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Monday, March 13, 2017





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Hello Masters, immensely grateful for your love and interest in contacting us, offering this invaluable help. Greater gratitude to Our Father God / Heavenly Mother for orchestrating this whole process. Gratitude also to those who exercise this function of channels for this approach. Let's get to the point. Well, I feel like I do not know where I am and I often find myself "lost" in every aspect of my life, and even my meditation has not occurred with the usual tranquility, I also feel as though I have stepped on the floor, My head sometimes does not accompany logical reasoning in any chat, and I very easily lose track of the time and space where I am. It is necessary to emphasize still some periods of anxiety, fear and anger, soon after calm and tranquility, as if none of that had existed. I try to avoid a "human" understanding for all of this, and I think even my connection was lost in these last days, due to this turbulence, so to speak. I perceive very hard blows of "resistance" to the whole process that we, humans and the planet, are experiencing. I seek guidance for this NOW. Gratitude loved Masters!


My son of love and charity. We know of his immense will to radiate love, to be light and to shine among all who live together. But my son, you will only be the transforming agent, shining love, when you can work the inner aspects that you have kept hidden from yourself, in the ceaseless attempt to be a good and peaceful person. Goodness and peace are born of the heart, and are won with hard feathers, only with the exposition of feelings inferior to itself. What the child needs is to let go of the lower aspects and purify them. We have brought in some channellings, teachings that show how to work through these aspects by channeling the emotions stored in each of the chakras, and then agglutinate them so that they become part of your mastery and experience getting in your akashic record. We bring the answer here to you son, for you are a seeker of the truth and you are not afraid to face yourself. You just need one direction. So that's the answer, son. You can seek your balance, bringing the lower aspects to the surface, to be treated, cleaned and healed. And then you will see how those symptoms will disappear, for it will no longer be the duality within you, it will be an authentic and true Being of light.

I am Lady Master Rowena.



Yesterday I met someone I had a relationship with for about a year. It was a reunion that I asked for a lot to happen, but in the end everything went wrong. This guy I've met has a partner, so our relationship was hidden. I was his lover. I'm not proud that we started this way, it's always been a conflict for me. I was happy to be with him, but I also felt guilty for being the wrong way. We basically broke up because he lost his job and moved to another city. Since then I have not heard much from him. But I hoped he'd come back to find me again. We disagreed because I did not understand the signs and gestures he made for me. It was then that I made the mistake of returning and being on call near the house where he was hoping to have another opportunity to talk to him. But it did not work out because if he saw that I was there he completely ignored me. And what's worse, his partner saw me too and I think she was very suspicious. It was then that full of shame and embarrassment, I returned to my house and now I am here with much guilt and remorse for the situation that I ended up creating for all of us. My question is: Am I wrong in wanting him to come back and who decides to choose me by assuming a relationship with me in the right way? Is nurturing these hopes an illusion of my mind? Can you tell me if I am reciprocated by him or if he only sees me as a passing adventure? I only know that today I am with a huge shame of what I did. I still like him and I miss him in my life, but I believe that after yesterday's mismatch he will never want to see me again. Because in my despair of wanting to see and talk to him again, he created a bad situation for him. Please, can you help me to clarify these feelings? My emotional pain is weighing heavily today. Gratitude.


Beloved, wrapped in violet light I am here radiating in you the flame of transmutation and forgiveness. I am Master Kuan Yin, and I come with you to accompany the pain that you feel in your heart, for not being able to forgive you and your former companion for something that is no longer part of the present. We know he's been living happily with him. But in all of them daughter, you gave yourself completely forgetting about yourself. So he hurt himself. And you're alone again to have the opportunity to work on your self-love. The emotions, the feelings of daughter passion, are maintained by the lack that comes from within because you do not find yourself. You need to live certain painful experiences to realize that none of them will relieve your heart. For then, tired of this struggle, decide for once to seek self-love. This love daughter, no one will take away from you, and will form a strong and free woman. Without stored feelings of fear and insecurity, which you unconsciously bring about through unworked painful experiences, which need to be liberated and forgiven. Forgive the experiences that were gone, allow her to go and disconnect from you engulfed in violet light. Then in you will remain only the balance, the one you will find only with the silencing of the mind and the liberation of those experiences through forgiveness. Understand daughter, that everyone who passed through your life and this boy too, are only characters in your story, characters that were present at specific times so that you looked inside and discovered something in itself. But they only came in passing to awaken in you their strength and their gaze inward. Go in peace, my daughter.

Kuan Yin.



Dear Master / Teacher, thank you for your attention and help in my questioning. My question is about my father, since I was a child I observe his difficulty in dealing with life, with family, with work, always placing himself in the position of being a victim of everything and everyone, never assuming any kind of responsibility with his Life, nor with me his daughter and my sister, not respecting his parents, complaining about the treatment he had as a child on the part of his mother, complaining that the daughters do not seek him, not agreeing to go to the doctor to treat himself, to take some kind Of medicine that would make him calm down, because he is always nervous and anxious, can not talk normally nor listen, as if he was always on the verge of exploding, never for any job and today almost 50 years depends on the father of 80 years to live, taking the peace of aging parents and want to live their lives quietly. I as a daughter have tried to approach me a few years ago, but every time I approach it, it does something that ends up pushing us away, really hurting me, wanting to make me feel guilty for something that has nothing to do, I confess that I pity him , I can not feel the love of a daughter, because unfortunately we did not create this bond, but today I can handle it better, more than a few years ago. I really do not know what to do about him, sometimes I think whether or not I should approach him, because as a star seed it hurts me so much to see a soul so close through all this, I think maybe I could help in some way, intervene through Of love, or if I must follow the path that he himself created, I am afraid to approach and end up suffering, but I also feel pity and I want to help, I do not know how to proceed, so I come here to ask you for guidance . Very grateful for your words, with love.


