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Saturday, March 11, 2017





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Greetings to all, that all are well and in the best of us. I also greet the Masters with love, and I come to ask for an opinion, a perspective. For a year ago I began to be interested in your messages, healings and meditations. I read with great love and try to learn the most from them, and with the healing and meditations, to leave the old and anchor the new in my life and to be in contact with my body of light and my soul. As I do this very "alone", and with my partner, I would like to know if it is the right way or if there is something different I can do to improve myself and be in contact with you Masters, and my guides and angels. Thank you very much in advance. Love and light for all. Peace.


Beloved brother. Your true pursuit must be from your Inner Self. What we bring in healing techniques are to bring you ways to look and heal your inner aspects. So that they can free themselves from what holds them back to the illusion they have created, that it is necessary to belong to something, to be fulfilled and to be happy. There is no formula, my son. The only thing that exists is the search for your Inner Self, disconnecting itself from external influences. The ultimate goal is to become master of oneself, without needing to seek the word through messages or advice, but within oneself. And so it is.

Ashtar Sheran.



Hello Masters. In recent times many doubts have passed and are passing in my head, regarding my life. Which destination to follow, and what to do to find myself and not have this feeling of uncertainty. These uncertainties are hammering almost all the time in my mind, I really want to change jobs, I look for courses that can open new possibilities, I do some courses, but I never feel confident, I do not feel deserving for fear of getting into an illusion, finding That I am one thing and actually I am not. I want to have the self-confidence I need to fulfill my wishes, to act without doubts, to have confidence in me. At some point in my life I totally lost confidence in myself, I can not tell when it was, but now it is very difficult to recover it. Sometimes I think I've improved a little on that, but some people warn me about it. If it has gotten to the point where people warn me, I think it's because it's really worrying. I want a lot of light, I want to feel confident again, to feel good. Can you help me?


Dear sister. You are not in a situation as complicated as you think. That feeling you have is the way that thousands of people on this planet feel too. All of you, my daughter, are inserted in a medium where you are led to think that you are not able to walk with your own legs, guided by your own light and your faith. Being involved in this medium, which is not real and is an illusion, they are led to think that they are not capable, or sometimes they are not deserving of something better. There is no encouragement to push them forward with courage to follow their hearts. We know my daughter. You're not the only one. But my daughter, I come here just to remind you that you are capable. That you should listen to your heart and allow your light, faith and hope to guide all your actions and your journey forever. The mistake, my dear daughter, lies in allowing fear to take the reins of your own life. A dear life must be given to love, to the feeling of peace and fullness you feel when you see something better.
Give yourself to what your heart feels without fear, without judging yourself. Deliver yourself and be sure that you will follow the right path that was intended for you and will bring you happiness.

I am Master El Morya.



Beloved Masters. I want to clarify the situation of my life in this place where I have lived for 30 years. I've always been very prejudiced about my divorce situation with two children, as much as I pray, unpleasant situations always happen. Am I attracted to my thoughts? I have a grandchild now with six years and I feel the prejudice about him too, everything that happens, being the smallest of the class, it's his fault. I do a lot of Violet Flame in this place that I live in and I feel a lot of negativity around me. I would like one more explanation: why am I so annoyed by the noise of the children in this place where I live? Gratitude.


My daughter, the situation you are experiencing is temporary. It needs to be inserted in this environment so that you learn to find your strength and erect its wall of energetic protection. You are there to learn this teaching and have the opportunity to practice my daughter. From within the wall you will erect, you can radiate the Violet Flame and the love that transmutes the densities you observe in the external. You're right, my daughter. You just need to find this peace so you do not allow anything to enter that will get you out of your balance. This daughter wall is not erected with a Violet Flame or energy visualization. But it is raised with the silence of your heart, with the disconnection of the external. The act of not letting something hit you, makes you strong. A monk can meditate and silence the mind in the midst of chaos, and a teacher also my daughter. For wherever you are, you must be prepared to radiate your light and not absorb the dense external energy. Find your fortress and then you can help your loved ones, and also the environment that is inserted.

I am Lady Master Pórtia.



Beloved Masters. I believe that my process of awakening is right at the beginning, and I have a great way ahead in search of spiritual knowledge. I have never been a devotee, follower, or member of any religious doctrine. For I have always believed that God is within each one, and that everything in life depends solely and exclusively on ourselves. Today, at the age of 30, I see myself as a dreamer in search of more happy moments, moments of love with my family, friends and everyone around me. But even as I dedicate myself to loving and helping others, I feel that my life is still missing something that is not only spiritual, or feelings of love, faith or hope. I hope to give my family an opportunity to experience a more comfortable, more beautiful, quiet, calm and interaction with nature. But I stand in the difficulty of the material world, where even doing everything right, raising our vibration, doing good without looking at who and expecting nothing in return. I am only hoping that I will succeed, but at the same time not expecting much, because I have learned not to create great expectations, because with high expectations the impact of disappointment can be as great. Masters tell me am I on the right track? This is my soul plan, to experience love, but without great material achievements, not that the material side is the big problem, but living with that feeling that I'm on the right track, and time passes and that's it. Help me to reflect. Gratitude Masters!


Son, you are following your heart when it comes to relating to people. That which seeks within you, which brings you the feeling that you need to experience greater love, is precisely the quest for your true purpose of Soul, which you are not yet working on. Son in your profession, do you emit this love that you so expect to receive? Seek a complementary activity in which you feel to radiate this love, then you will receive in return the same love to radiate within you. Did you ever think of writing, son? Does that make you happy? Be wrapped in light and love.

Master Paolo Veronese



Dear Masters, much gratitude for this opportunity.
I am 36 years old and to this day I have never had a loving relationship. I feel like I'm missing a part in my life. I've thought a lot about the motives, probably a spiritual choice that I do not understand because, or maybe the result of bad deeds in other lives. I'm waiting for the moment when I finally find someone, maybe my soul mate. Should I keep waiting? Or should I be alone in this life? Thank you very much for your attention.


Beloved daughter. You are experiencing an encounter with yourself. You lived for many incarnations, engaging in relationships that did not bring joy and satisfaction. You suffered too much, and you set a goal for this new stage of learning, which would be to find yourself before you even relate to another person, my daughter. But you have postponed this meeting with yourself for a long time, and therefore you have not reached the goal of knowing who will be your companion. My beloved focus on your inner encounter. This will open the door to the love and relationship you hope for. With love.

Mary Magdalene



Ascended Masters, and every Celestial Hierarchy, I would like to know this: will I ever be able to overcome the sense of emptiness that so often, for no apparent reason, it plagues my heart and soul? Grateful of heart.


Dear daughter. The feeling of emptiness you feel is the lack of connection to your heart. Within you, within your heart, there is all the love you need to fill your days and bring joy. Just disconnect from the mind. Turning my daughter's mind off is nothing more than silencing her. Allow for a moment to hear the silence. Allowing the mind to silence makes the voice of the heart speak. And in the voice of the heart speaks The Father / Mother Source. Thus you will perceive that within you is this connection and that source of love that will fill you. But for this, daughter, disconnect yourself from external sensations, from the senses. Allow the feeling of your Soul.

Lovingly, Jesus.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan/2017

Text revision: Ilza Barreto

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