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Sunday, March 19, 2017





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Beloved Masters, it is a joy to get in touch with you. Since I started on the path of spirituality, I have always used the tools I learned, such as Reiki, Quantum Healing, floral, Ho'oponopono, prayers, decrees, affirmations, everything passed on to you. And all this has always been very useful to me. In May of 2016, an unexpected event occurred in my life that deeply shook me and completely changed a sector of my life, I went to homeopathy, intensive floral, violet flame, prayers, decrees and finally, in October I felt Fully balanced, very well physically, mentally and emotionally and was at peace and happy, when in November I receive the diagnosis of malignant cancer in the breast. My world collapsed, I felt annihilated, how could I have created this terrible disease after so many years of inner work, cleansing, and purifications that I have gone through? I was operated on Dec. 20, a quadrant was removed from the breast, and now I am waiting for the surgical scar to get thinner and clearer to do 30 radiotherapies in place. Dear Masters, what happened to me? This was all devastating to me. I ask you to help me and clarify where I have failed so that I can correct and transmute my misrepresentation. With love, my eternal gratitude.


My daughter. Throughout the period of spiritual pursuits and their elevation, you have received valuable information and healing techniques that could assist hundreds of people. Did you hear the saying? To whom will you be given much, much will you ask? That's the way things happen in physics by the law of attraction, daughter. When you have information and resources that can be used to help and heal people, you can choose to remain with the knowledge for yourself, for your own elevation, or to lead the people in need so that energy flows. Breast cancer represents an energy accumulated in the intimate in this place, where are stored the energetic forms that you denied in exposing. The maternal feeling, the feeding of a child. That here can be understood as: you have the resource within you, so why not use it to feed your children? There, in this daughter's place, this type of emotion and information is stored. Lots of energy saved without being released that could be used to "feed children", but symbolically represents the distribution of energy to those who need it. Healing techniques are offered as training for people so that they can serve as channels of healing and treatment for others. The energy accumulated and further potentiated by the decrees and requests for more energy you make, are harmful when they are not released. That focus will continue to grow daughter, because you have been feeding her daily. Therefore, by distributing beneficial energy, healing and healing, it will release and clear that focus of disease on you. Stay in peace daughter.

Master Hilarion



Greetings everyone. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. I would like to know to what extent I am not developing my creativity, as I have already been told. How can I stimulate this personal aptitude if my professional activity does not fit into any artistic area? Should I look for a hobby? Is it really important to develop an activity where you have to express creativity? I know that I have a very aesthetic sense and that I liked to draw and paint when I was studying in school, but as I moved through another area I never had that kind of experience. What can I do to expand on all domains? Gratitude.


Beloved daughter. You have the talent for art and more. But society has taught him to look for the traditional, for what is safe, comfortable and that will bring an apparent stability. Then they live their days without the happiness of developing the gifts of the essence, of the soul. Without accepting to donate what they possess of more natural, their gifts. You children can do many things, just trust it, it is enough that they develop what they want in their hearts. This question would not exist if you had internalized yourself and asked yourself what your longing is within yourself. Learn to listen to your heart my daughter, this is simple. When in doubt, create the image of that activity in your mental field and bring to the heart what you feel, feel a softness or something that bothers you? See how simple a daughter you are, you are able to answer that question from yourself so that you can create a life of freedom. Be involved in my love.

I am Rowena



Beloved ones, I thank you very much for the love of all of you, and for all the help I have had after my awakening. I feel all this energy of love and light, and I am very happy in this moment that I have come from my life. But there is something that I still try to understand, which are the physical pains of my body, which until today I have always cultivated without realizing it. I feel that today I am prepared to free myself from this karma, and I would like a greater understanding so that I can transmute it. Thank you very much all of you, and if possible answer me one more question about the seven rays, if we belong to each one in its ray and what it means to belong to a certain ray? I think mine is that of Saint Germain, who has a very great affection. We love you all, Gratitude.


Beloved daughter. I am El Morya, and I come to bring you the truth about your physical pains. Unconsciously, you manifest feelings and feelings of pain, sadness and fear. You pass on your daughter, through painful experiences, and even if these are healed and transmuted, you keep them in your records, as a mental programming, the feelings of pain and suffering. You, beloved daughter, have properly cleaned with the Violet Flame, and thus allow all things to be healed and transmuted. But daughter, so the focuses of pain are transmuted the moment they manifest, and must have their cleansing carried out in the record from where that sensation arose, which are the akashic records. And then only make new mental programming in itself, stating that your life will no longer be that lived previously and that it generated reactions of pain. These sensations, Daughter, have just remained stored in the form of programming in your mind. And you know that the mind is something that must be silenced for healing to happen. In this way, the silence of the mind and positive thinking for the new programming that you would like to have in your life, is what will make the pain disappear. First, the cleansing with the Violet Flame, then the cleansing of the akasic records, from which came the information that created this schedule, and then the new programming in your mind that will bring the new life you want to see before you. My daughter, the process is simple and fast. It does not have to be painful. Stay in your center and in your calm and balance. Manifest in your life the new programming, from the moment you close the registry cleaning treatment. If you do not do this reprogramming as soon as you finish clearing the records, you will continue to carry on in your life those feelings of pain and suffering only as an unconscious reflection of something that has occurred. So allow the new programming you will now create, by working with the blue flame, make your life something new and happy. Seek your truth from there, for it will be a new reality manifested from the removal and reprogramming of the feelings of pain and suffering. And so it is.

