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Saturday, March 18, 2017





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Masters, first of all, thank you very much for the very loving response I received. I wonder how I can have a greater connection to my mentor. I wanted to know who it is, anyway, I would really like to be able to speak and listen. Although I read the messages and believe deeply, I can not think of myself as an awakened person. I seek this connection, but I have great difficulty in meditating. How can I improve and evolve? I feel a great connection with the Archangel Michael and the blue flame and I would also like to know why. Thanks always.


My sister, I am Archangel Michael and I come to answer your question radiated in my energy and with my love. I am at the side of Arcangelina Faith, to show you that we are indeed present in your days and work with you daily for the planetary elevation. You my dear, already have felt our energy to involve you daily, whenever you call for our presence, because we are always with you. To allow you to attune yourself to your mentor, first of all, remember that I am here for you and, calling for me, will be surrounded by the blue flame that will make the protective field around you and thereby provide a connection with Your mentor more lightly on your part, where you can indulge in intuition with more confidence. Call for me, silence and feel my energy. And then allow the approach of your mentor by simply remaining with the mind silenced of thoughts, so that a communication of it is established for you. And no more of you to him alone. He already acts in you daughter, through your intuition, but to receive a clearer communication, proceed in this way and surrender to what will come trusting in my protection. Stay radiated in the blue flame.

I am Michael Archangel



Dear Masters, as you surely know, I experienced a period of great enthusiasm for the Ascension in 2012, and then, as I did not see anything happen, I was very disappointed and I turned away from spirituality, I became cynical about this subject. In October of 2016 I became interested again, and now I am again enthusiastic, but I am afraid to get too involved and suffer another disappointment. I know you will tell me to internalize, and I have tried, but so far I have not been able to. I feel like a lunatic, for I am the only person I know who believes that the Earth will ascend and so does humanity, at least in part, and I have no one to talk to about these issues. With the first two weeks of Donald Trump's administration, my fears about the future of the Earth have increased, and even though I know I should stay calm and confident, it is not easy. I need your help, thank you.


My beloved daughter, all the fear you feel is because you understand spirituality as something external to you, it creates expectations about the events of the world and you forget to focus on the present, on your own growth and purification. You, daughter, like many others, have not yet understood that there will be no surprising external fact that will liberate all mankind, not until they have liberated themselves internally. When you look at your own restraints and feel the energies that surround you today, you will see just how smooth the world is. And from that softness your gaze will change, where then from your peace you will understand that the world that awaits already exists, but not around you but within you. People wait for events where they would have all the resources available for themselves, where they would no longer have any restrictions. This is because they still focus on matter, as if the solution of all their problems was in material life itself. Forget, then, that the greatest constraints are not in the world, but within each of you. The pollution is not in the air, the garbage is not in the rivers, the forests are not being devastated, because all this is a reflection of an incessant state of mind that is polluted and that pollutes your world. The world is a reflection of each of you. You are sovereign, it is you who decide the future. And I tell you that there will be no savior in your world, because you must create the inner mastery to deal with all the abundance that God prepares for his children. Growth is interior, and as long as you look at spirituality as something external to you, you will continue to be disappointed and move away from your purpose of elevation. Stay in peace daughter.

Master Nada



Dear Masters, as of 2012 my life has collapsed and to this day I have not recovered. My husband lost his job and soon got a better one in another state, and I thought our life would finally change, as he was doing very well and we were excited about the change of city and life. But this did not happen, as he was fired again after a few months. Since then we have had several serious financial difficulties, and he has had two more jobs and was again fired in both. He is currently unemployed, doing some work as a freelancer, which makes me very insecure. Everyone praises his work, so I think he's a good pro, because the reasons for layoffs are never clear. Since I was feeling very good at the time of his wonderful job, I did not understand why I drew this into our lives. Neither me nor him.
My faith in spirituality and in God has fallen sharply, and nowadays I'm calling again on this spiritual side, but all these difficulties come back to mind. I do not think it's fair what happened and all the difficulties we're having to face.
To complicate matters further, while all this happened I became pregnant again without being desiring, and I feel sorry for this child who came to a life full of difficulties, I also feel that my life is out of my control, because the things I want do not happen . Despite this, I believe in the theory that we are 100% responsible for what we create in our life, but I get confused because I do not really understand how we created all of this. What are we doing wrong? Because people who are not seeking their spiritual development, lead a good life, a quiet life, while I who strive so hard to improve I am going through such difficult periods? I'm almost coming to the conclusion that it's better to be unconscious and live only 3D reality, because the people around me who do this are having a better life than mine. After all, do I have the power to create my reality here and now, or am I stuck with past karmas?


