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Sunday, March 12, 2017





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Hail, dear Masters! Lately I've been through complicated times in my life, in fact this has been coming since the year 2016, now seems to be more enjoyable. I would not say problems, but resistance in almost all areas of my life, especially in relationships. I, since beginning to spiritualize myself, have done so with such intensity that I have forgotten that I am in the world and that I am in society. I ended up moving away from many loved ones and limiting my contact with society, with friends, with the world. And from the middle of 2016 to here, especially now in 2017, my spiritual side is, so to speak, calming down, and with that I am seeking greater contact with people, with society, but it is being very difficult. I feel alone, isolated, and as much as I try to socialize, I often have no way, because I live far from everything and I am still dependent to travel, to leave the house and so on. I believe that this is one of the problems of people on the spiritual path: loneliness, isolation. Whenever I try to socialize, there are resistances that prevent me from doing this. When I try to meet with my friends or something, something always goes wrong and I feel sad about it. I wanted to know why this is happening and how to solve it. I am also very confused about my existence, my purpose, but I believe that gradually I align myself.
Gratitude for the opportunity! It is an honor to have this contact with you.


Beloved son, whenever you ask yourself why you can not go on with your activities and live with the people you used to live with, you are bringing doubt into your own path and closing the opening of your purpose that is there ready to be revealed to you . You are one step away from this disconnect with the past and the opening to the future. What is enough, son, is to accept that today you have chosen to follow a new path, a path of inner discovery, which will bring much joy and fulfillment. But for this, you need to leave behind what has gone. For together with your old self, go to the old relationships, the old practices and activities as well. Now, opening up to the new will come new friendships, new opportunities and activities, but you are not allowing yourself to open yourself, because you still try to live the old. Let the old one go. Your company is enough for you at that moment, and so you will let open the new relationships and your true purpose. Stay in peace, my son.

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda.



Gratitude to meet them Masters! Help my heart. I got along well with my parents, but my mother got sick in 2010 and since then I've always taken care of her and my father, even though I have a brother, it's always me for everything, and I never got along with my brother either. I try to forget, to forgive them, but sometimes a rebellion strikes me.
I feel that I am not loved by anyone and it is no use saying that parents do not make a difference among children, because they do.
Since I was little I want to leave this house, I do not feel right here. But it's difficult, I've been looking for a job for some time and I can not,
I try stage and nothing, I make an interview and they do not call me, sometimes I feel like dropping everything and going around by myself.
Alone, because I have no family, friends, boyfriend. I am 25 years old and never dated, it seems that I am invisible to the boys. Not that I wanted anyone by my side, but it's time to notice me. I'm locked in the house all day, I have nowhere to go, no one to talk to, and I end up cashing in on the food. I have been in fragile health since I was little, it seems that everything happens to me and I feel much worse in this house.
I'm very sensitive, I do everything to improve, I go to places that calm my mind and soul, but when I go home I feel bad. I feel that I am not from here, I do not belong to this house, this family, my heart tightens, I want to run away. Looks like there's something holding me in the negative frequency, I need to break free.
I ask you to listen to me and give me an answer that will calm my heart. Thank you for listening to me.


My beloved daughter, you must be aware that in life you should not have so much bitterness, so much judgment. What you need to begin to notice is the divinity of all and the benevolence of experiences. The look of judgment is what causes you so much restriction, because from it you close yourself to the world with the fear of being judged as well. As you begin to observe the experiences more gently, with surrender, you will see that from a compassionate look they soften, soften, and become more subtle in our lives. From this view the experiences simply begin to flow and benevolence comes to meet us from our softening heart. But as long as we have such a hard look at life, with those who simply try to do the best, just like us, we enter into this inner clash of lack of acceptance. Life is to be lived, and for this reason, charity of the soul is so important. Not the charity of giving food, but that which departs from the heart, the gestures, the words, the eyes of those who see in the manifestation contrary to the search for love. How easy it would be if from this vision we gave ourselves to experiences with acceptance, with understanding, letting life flow. But no, we prefer to set out on the path of suffering that judgment leads us, the path of the lack of benevolence of the eye, the lack of understanding of the incomprehensible. You see my daughter, the experiences are there to lead you. Make of them your life that will then see the transformation come to you. Stay in peace.

I am Serapis Bey.



Dear Brothers; I see my husband in a state of continuous stress, and a retention of feelings that I have been seeking for years to help him, within my means. Yesterday he exposed a state of "anger" towards me, for not agreeing how I direct the education of our children, two adolescents of 14 and 16 years. We have different interpretations for raising children, it is much more stringent, while I believe we need to wait for the right time of maturing of the children, to charge them even more. Still, he finds himself truly pessimistic about life on earth, hopeless in regard to men, which I effectively refuse to believe. I know we will have difficult times ahead, but despair is not the solution. I think our job is to do the best in what we are given. I would like, if possible, for an orientation of action, regarding my marriage, my husband and my children. Immeasurably grateful.


