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Friday, March 10, 2017





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Beloved Masters,
Gratitude for your presence and help in our lives. I've been alone for a long time and I'd like to see why, because this was never my intention. On the contrary, I always wanted to have someone to walk with in this life, that I could help and that could help me, so that we would become better people. Why does not this happen and what should I learn?


Beloved daughter,
You are looking for an external complement that you will only find inside yourself. You're half my daughter. You are in half, for you refuse to look at your other half which contains all the strength, love, and surpassing necessary to move forward. People my dear, they approach each other when they are complete to have true and complete relationships. When you relate to someone incompletely, you will try to fill in something that only you could fill, and thus bring suffering to you for not finding yourself, and will remain unsatisfied even if accompanied, and will also bring suffering to the partner who will be charged to fill it Even completely and also his other half, my beloved. So, dear, the search is interior. The half that will complete your I will be born of you. And when you find it, accepting who it is, and seeking your inner truth, you can have a true relationship in order to complement something so you can grow and evolve. Be wrapped in light and love, my dear.

Lady Master Rowena



I do not have a good relationship with my mother, she seems to hate me and despise me. I do not have much closeness to my father because of drugs. He walked away from me, how do I change that? Leave this situation?
Thank you!


My beloved daughter,
People move away from you because it brings a sense of victim inside you, you are always the victim and people are attacking you and being unfair to you. But what if, if you looked with all your truth, would you like to live with someone who acts like you do? Would you live in peace with someone who was your mirror? What you receive from the daughter life is what you plant. Because by becoming a victim of situations without understanding that you gave cause to them, you are missing the truth with yourself and hiding behind that victimized character you created. There is a saying that says do not do to others what you would not want them to do with you. This is a message that must be observed from love, from compassion. Your parents do not hate you, but they have turned away from you simply because it makes situations more complicated than they are and not understanding what gave cause to it, if you act as a victim to try to reverse the situation you created. It is a cycle that must be broken because it will lead you to suffering, to pain. But even at this point there is no problem, for it is precisely this pain that will take you out of this cycle when you no longer bear it. But you must understand that you do not have to go through this suffering, it will only happen if you follow this path. You can free yourself from a more compassionate and loving look with everyone, bringing the feeling of charity that brings within you to all. The way this feeling will come depends on you, it can be smooth or a hard way. The choice is and always will be yours.

From his brother, Hilarion



I have a sister who a few years ago, I can not relate, because she is very aggressive, kind of truthful, when talk does not listen to anyone but herself, since only she knows everything. I spent three years without talking to her or going to her house. For a year and a half I had a panic crisis and she helped me. We talk again, but socially. Now we have a pending property, and she has already shouted at me, if she does not do the way she wants me to do, she accused me of various things, anyway, or do what she wants or hurt me. Result: I'm anxious again, I've taken Rivotril to control and I'm terrified of having to talk to her again, because I'm not in the mood for discussion. I pray every day, I appeal to the violet flame, but if the phone rings, my heart seems to come out through my mouth. If I can have an understanding of this situation with this person I am very grateful. Hug!


Hail, daughter, greetings from this old father.
Save Mother Iemanjá, queen of the seas.
Save everything that nature has given us, save the union, the unification of everything. We are one, are not we, daughter? Have you heard that expression?
Your sister, daughter, is as scared as you are. She is also afraid, but her fear manifests in anxiety and hers in anger, but both are afraid. And fear with fear is very frightening. And you two are deep in fear of facing life, but not the life itself, but the inner life, of getting in touch with everything that is stored in this relationship. And there's no way, do you, daughter? Someone has to give in. What the father here recommends, daughter, is that you listen, listen and listen. When you get tired of listening, listen some more and be silent. You know what's going to happen? She will speak more and will get lost in her own speech. This will happen once, twice, three times, until one day you will sit down to talk, the same sisters you are. But you, daughter, have to be very patient, listen, listen until you get tired. And as long as she does not tire, you will not solve anything. When she quietens and talks, you decide. Meanwhile, you listen with all your humility. It is a training of humility, daughter, you must have humility so that, from it, you are the example to her. The daughter will not do anything but listen, just listen and say okay, and the day she gets tired, you ask her if she wants to talk. That's right? Can the daughter do that? And that's going to end up putting you two to talk. Because, daughter, for many things in life, silence is the best answer. Silence speaks more than words. Stay in peace daughter.