Hail, daughter!
Save our Lord Jesus Christ!
This son here does not like you to talk about him, but he does not like you. Hail, daughter! Hhihihi.
Daughter, the father will ask you something. Have you missed what is necessary in this life? Or is the daughter wanting all the best and the best? Daughter, you who are in this process of awakening, of loosening the bonds of the ego, of detaching yourself from matter, you go through much more storms than those who continue to live life bound to matter.
Daughter, understand one thing once and for all: All these swings that you pass are an attempt to get you out of this mental process that has entered. The daughter in control knows that she lives well in the matter, but what is she reserving for God? What, from your life, will you give to God? So it is: When we want to take the children out of this mental process, the first thing is to take the bases of sustenance of the matter, so that the daughter gives the life with confidence to God, without so much planning, without much reason, You know, daughter. It is what we call here the "dragon of awakening". When this dragon passes through our life, it shakes everything, it shows us our fears, our attachments, our insecure ego with life. Daughter, it is the ego that needs to feel secure, because the soul is already secure in the arms of God. The soul does not need security, it knows that it is immortal. But this damn ego, needs everything tidy, all in the social pattern. This is the immature ego, is not it, daughter?
Daughter, how do you want to be "of the light", living in the social pattern? Society is not healthy, daughter. And if you live your whole life in the pattern, right, you will fall into that insane pattern that is the world. And then, we have to make a mess in the lives of the children, just so you understand that life does not follow standards, that life is to live. We take the base of you so you learn to let go, let go, let go. That's right? It's no use getting angry, it's no use fighting, because it only causes more resistance, more restriction. You have to let go, you have to let go, so life can flow again.
But to end this story, the father will tell you a secret: You do not control your own life. It is from God, and it commands and we obey. But still, maybe the daughter wondered why an old black man came and talked to his daughter. Why did not a Master come? Hiihihhhihi. Do you know why, daughter? It is for the daughter to learn something else: Humility. Humility that only faith in God brings. That's right? So stay with God, daughter, that's all right.

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda



Dear Masters, first of all, gratitude for the answer I had in the first question, and with the doubts of other people. A few days ago I began to feel pains in the soles of my feet while sleeping, completely supportable and sporadic pains, sometimes in the palms of hands as well, but together, a nuisance along with a great anguish in the area of the laryngeal chakra also began, where I feel the need to keep my hands close to my neck, talking about it has been suggested to me that it may be related to anxiety, but I do not feel anxious about anything, this process is really related to some unidentified anxiety, it is some limiting belief Or some normal process of old energy release, could you help me understand? Gratitude loved masters and channels for work.


My beloved daughter, do not long for your physical health. Just allow the process to unfold as it is without worry. The path will be of peace and transmutation. Only allow the adaptation of your physical body to more subtle energies, releasing the free flow of energies. Do not hold them, allow them to develop in your physical body. Be at peace of that trust.




Good afternoon. I am 56 years old, and I come from a family that has many financial conflicts over inheritance, it started with my paternal grandparents. And also between my brothers, who always helped and went back, I found that by being honest I would get my financial stability, but after so many years of work and some diseases, I find myself maybe worse than I was or the same place. I have uncertainties about my financial future and my business.


My beloved brother is at a stage of his own purification as to the financial constraints he carried within you. You were in charge of directing and controlling your life, as if everything was predictable, and when the events went out of your control you were unbalanced. This caused him great anxiety. Now you are working your control through the instability of life. Life is presenting itself to you as it always was: uncertain. There was never any certainty. See that there is a lesson that from the suffering that passes engrandece your being. We asked you, my son. Why do you think you showed imbalances in your physical health? Now you have the opportunity to free yourself from this feeling of restraint that holds within you. This is the experience that your soul longs for in the way of its own purification. The liberation of the attachments, the controls of life, so that their life is understood as it always was, a flow of in and out, in which the balance now hangs on one side and now on the other. Trust son, from this experience will bring a greater enrichment, which is eternal, the aggrandizement of your soul. Do not yearn for material goods, there is much more to it than around you. Open yourself to this greater truth. Be in the peace of that certainty.

Lord Lanto



Good afternoon. I am 46 years old, two beautiful and healthy children, I have been married for almost 20 years, I have been through many problems, including serious health problems, today I have a more stable life, but I do not feel complete on the love side, I have several doubts and many Wishes that go far beyond, I would like answers regarding this if possible. Thanks.


Beloved daughter, I am Pórtia. I come to show you how to transmute this experience that is already completed in your incarnational process. The detachment of daughter material goods is very similar to the detachment of relationships. When we bring you messages explaining how harmful it is to carry with you attachments to material possessions, we also bring similar thinking about the detachments of relationships, which were part of a blessed and enlightened learning. But that already has its cycles completed. As a daughter, then, let go of a life of memories that do not bring happiness to this new woman, that you have become before a life so full of experiences and difficulties that contributed to the growth and maturity? Just daughter, assuming her strength as a woman, the force of overcoming all the difficulties, with which she lived during her life, and will be the foundation of support that will give her the conditions to close all the processes that no longer bring happiness For your life. The choice is your daughter. You may choose to look at that struggling and suffering woman who has learned so much in this life but still holds sorrows and memories of times of suffering and weakness or can choose to look at the woman who has become today, transmuting all the aspects that still Remains tied to past experiences. Faced with so many learning, those who remain in our lives are only experiences. We do not need to carry the people and material possessions that were part of this story as a feeling of gratitude or fear of suffering. We can leave behind what has gone, and continue to open to what is reserved for us again, without fear of leaving all the luggage behind. This is how you can see your life from now on, and not as seen in the past. You are no longer the same woman, but you can choose to take the time to prepare for the new one, who is knocking on your door, waiting for you, to offer you the feeling of liberation, happiness and inner love in fullness.

Master Pórtia

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Feb/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.

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