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Monday, March 20, 2017





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Masters, a few years ago I'm on this awakening walk, I want to be a better person. I had depression and anxiety attacks, today I consider myself cured. I went back to study and work, but a few years ago I did not relate to anyone. Sometimes I still feel a deep sadness, in a moment and sporadically. I believe this is linked to self-acceptance, mainly because it has evolved a lot, but has not been able to evolve in the matter of affective relationships. How can I comfort my heart and rid myself of this sadness? I want to completely pass from stage, evolve and connect to the unconditional love of Source. Thank you to the Masters, grateful for all the teachings.


My beloved daughter. Look how far you've walked, how much you've walked into your own recognition. See the beauty of the process through which she passed, for from the deep pain she kept, she found the forces of her own overcoming, of rising within herself. In this life this is the process, the way we go through our own purification. And it was this pain, the yearnings, the sorrows that were overcome, that cleaned everything that was kept within itself. What she now lives are the reflections of what she was, for inside she feels healed, the experiences were removed from her. You are free to walk the path. It now needs to change the way of thinking, of seeing, radiating all the beauty that is made. I tell you my daughter, the hardest, most painful process you've ever overcome. He must now transmute it into his mind, recognizing himself as he is, a beautiful daughter of God. This sadness that still carries within you, refers no longer to you today, but to that which from your pain has found its cure. The one that was and does not fit more with what it is today. But the one who sees before the mirror, now, is the very result of the purification that is ready to live, free of everything that kept. For this you need to change the way you see yourself, exercising self-love, compassionate gaze toward yourself. Look in the mirror and see the reflection of someone who brings great inner strength, who won and today is much better than before, and thank the one who sees for having become who you are. She is the one who will take you to your own happiness, overcoming each day the obstacles that are nothing, close to what has already been transposed. That is why I tell you that this sadness is only a reflection of what it was, but if you look deep you will find within yourself a peace that will tell who has become. And from that peace you can love yourself as you are, and from that love you will leave for life with a beautiful smile on your face radiating those who cross your day. Be in peace.

I'm your sister Rowena.



Greetings loving Masters. Much gratitude for your teachings, which bring Light and Peace to our hearts, and especially for your energies, vibrations and the unconditional Love that radiate for all of us who still experience experience in matter. We really need these energies to support us in our mission in Gaia. A few years ago I am strongly intertwined in relationships with my wife's relatives, through partnerships in the professional and patrimonial fields, which has forced us to live together daily. For some time I have felt that these relationships no longer resonate with my way of thinking, vibrating and especially with my search for a more spiritual way of life. I try not to nurture any negative feelings towards these brothers, but I feel the need to release these relationships from my life so that each part will follow its path according to each level of consciousness, but I can not get rid of these contracts. Is there anything I should experience or some ransom that keeps me trapped in these bonds, or should I continue with my intentions and actions to free myself from these relationships? Gratitude for help and guidance.


Beloved son. You were just exposed to these experiences to add wisdom to you to follow your true mission. The discomfort you feel in these relationships is your purpose calling and warning you that it is time for change. We can not make people follow our evolution, nor is it possible for us to follow the evolution of others, for each one has his own path, the one he has chosen for himself and has taken the roads he has chosen according to his free will. What happens, son, is that at a certain point in life these roads follow by opposite paths, and then you can choose to remain at the present stage the Ayala has already, while maintaining the repetition of the same lessons, which will become too unbearable Or you can choose to move on to the new path where your heart is leading you. They are just child choices. As much as you intend to carry the baggage of your learning path in all new experiences, the time will come when you will no longer be able to carry all these heritages with you. Think that you are here on this planet to evolve and the walk is individual. The experiences you live and the relationships you establish are simply for you to achieve your planned goal, both of you and the other. So allow the other to follow your individual road, respecting your choices, but also respect yourself allowing you to take your path also with freedom. Stay in peace, my son.

