother goes through a process where you recover old experiences. When you came into this world, you all knew the pain you were going to experience, but it will be a blessing in your life, even if it is not the vision you have. I would like to tell you that all healing is possible, and that there is nothing impossible in the eyes of God. In the near future you will see great advances in the healing process of all mankind, and much of what you today consider as impossible to heal will not in the future be. You will go through this whole process right now, for that is the experience you need to live. But there will come a time where new techniques will be made available, and your brother will be among those who will be graced with these new technologies. I assure you, my sister, that the development of your world will bring this possibility. But for now, try to take the necessary lessons from this teaching, living with deficiency with much love and compassion. You will learn to love yourself even more through this restraint, you will approach and old disputes will be healed. This is the greatest cure you can experience, for it is not physical but eternal. It will be the release of much of what you have come to heal through this experience. Be in peace. From your loving brother.




Hello Masters. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you so directly. My question is about my current relationship. I like him very much, I feel that he is a good person, but I wonder if we should be together or if I am fantasizing a happy story. His lack of motivation and professional determination bothers me, living in an informal way and that favors alcohol and cigarette consumption, which he likes, but it worries me.
I know that much of my discomfort is a manifestation of ego, that I would like to have someone "more suitable" to the normal patterns to present to my family, but I wonder if he appeared in my life as someone to whom I should help, or that is Fantasy of my head to keep you close, because your company makes me good. Thank you very much for your words.


Beloved daughter. Notice for a brief moment in your words if there is the feeling of love. The energy you put into your daughter relationship is based on fear, fear. And not in trust, affection, and loving commitment. The feeling you have for the boy, my daughter, is just a pleasant company for a few moments. And this is not a love relationship, my dear. The love, the completeness, that you will feel when you are with the one who is your love, your walking companion, will leave no room for doubts and insecurities. His faults will seem like beautiful gifts, and would not be for a moment considered as obstacles in your walk. Stay in peace, my dear, and bring near to you the energies you desire. But knowing that you will only feel the confidence and security that you seek, for the one to whom you give your feeling of love. Be at peace, my dear.

Master Rowena



Dear Masters and messengers, gratitude for the answer to the first question. By abusing a little of your good will, I ask for guidance once more. Since October 2016, injuries have started to appear on my skin, especially in the hips. I used corticoid cream and it improved a lot, but it did not disappear. Which makes me suspect energy imbalance of the chakra (s) in this region (in particular). Please Masters, I would like to know, in fact, the cause of these injuries and transmute it, and what exercise to practice so that I can promote my self-healing. These injuries have bothered me a lot, and they started to mine again and bleed a bit because I get itchy. New wounds have arisen, now in the backs of the hands and elbows. I believe in the power of the Violet Flame and the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM, could I use them in this case? If yes, how? But I'm open to trying new exercises. I would also like to know the reason for my affinity for the Masters who work with the Violet Flame, especially by Master Saint Germain and Master Kuan Yin. Love and gratitude for you.


My beloved daughter. What you feel is the result of the imbalance you carry within you. Your body manifests the pains accumulated in your records. You daughter, brings from past lives emotional sequels that are being released at that moment, being purified. What you should do is thank you for being released on your skin as it could affect other internal organs and cause much more serious injuries. You should not give any medicine on the wounds, but only marigold cream that will relieve the symptoms, but it will not heal the wounds. These injuries can not yet be cured and we recommend not to do so because they are energies that are being released through the skin, but as we said could be through other dysfunctions much more serious than this. Your focus should not be on physical healing, as this will naturally occur without any medication. You should focus only on emotional rebalancing. There is a trigger that leads to aggravation of these symptoms, which is anxiety and anger. Whenever you feel these emotions try to stabilize and control your feelings with breathing, rebalancing and the quest for inner peace. We will be there to assist you in cleaning up the emotions that generate these sequels. These physical symptoms will be treated from the emotional healing, if necessary go to seek help with record cleaning therapies, quantum healing and inner harmonization such as yoga and meditation. But know that you must have patience with the physical symptoms, for they are only the release that is now being made of the ancient energies accumulated in your records. If you block this flow that leaks through the skin, you may have other consequences in the future. Be at peace my sister.

I am Hilarion



Good morning beloved Masters! I've longed to talk to you. Thanks for the opportunity. I have a beautiful and graceful daughter who presents many gifts from an early age. I try to educate you based on the love and truths of life. But her father does not recognize her. He has not seen her since his belly, and always says he will come and never came. I'm afraid she'll feel rejected in some way. Why all this? I can not understand it and it hurts me a lot. Thanks for listening. With love.


Beloved daughter. Just let go. Release this situation that you have been stuck with this girl's father. Free her to go. Holding this feeling in your heart interferes with your happiness, even before reaching your little girl. But it is bringing home, this discomfort, this revolt with the path that life has taken. Just accept my sweetheart, you have a beautiful daughter and you are happy with her, and go ahead. Allow each to lead your life as prepared and planned by the Universe. There are so many laps we can take to reach the same goal, daughter. And sometimes, for a parent who has been incarnations for several times, he could not get close to the one who hurt him deeply, it can take years, decades, and even several incarnations to overcome this sense of disgust and detachment. Just let go of the judgment and allow the approach to occur naturally, if so from the father's desire, that when and if he is prepared he will approach. Be at peace, my dear.

Master Clara



Dear Masters. My son is 54 now, but his financial life has been getting worse day by day, and I've always been helping. But frankly I'm tired, and he's always very negative, and everything I say is always questioned, and he's always wary of everything he says. I've always been very spiritualistic and he says he does not believe. I feel that I leave my balance with the coexistence, and recently we had a great discussion. Which I always avoid, but at the same time it is leaving me free. I know that attachment is not healthy, but I worry about your situation. I stopped contacting him and because of the concern he has, I think my son's life is his responsibility. Dear Masters, help me to clarify this situation. Thank you very much for your love, and I send you all my love.


My beloved daughter. I'm Rowena, your love sister. His son searches for his way, but his attitude of trying to lessen his pain, causes him not to take deep contact with his own life, with its restrictions. Because of his mother's love, he feels sorry for seeing him in this state, it is hard for a mother to see that her son walks along the path that will lead him to pain. But, daughter, understand that just allowing yourself to have deep contact with life will allow you to seek and find yourself within yourself, then take the shortcut that will lead you astray. As long as you protect him from life, he will feel safe to make the same mistakes, but when you allow him to experience the life he has created, the pain he feels will be the one that will bring him to interiorize, correct his attitudes, Seek the answers for yourself. Life is always lighter when we have the confidence that strong shoulders will be ready to support us, but when we only have our legs to keep us, life presents itself harder and imposes us the way more conscious than we are. Of course this is a decision you need to take, for you will have to deal with the pain of seeing a child go their own way from their own decisions, even if they visualize the result. But if your heart bears this test you will be helping yourself, making your life lighter, and you will be helping your child to take responsibility for their actions. Be at peace my sister.

I am Rowena

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Feb/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.

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