Daughter, in her project of evolution, to which she proposed to incarnate in this life, chose some important characters to be part of this construction of her new Self, which will become transcending this experience. It's like watching pieces in a game. In your family constellation there are four characters, and one of them is you, set a goal. This goal is to develop inner mastery and unconditional love. The call of your heart leads you to think differently from your husband, but not only from him, but from thousands of people on the planet, who like him, are inserted in this energetic network of suffering and pain. Much of humanity, daughter, unfortunately can not perceive how beautiful life is, and how it is up to each one to turn suffering into something sweet and light. You realize it, daughter, for its nature is this. You can not deny what part of your heart. And love, hope and faith always start from a pure feeling connected to the Divine. Therefore, never doubt your pure feelings, and stand firm in your purpose which is to lead your example, your gaze to life, to your children and to the people with whom you live. But lest it bring unnecessary suffering and strife into your life, let each one follow the path which will resonate according to the individual energy. Unfortunately, as explained above, it is not possible for you to show a reality to anyone who is living looking the other way. Each one will open the eyes to the truth in the right time, after living the experiences necessary for the evolution and essential for the liberation. Each one's time is different, and you just have to accept it to live in peace with your children, your husband, and all the people around you, daughter. Stay in peace.

Master Kuthumi.



Dear Masters, I would like to understand why my relationships do not develop fully. I feel bound to people and situations that do not correspond to my feelings. I feel that I have a connection with a partner from the past, but today he is very angry with me. Does he feel that, or is he just being driven by anger and disappointment? Several times I am visited in dreams by him and I do not understand what he really wants from me. How do I get rid of this situation? Thanks.


Beloved daughter, you are bringing into your present time something that has passed that has already been overcome and only needs to be transmuted. You love, repeatedly brings to the present, feelings related to past experiences, which were part of your story yes, but that no longer do. And then you need to release them and transmute them to open up to the present. All relationships will be repetitions of the same situations, because when you are experiencing the new, you are always stuck to past situations. You simply need to release, release the memories, the beliefs, the emotions, the hurts. Let the feeling of gratitude that comes from the forgiveness of the experiences that are gone be born in your heart. Forgiveness of mistakes, forgiveness of mistaken decisions, or time spent with something that is no longer part of your present. What is gone, my dear, is not lost, but it has contributed to make it what you are today, so radiate the feeling of gratitude involved in the violet light, and then bring the balance of your present, pouring the cascade of golden light that Is the anchor necessary for you to open yourself to new experiences, totally free from the past. Be at peace my daughter.

Kuan Yin.



I have many strange "dreams" that I can not understand. In these dreams the energy of the environment refers to something old, old, often dark, always dark environment, it is always night, almost always have many snakes, giant snakes, sometimes I fight with them, sometimes not. Most of the time I'm always running away from something that has no form, and I have no voice for help. When I wake up I feel many chills, and sometimes fear, and when I die in the "dream" according to the pain I was feeling. It also happens that I have nocturnal pollution in these dreams, which leaves me quite down. I used to have these dreams quite often some time ago. I began some work of transmutation, breach of contract, cure, etc. But they keep happening less often, which I do not understand, because even with the lawful energy, working the energy during the day, making the decrees before bed, it keeps happening. Gratitude Thiago, Michele, and the Masters for the opportunity. Grateful.


Beloved son, you have sought so many ways to solve the problem externally, but do not realize that you are always putting all your efforts into thoughts of the past. In situations that have gone in an attempt to heal them. The true son search, should be for the best life you can have from now on. The overcoming of obstacles will occur from the manifestation of the new in the present, and not from looking to the past in the attempt of healing and cleanliness. Your solution is simple child. When you make decrees, meditations, therapies, always see your future, see and manifest in the present the life you want. Have faith, son. To have faith is just stop looking at the past trying to change it. Leave what has passed behind. The visions of the old and gloomy you have, just that, this reflection that you have not yet had, that you are dealing with old feelings and situations that, the more they are stirred, the more they will bring to the present the manifestation of that same reality, Move on. The nocturnal pollution is due to the lack of exposure of your dreams, it is because you are trying to hold within you, what you want to see manifested in your life. So, son, just forget everything that's gone. The treatments, the dreams, the therapies. And start from today a new life. The one you want to see manifested and how much you want it to be realized. It's up to you, son.

Master Saint Germain.



Hello. Thank you in advance for your attention. It's a little over a year old, that my ex-fiance ended up with me by surprise. Since that day I have suffered greatly, and I have sought help from the entities to learn my lesson and move on. But to this day I feel a great connection with him, which I considered and considered the love of my life. I have an unexplained feeling, which does not pass, however much I have tried. Recently I consulted with some people and none of them told me that it was over. Everyone says he still loves me and suffers a lot. Some tell me there is still going back. And in the midst of it all I remain stuck, still suffering the loss of this love and without understanding how two people who love each other can suffer suffering when they have come in this life to walk together. Thanks.


My dear child, it would be so simple if you understood. You miss your fiancé because he brings you something that is inside you. It brings you to something that you have inside you. But what happens is that through your mind you have put together a plan of idealization, which makes you think that it is the complement you need. But if you understood that this plan is what you bring in your heart, then you would open to life, the countless opportunities that pass before you in your day. Let's see if we can explain something to you. All feelings you have, are not in any external object, but they are within you. And when you search for that relationship, you really do not look for a person, but rather by a feeling that that relationship awakens within you. But if it is within you, you can rescue it without needing to seek something external. It is already yours, this feeling. So what lives is an illusion, that a relationship will complete, when in fact who needs to complete is yourself. But when you realize this, you will see how liberating that understanding will be, for you will be free to know other people, to live happily, for you will find that you are enough for yourself. There is nothing external and everything is within. You can resist this daughter understanding, but it will be the one that will lead you to a much more balanced, healthy and self-loving life. In that day it will not matter whether he loves you or not, whether you are with him or not, for he will make contact with what you seek in this relationship, something that is already yours. Be at peace my sister.

I am Serapis Bey.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.

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