Master Serapis Bey



Dear Masters. I request a word, because I started the course on December 19, I received a few days before, but I decided to read and listen to the messages that are in the booklet. Well, on the day of starting the course, the computer did not read, it was an auê to get and meet the schedule that I proposed. The next day I had to borrow a PC, because mine, which was working well until today, does not work anymore, there was a lack of strength in the schedule marked three times, it rained torrentially, began a great pain in the legs, I also received visits in the new year I was late, but I did. I managed to finish on January 8, 2017 the twenty-one days, but nothing happened and finally I did not know if my delay in the schedule sometimes, or the pain that did not let me relax right, had messed up, jumped one day and started Again, but it happened again, so I decided to write to know if I could continue and closed for questions, I wanted to know about the Masters, because my pain in the sciatic nerve is up to now and it does not happen with anything, I did something wrong, I'm not Able to do this course, I need to change something, this course is not for me or is it part of learning? I only had a dream that I remember until and it was the first day, with my deceased aunt, but I do not know what he meant, I wanted to know if I could do it again. Thank you very much if you can answer me, I love all Masters, I read all messages I love Archangel Michael too. Thank you. Sorry for my insecurity, it's that I'm just a little while, about 20 months alone, that I knew this way and I loved it.


My dear daughter. I came to ask you which primary objective you are seeking for this course? You have matters to solve in the daughter matter, and you can use your knowledge acquired in courses and studies of the messages of the Masters to help, as a support to solve the earthly affairs. Maybe my daughter, just what you need to clarify for yourself, is the real goal of studies and readings. Remember that the Masters are here to assist all who are incarnate, to overcome their own constraints that prevent them from releasing themselves, and to live in peace in their midst. Thank you daughter.

Master Saint Germain



Good morning, beloved Masters! It is with great gratitude and joy that I read your messages. Your teachings teach us to look at life with different eyes, and make our journey light and hopeful in the face of these new glances. Forgive me bringing this subject up again. But there is something I still can not understand. My companion came looking for me again. The issues and problems, albeit lighter because of the little time shared, remain essentially the same. Because of so much confusion, so much hurt, so many doubts, I do not know exactly what I really feel. I know it has already been revealed the dark destiny that would have, if it insisted and returned with this relationship. I really feel something bad. But I can not get out of this, I can not stop myself, it seems that I feel guilty and I see and move I'm caught in the same situation. I do not understand why this happens. I do not understand if I have something yet to live. If this love is real or was something I created in my mind. I see behaviors that do not please me, I am treated in a way that is not what I would like. But when I try to put myself in the other's place, everything seems to be relativizing, and I can not keep my dissatisfaction for long. I can understand their motives, and even think they make sense. I do not know if I am having a distorted view of this person because of my needs and overcharging, or if I am being too compassionate and supporting a relationship that does not exist. Thank you very much and I ask for help from you whom I love very much and I trust more than anything. Please, my beloved ones, give me a key to look at all this more lightly, to strengthen myself and to be able to follow something if it is good, or to let go of what imprisons me and hurts me and which may only be the result of a failure Of my self-love. With love.


Beloved Sister of love. We know of your fear of loneliness. We also know how she judges herself, seeking to humbly understand the cause of relationship problems, looking at herself before looking at the other. This is praiseworthy, my dear, and precisely because you have this kind of loving and humble attitude towards those who are part of your life to show the way to your balance, you have overcome what came here to overcome your daughter. He came here to find in the other, in the one who shows you the cause of suffering and pain, love. You found that person who makes you suffer, the feeling of love, humility and forgiveness, looking at yourself and then seeking to improve yourself internally before judging. That is praiseworthy, my dear, but you must remember that it is only one of the many experiences you came here to experience, so you are ready for the next lesson, my dear. It's up to you to stay involved in the same pain, the same learning for as long as you want, but I come here to tell you that your time in this lesson is already over. From here, my dear daughter, you are free to anchor in wisdom the experience you had in that relationship. If you understand that to continue in it will make your happiness, then go free and happy, but suffering is no longer necessary. So keep my beloved happy, knowing that if you leave the lessons that have been left behind, you will open up new opportunities that resonate more with your new Self, so you will bring more happiness. Stay in peace, my dear Sister.