Father José from Aruanda



Good afternoon,
These issues have always been part of all the therapies I've done. Regarding the second question, I have used hormones, courses of Tantric consciousness, I am very open, but I am kind of lost. At the moment I am not working and it is important to clarify the first question. What I want most is to do something that gives me well being, that helps people and that is my purpose of soul. I love my gift, sometimes I do not give value and I'm constantly blocked. Here are the questions:
My Beloved Masters, 
1) It is with great gratitude that I receive this opportunity to ask questions. I know that you are with me always, and the messages that come to me have strengthened my spiritual journey and comforted me greatly. Since my 15 years (today with 42) I have come into contact with art, more precisely painting. I have a background in plastic arts, but I do not practice much. Sometimes I come in contact with this wonderful gift of my, I feel good and delivered to the moment. However, I have always had a blockage and many moments of rupture, something seems to stop me, block me and make me feel anguish, tightness in the chest and plexus. At the same time I have an enormous desire to expand. What to do? I am also Biomedical (newly formed). How can I work to help people, involving both areas?
2) I have been married for 17 years and currently (between comings and goings - this has been happening for almost 2 years) I do not feel any desire to have sex with my husband. I like to be with him, we do things together, we travel, the company is nice. But when it happens to the sexual relation I close completely, I am troubled, without reaction, I feel nothing. It was not always like this, we separated last year and came back (the lack of sex was one of the biggest reasons). Even after the return it's still on my side. This is making me very uneasy, because sometimes I think I'm even unfair to him (he's attentive and caring). He always wants to and I like to cuddle, but at the time I paralyze. I know that energy is important to a couple, but I can not solve it. How should I act?


Hail, daughter, greetings.
Two questions in one, is not it, daughter? Two problems in one, but we are unique, that is, we have no sectors of life. It's all intertwined, is not it, daughter? Look, here we have an empowerment problem where the daughter does not feel capable, she forbids being happy. Because if the daughter recognizes that she loves what she does, why restrict herself? If you like your husband, why not give yourself to him? Blocking, is not it, daughter? It was you who said, you are blocked happiness, passion for life, surrender. And if there is something that will make you happy, you block. You need to purify and transmute that pattern there by: I can be happy, I deserve it, I love life and I can be happy. I'm God's daughter and the Father wants my best, He wants to see me well and that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to give myself to life, I'm going to be happy, I'm going to love and be loved and surrender myself to everything that's good for me and that I like it in my life. It is only to change the programming of: "I do not deserve", to: "I deserve yes, I can and I am able". Is that right, daughter? Dad thanks the opportunity. Be in peace.

Father Joaquim from Aruanda



Very grateful for this opportunity, I have a medium-sized company that manufactures custom-made furniture, which realizes dreams and brings happiness to those who buy, to those who work in it and to the owners, since I believe everything is a cycle, but since January 2014 it seems that the money that goes into the company disappears, turns into accounts and more accounts, it is even hard to believe, just seeing. I work hard to keep it going. I want to know how long we will survive in this anguish and suffering.


My beloved daughter,
You go through cleaning up your records, where you are learning to understand the financial flow, to detach yourself from the restrictions you had in your life on the fear of failure, the fear of not having in the future. Your business like any other is also inserted in a collective stream, which goes through the same process of cleansing attachments. You are just having an opportunity to understand that God knows what we need, that guides us through the experiences that are necessary for our growth. When you look at your life from a material perspective, you see only those restrictions, these difficulties. But if you look at how from that experience you are becoming a softer, more understanding person with the obstacles you would appreciate for that experience to have been part of your life. This experience will be liberated when you understand with all your soul that material goods are transitory and that it is up to us to rise to the kingdom of God, but for this we can not have so many attachments, so many doubts, so many worries, we must be free of everything that Hold on to this world. And that is what this experience brings you, the confidence that everything is transient that much of what you call problems are confrontations that come to purify us, to make us more understanding and complacent with life. This experience will last for as long as it takes to learn the lessons it brings you. But you should not try to get rid of them, but to incorporate these lessons into your soul, deciding to transcend those challenges every day, to live to transcend those obstacles. And on a certain day you will see that you will be living your life and these difficulties will no longer affect you so much, because you have decided to transcend them, to live in spite of them. And then you will be ready to release them from your life, but do not erase them from your records, but incorporate the beautiful lessons that will come to you through these challenges. And on that day, to free yourself from those difficulties you may ask God to leave you a little more in your life. For you will see how good they have been to you, how much you have enriched yourself, and then you will leave them with tears in your eyes, simply because they have liberated you the true richness of life, which is your own elevation. Although you do not believe now, you have asked for a daughter, to go through it, so thank the experiences, for it will be you who will be magnifying you to the eternity of the soul. Stay in peace.

Saint Germain



Good evening teachers
Peace and Light. I'm married, I'm 36 years old, and for 8 months I set up my dream business. Unfortunately I feel distressed and disappointed with myself, for my husband and I left our jobs to make this project exist, but today I see that this is not what I wanted. I want to change this city and even country, even if it is for a while. I would like to be guided about what I have been going through. Thank you in advance.


Dear sister,
The quest you had for setting up a business with your husband was a result of dissatisfaction with the present life. As we seek to skip experiences and learning, interrupting cycles and initiating new ones, experiences repeat themselves. My daughter, the learning here is not in seeking other job opportunities, but in seeking the reason for this anguish and dissatisfaction. If you end the look-free cycle again for what needs to be looked at, you'll repeat it again wherever you are and where you want to reboot. You need to find your peace and your joy in the present moment and where you are. To be prepared for the new. Seeking within yourself the reason for this unhappiness, it may reveal to you how happy you are with your work today. But you can only feel it from the moment the cause of your anguish is resolved. Look into your heart. What have you been carrying back and forth in all these exchanges of experiences, and do not let go, my child? Be enveloped in the light my beloved.

Master El Morya

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan/2017

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