My beloved daughter, we know of the pain she carries in her Being because of this situation, because deep down there is a deep energetic bond connecting the members of a familiar constellation. And your father's pain radiates without you even realizing it. You have received along with your genetic inheritance, part of that pain that plagues your Father. If you look well to yourself, you will see an inner restlessness as well, for there is part of it in your I Am incarnate. What gives yourself daughter is that you, as an old soul, already have much more advanced records in relation to your father, and therefore, your energy does not allow you to feel so much pain from these restrictions. But she's with you too. You must understand my daughter, that the best way to help your father is to take care of his own purification. For by virtue of your energetic bonds with him, in purifying yourself you will be doing this for yourself and for him. Your energy will serve as a filter to it, and you will be able to see it more calmly from your own transformation. The best you can do is to take care of yourself, to follow your life in peace, and to let all those fears be released. In doing so you will see the reflection of light radiate the life of your father without uttering a single word, just doing what he came to do, purify himself and radiate his light. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey.



I have difficulties accepting the conditions that I live in my life. At work, in my family, professional life, I have the feeling that things do not flow for me. And I feel guilty because I think I do little. I am discouraged from trying anything new. I feel tired. Why this sensation?


My sister, what you feel is the restraint that still holds within you. It will manifest itself many times with the lack of acceptance of experiences, in the form of anger, tiredness, lack of flow. The emotions he keeps inside you are those that are in his record, hidden, but that must come to the show to be healed. The feeling you have is as if you were in a vehicle with a brake, it does not move as best you can. This is because it fights life and deep down it is a way to dodge itself, not to take what it needs to get rid of it. Look for the root of that feeling in the attachment it brings about life experiences. The point where he manifests this lack of acceptance is where the key is to open up to the flow. But that only does when we take risks in life. When we let go and we dare to face ourselves, to put ourselves in search of our fears, when we stop hiding behind everything that brings security to life. When we abandon this security and dare to face our fears, we are set free for our own inner purification. The feeling of fatigue is healthy, because it is it that will let you loose the brake of life. When we can no longer fight against ourselves, then we relax our shoulders, breathe and say whatever God wants. On that day you will feel the pains of these energies that you hold, but at the same time each day more will be taken by a deep peace, the peace of those who are delivered to life without fear of what may happen. This process of surrender, of getting out of the mental control of situations, will take away that feeling of fatigue. This is a symptom of those who control life with the mind and forget to look and feel the heart. Be at peace, my sister.

Serapis Bey.



Masters, for some time I have been suffering from an illness from which I can not obtain a cure, for some time even the doctors did not know what I really had, I studied the psychological aspects of the disease, I looked in books for answers, because I believe I know That all illness from the beginning comes from something emotional or spiritual. But although I know this I can not find the solution. There are moments that I totally believe in healing and in others I feel as if I chose to be in it, or I do not do everything that needs to be done to be released, I do not understand anymore. I often feel lost. I really feel the need to understand the purpose of all this, or the real cause, so that I can turn this around. And on the other hand the days are passing and I got used to being sick and this is not good from my point of view, I need an orientation so that I can have a bigger vision of all this and thus be positioning myself in a different way. Because I see myself losing more and more the physical capacity and getting with sequels. I listen to messages saying that diseases work to evolve aspects that need to be worked out, but I am in doubt whether it is really this, or some karma or simply my ego. I really am at a point where I need greater enlightenment to reach the cure. Thank you from the heart for all the love we have received from you. Gratitude!


Beloved daughter. There is no physical problem manifested in your body, in your organs of matter that you wear as an incarnate spirit. What there is a daughter, and that is why no one has identified what should be treated, are faults, ruptures, cracks in their subtle bodies, which are linked rather to the physical body, but do not manifest until now, something that can be identified and treated By doctors who treat the physical body. What you seek for a daughter are treatments that restore your auric field, your subtle bodies. Look for energy replacement treatments, go work through herbal baths, recompose these damaged layers. Try to use aromatic herbs such as: Rosemary and white rose, which gradually restore and subtilizing those cracks that are in their subtle bodies. Specifically your Buddha body needs restoration. Look for quantum healing treatment. The application of the symbol OM CHI repeatedly, in several therapy sessions, will reconstitute that field that is most damaged. As well as your quest for alternative forms of treatment, such as Reiki and quantum healing, they can bring you the opportunity to heal yourself. Be at peace my daughter.

Father José from Aruanda .



I am 56 years old, I have a lot of faith, but a lot of struggle and longing, for the grace of having the definite custody of two granddaughters that I created a year ago, since they were at risk living with my ex-daughter-in-law, my father's son. Girls, lives in another city and is absent. I really want to change this city that I live in today because I feel threatened by my ex-daughter-in-law's family. Please give me an orientation.


Dear sister, understand your role, my dear, in this story of love and suffering. She is the grandmother of the children, and she has custody due to the difficulty of staying with her mother for an hour. But beloved daughter, the nature of life says without details, that children are lacking in maternal love, there they can feel the representation of the love that the Father sends us with so much self-denial. Let the facts be given lightly and sweetly. See yourself as a character in the story, only that is aiding in a moment of difficulty, so that this connection is established. But be prepared for the moment, when the joy of the children will come to the reunion with the mother, of whom they will receive much love still in this incarnation. Therefore daughter look to our Master Jesus at that moment, realize how he helped so many, but always allowing them to be free and following their own ways. Radiating their light in the moments that each needed, but without interfering in their free will. Let the hit happen. Peace is the only way to live happily, my child. Follow in peace and be enveloped in the love of our Master Jesus.

Master Gregório.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Feb/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.

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