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Tuesday, March 14, 2017





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Hello dear Masters, I would like to change profession, do something that I like, but I am afraid of the unknown, because I will change a job with a fixed salary, something new and that I have never worked, starting from scratch, without work place, without clients, etc. . How can I work it inside myself, get out of the comfort zone, without concern and anxiety of an uncertain future. Gratitude!


Beloved daughter, when you are ready to follow, there is no discomfort in the heart. If you need to work harder to release fear and allow more faith to materialize in your heart, allow that time to take place. There is no reason to make decisions that bring fear and anguish when you are not ready yet. Let everything happen in your life in a natural way. When you are guided to your daughter purpose, you are always involved with lightness and peace. Only you can tell if you are heading in the right direction. But the right direction arouses love, peace and tranquility, not anxiety and fear. Right, daughter?

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda.



In a shamanic retreat, within a ritual, I heard one of my guides tell me, that was my essence. What is the real meaning of this saying?


The essence is the body of light already devoid of the restrictions contained in the records linked to matter. The record continues to hold all information, but in a higher vibration they do not restrict being. In this state the being is pure, devoid of the ego and naked of all the character created by the terrestrial environment. In referring to its essence, it is referring to its body of light in an energetic environment already devoid of forms and bodies. It is an elevated aspect of our soul. It is us in the present, as if this present life were the past in relation to that pure being that we will become.



I have suffered a lot in recent times with the awakening. I know some people who are in this process too, and I know that each one has yours. I am not comparing pains and processes. But I feel that with me it has been different, it seems with me everything is more intense, stronger. I can often help my friends who are like this, but when I am I, I go through these whirlwinds alone. When I look for or even ask for help, no one can help me. I have studied, read and searched within myself. But I do not know. It comes to me that perhaps I am being prepared for something greater than I can imagine.


My beloved brother. Some brave men of this world came just for the purpose of presenting themselves at the right time. They came to endure far more pain and restraint than others. And you, son, are one of those blessed brethren who set out from their own purification to assist in raising many. You are one of those who prepares for the right time to be the beacon of many, so your processes are more intense my brother. But look at the benevolence of this process, for you are one of those who set out to live in one life what others would live in several. It's a matter of preparing my soul dear. Keep yourself in the humility of the heart, thank the opportunity you have, for it will lead you on the path of your own elevation. And from its elevation, many will benefit. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey.



I feel in my heart that I am trapped in a situation, both financial and loving. I end up not being who I really am, who I would like to be, and following spirituality alongside a person who thinks the same way, and who I really love, but I never want to hurt someone who loves me because I can not Be happy causing evil to those who love me so much. So, my question is, if my mentors will provide a condition, so that this situation is resolved at once? I need peace, I'm not being true to myself. I hope I've been able to explain what I need. Gratitude.


Beloved daughter, we see you shrunken, trapped, hidden in all the events that occur around you. Not only people, but the environment where you live, your routine, everything that is part of your life, is causing you fear and sadness. You, my daughter, living in this way, hidden and hidden, are keeping what you have most precious, which is your heart, the light that radiates and shines from your heart. When you close yourself to reality, when you are afraid and shrink from the experiences of life, you do not allow your light to shine, which will first bring the love that seeks to shine in your life and in you, and then radiate into All this environment that needs to receive its light. You do not have the obligation to bring light to the outside, daughter. There is no such obligation. This is something that will happen naturally even without realizing it, from the moment you allow it to shine within you. He ceased to be afraid of experiences and ceased to close himself to experience in this incarnation. My daughter, if all were closed before a life that does not correspond with our dreams and desires, all would give up the life of incarnated ones. But for this, the daughter who is here to shine, and from the idea that is born in her heart, to see a better world, can create that reality within you and feed it in the hearts of everyone around you. Only then, daughter, can you free yourself from this prison to which you closed. Open your arms, do this exercise. Open and allow love to enter, idealize and allow love to materialize entering your heart, coming from above. And then feeding what is already inside you, as if it were just a fire coming to light that torch you already have inside you, but that was erased by fear. Light up daily, receive life, and keep on remembering that the torch will remain lit during the time you feed this light and this love within you. This light will draw you, experiences of love, abundance and fulfillment, very quickly. You just need to keep the torch burning. I love you, my dear.

Lady Master Nada.



Good morning, masters. Gratitude for this work. Because I like to be alone, to live alone, I even try to live with people, family, I love to see people on the street, I'm super communicative, nice, but in my house I prefer to be alone with my cats? What does that mean? I feel that I can help more people living alone than they are with me, so do I hurt people? Thank you!


Beloved, just let go of the prejudice that feeds for yourself in relation to the life you lead. You are free to live as your heart commands. It is not bound to any rule of society, and much less that which does not satisfy it. Stay as you direct your heart and there will be no problems daughter. Follow in peace.

Lady Master Rowena.



Beloved Masters, I am in deep doubt. About two years ago I met my Guru, and since then I have felt that my life has changed, I am learning to balance. But as I am learning to internalize myself and feel this love that has always been inside me, in the two times I have seen it, I also felt some distance from my Guru, there was little or almost no communication between us , I feel I could not get close to him, or I was not allowed to. Does that make my mind question a lot, if that would really be my way?


Beloved son, the Guru / Disciple relationship is precisely in the discovery of your inner Guru. The energy emanated by the Guru and his example of life serves as a script for the disciple who, if he observes carefully, will realize that the Guru's search has always been for the Inner Self, not the external Self. As you wait for the attention of your Guru, stop looking into yourself, and begin to feel the affectionless need for it. The Guru is the example of self-discovery, of self-transformation, it brings us ways of finding the light, peace and inner love for ourselves, and in ourselves, without needing to follow something external. Do you understand, son? The Guru does not chase after someone to become Guru, he mirrors himself in the examples, then finds his own truth.

El Morya.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Feb/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto

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