El Morya



Hello, when I was 17 years old, I saw a girl who fascinated me, I fell in love who seemed to know her already, it seemed a very strong line, I was going to work and she was going to school, it was amazing we always met in the terminal By bus or bus, after a while I left the service and did not see her, after a year I met her again on the bus, talked to her and often took the same bus as her, the last time I saw her was in 2004, she moved to Natal, I lost all her contacts, and after 12 years I dreamed about her this week, and it moved me a lot, but it's been so long and it feels like something for her, for this girl I met when I was 17 years old, should I continue my searches behind her or should I follow my life ahead and forget the past, it was like I saw a lecture by Laercio Fonseca, he talked, you like her, but does she feel the same for you? I must deepen the search on her, because I do not know if she is married or dating, my heart tells me to continue at least to know how she is, even if I do not roll anything, because sometimes I feel I should move on, I'm a little confused, I have not seen her in 13 years.


My son. You are dismayed by something inside you. The question is not the girl you met or not. But simply because it grieves with a simple decision to seek a person. What is it really that causes you this insecurity? What real fear or insecurity is inside you. You see, because you long to know about a person, search for information, and there is nothing too much about it. But you fear for being disappointed and not being reciprocated. Deep down, my son, you have done all your life, idealized a relationship and stop living by mental idealizations, by thinking about it or that, when deep down there is a fear of surrendering to the unknown, to what is not clear. All this is associated with a feeling of inner incapacity that needs to transcend. You will transcend this feeling when you realize that yourself is enough for you, which is already complete because God did so. And then you will become free to venture into what your intuition asks of you. Take my brother, live life, without so much thinking and if the result is not what you want, take the risk again, put yourself in situations of Confrontations of his fears, his longings, for it is the way of his own purification, of the liberation of his soul to live life as it is. Be in Peace.

I am Saint Germain



Beloved masters. I have been worshiping for spirituality since I was a child, I have been looking for something in this respect, but I wonder why I feel so alone. Although I consider myself a happy woman, I feel very lonely. I really want to learn more to serve people spiritually. I am very thirsty to learn more. I wanted to know how to get in touch with my guide, to know that he hears me.


Greetings my beloved sister. You are alone, within because you have not yet found your soul purpose. The feeling of solitude, coupled with the will of something else, is the pursuit of all of you by anchoring the real purpose of soul, by finding inner happiness. Every human being seeks happiness, but happiness will never be found in any external experience whatsoever. It is a state of soul when we anchor our real purpose, which is simply to love. When we learn to love indistinctly, we will find happiness. Because we will learn that real happiness will never be in our own joy, but in communion with all, of what we seek. What my sister longs for is to find her happiness, and this will only be done when anchoring in her heart the indistinct love of all the brothers. At that point you will be ready to serve, and this feeling of loneliness will be something of the past, it will no longer exist within you. It will be filled with the love that will radiate from your heart. To clarify what I say, seek that love in the purpose of serving, and then you will see that you will no longer feel alone. You will find your real purpose from this state of love. Stay in peace.

I am Rowena



Beloved Masters, thank you for this opportunity to have my doubts clarified. It's been four years since I left my country, in search of some meaning in life, and started a journey. And things have changed a lot, because before I did not believe in anything and used many heavy drugs, I was desperate. I am so grateful to have awakened. I make handicrafts to support myself, and in the last year I was able to manifest abundance. But now I am in a country where I do not feel comfortable working on the street. In fact, I'm tired of it and I want another experience. I like my creations, but it's been hard to sell these days. And that is not news, it is repeating itself once more. What are the signs I'm not noticing? What lessons did I choose to learn? Am I charging a very expensive price? Many times I've run out of money, but I know you've never abandoned me because I've always found the right people at the right time and I could have my needs well filled. But when I run out of money so far from home, I feel so weak and so vulnerable and I forget who I am. It becomes difficult to deal with the emotions of fear. Please help me out of this cycle. Now, I'm almost out of money again, and I wonder if it's okay to ask my parents for help, or if I should keep my faith and expect a miracle. I know they got a lot of help from my grandparents, and their reality was a lot different than mine when they were my age. But my family has had a storm for some time, and things are not easy for them now, because they work hard. I never felt good asking for money. What would you say about it? I am looking for a volunteer now, some that give me food and lodging so that I can serve and help, but mainly to have a "rest" because I will have guaranteed shelter and food, and I will be learning new lessons. Sometimes I have experiences during the sleep of my physical body. Sometimes I hear and I feel a very strong vibration, and then I leave the body. I had some horrible experiences with it, there were desperate people who grabbed me and held me in a dark place. Were those disincarnated lost in the astral realm? But recently I had a meeting with very beautiful women and they talked to me with a lot of love, it was very real. Who were those beings?
Gratitude loved masters.


Son, thank them for their experiences, for they always lead you to your true purpose. Material constraints come in so that you look for a moment at other possibilities. Son is as if you are down, and seeing only what is in your field of vision. But the financial constraints will make you stand up and look up one level and spot the opportunities. Restriction will cause you to seek another path, and so you are guided to your true purpose. Persist on your journey in search of your own sustenance, but open yourself to new horizons, for you are being called to that. The dreams that you have of others around you asking for help, shows that it is time to change. You can help many in your walk, just look up one level to find its purpose and relieve the hearts of those who ask for help. You are light son, and a focus of light can not be hidden in the shadow of a life as you take. Stand up, show yourself and shine following your purpose. Stay in peace son.

Master Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Feb/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.

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