Mother Teresa



Dear Masters. I would like to know how I know that I am "looking into the heart." Since I was little I have a certain emotional block and I have always been very rational. My mind is so strong that when I meditate, I do not know if I'm actually feeling / seeing that or if it's my mind mimicking a sensation / image. As a result, I find it difficult to know if I am on the right track, to make the choices based on the heart, because I can not identify if it is a feeling or a thought. I have read a lot about spirituality and ascension process, and this has helped me a lot, but sometimes I feel like I'm late running after the crowd that's up there. Also, if possible, I would like to know if the treatments / therapies I have been doing are really helping me, because sometimes I am sure that yes and sometimes not so much. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Namastê!


Dear daughter. The treatments always help in some way. It turns out, daughter, that sometimes it seems that the treatment is bringing more suffering than happiness, this is due to the fact that many of you, daughter, lived for a long time, involved in the vision of matter, and the truth was not opened. Putting aside the old concepts, the attachments and the way of looking at the world that you are accustomed to can often be painful, but from the moment you free yourself, it becomes pleasurable simply because, it is your release and transformation. What causes the impression of the treatments are not bringing the solution, it is precisely the resistance to change, but there is no harm in this daughter, this is part of the healing process, and this stage is not easy. But when you go through this, you will feel the best feeling of your life, which will start from a new truth. This will help you find your confidence when you meditate and focus on yourself. When you are surrounded by the beings of light daughter, everything that is shown to you is part of your truth. Just let go of the resistance, and then it will open to what is being shown to you, but that you do not want to see or do not believe to be real. Be at peace my daughter.

Master Nada



Good Morning. I am married, I am 48 years old and have a five year old son. I have a little difficulty making friends, I always feel a bit excluded and I feel that sometimes people do not see me the way I really am. I always try to help people, to reach out when someone needs it and even when they do not know it. But sometimes I feel that my energy bothers people. Is this impression or may it be occurring?


My beloved daughter. You need to answer something first. Why is your focus still so on the outside? Why do you still care so much about what they think of you? The day that simply is what you are, without needing the endorsement of whoever it is, just being natural, you will see that your energy will become softer for those who are by your side. We will not always be accepted, nor will all have compassionate eyes upon us. But I tell you that this look you can have on yourself. It is enough that it remains in its own authenticity that will naturally attract those who resonate with its energy, without worrying who it is. But when we open hands of our own authenticity, to think of pleasing whoever it is, when we care about what they think about us, we bend when we want others. And we do not tell you to be arrogant, so that you do not look around, but rather remain in your humility without worrying about whether you like it or not. When we worry about how our energy reacts, there is behind it a proud ego that needs to be loved. But learn something child, we have control over our own feelings. Worry how you feel and let each of you have the concern for yourself. We control what we feel, but never what our brothers feel. So this should not be our object of analysis. Be at peace my sister.

I am Rowena



Beloved Masters. Gratitude for all your help and protection. I have a test next week (Feb 06) and I'm looking forward to my performance. I believe in your help and my divine capacities, but the ego insists on frightening me. Nor have I asked my counselor for help, lest I disturb her, but now I fear that she may be penalized for it. She wants to help me and I must contact before the test, or should I do as I have done? Help me and come with me at the time of the test. Gratitude and much love for all beings.


Beloved daughter. Have you tried to succeed in your balance? Realize my dear daughter, that balance is what will make you able to give evidence and live your life in peace in whatever activity you choose to play. The paths chosen daughter, does not matter at the moment. What matters now is the silence of the mind, so that you can search in your records, everything you have learned and that will be used for this test. Therefore, daughter, concentrate now on maintaining your balance and on silencing the mind. Stay in peace.

Master Lanto

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Feb/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.

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