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Thursday, March 9, 2017





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Good afternoon,
I recently completed 30 years. For many years I have concentrated my strength on studies and professional preparation. He believed that he would arrive at this stage of life, accomplished and with material achievements. Still, that was not what happened. In fact, I came to this moment of life without a loving company (by choice) and with several doubts about the future. Although I spend the day sending resumes, getting in touch with companies and studying, I can not feel that something is going to happen. I do not know where else to try, if I'm out of Brazil because of some skills, or in my country where I believe a lot in the improvement and the so-called barn of the world. I know that thinking is the first point for something to happen, but what I feel is that I'm like a boat with the sail in it. And I can not raise the candles again. I would like a light if possible.


My son,
You are lost without knowing what course to take in your life, precisely because you closed your eyes before so many opportunities placed before you. It is very simple your situation, son, just open your eyes to the opportunities that are placed. You are so involved in the world that you created, that there are no opportunities opening up, that you do not perceive life passing before you. Open up the opportunities of professional life, of relationships. All are being placed repeatedly before your eyes, but you do not understand. Stay in peace, my son.

Master El Morya



I cut off any kind of communication with a person whom I have related for two years. We never had a formal relationship and over time I began to feel bad about this situation. We also could not just be friends and I think we'd better cut all ties. He is already in another relationship, however he tries to recover contact with me, and I have refused them all at times. Even far away it seems like it's part of my life, and I do not know what to do. I do not like badly resolved situations, but all attempts to solve have failed. I would like to thank you immensely for the messages you send us, they have changed my life!


Beloved daughter,
It is carrying forth in your heart something that you have interrupted in matter. But, it will only definitely stop baby, when you leave behind the feeling you carry, that feeling of incomprehension. This search to understand what happened. This search for my daughter will only lead you to keep this call until you clarify. So you have two ways to choose. If you want clarification of the reason for the end of the relationship, then you will remain attached to that person until you decide to open the wounds and deal in depth, all situations that are misunderstood. Now, if you want to move forward in your life, leaving behind that which is gone, you must abandon that quest for answers and simply accept life as it is. Accept chance, accept the events and also the fact that they are not together. You're attached to it, my dear. And as much as he's still looking for you, you keep that craving for answers and understanding. As long as you do not let go of this inner will and allow life to flow, simply by relying on divine providence, you will remain with that connection. The choice is yours.

Lady Master Pórtia



Gratitude to all for this work so beautiful, and that inspires us to be better. Two weeks ago, my lifemate ended our relationship. We had many plans, and I was somewhat helpless. Seeking to re-establish myself, I would like to understand why I am always abandoned in my relationships, being changed / or when the person questions about their sexuality. Sometimes I do not seem to deserve someone who really loves me, and who knows what I really want. It is the third time that this happens (next) and I would like to understand where I am going wrong. These terms have made me suffer a lot. Gratitude, beloved ones!


Beloved Daughter,
With all these experiences, you have had the opportunity to strengthen yourself. She becomes more confident in herself, and when she is entering a stage of total surrender and self-forgetfulness, something happens to stop the cycle. These interruptions happen to your own protection and elevation, toward your mastery and the purpose you have chosen. He has worked, with each repeated experience, his strength and independence, and he gradually realizes how relationships based on the quest "of his half" actually do not lead to self-elevation. All these facts lead you to seek your essence, your strength, and this is the goal. You will be in a definitive relationship as soon as you are ready to start something without giving yourself up completely. Taking it as if it is something that adds joy to your life, but being happy with yourself, with or without someone at your side. This search was the one that you chose for your own elevation my beloved, and that is what will make you find the person with whom you will have a true relationship, based on fellowship and walk together, not just any kind of lack or dependency. Be with yourself, my dear, and you will find what you are looking for.




Beloved master,
I would first like to thank you for your attention, I am honored to have this opportunity. I would like to know why I find it so difficult to find true love, I have been through so many relationships, giving myself in body and soul, thinking that I would always be the right person, that I would finally have my family, a life partner, Share the good and bad moments. I learned that to have a love first we must love ourselves, I am practicing this, but unfortunately it does not seem to be working. I met a person who changed my being, helped me to evolve a lot and I thought I would be the right person, but once again there was disappointment and my heart is broken. I see no way out of this situation, I feel like I'm going to be alone forever, without a life partner.


My beloved daughter,
In life there are repeating cycles, patterns. This is a pattern in your life that needs to transcend. Although he has already mentally understood that love comes from the interior, it has not yet done so with the heart. I say in feeling confident from a relationship, not feeling the insecurity of abandonment. Because to surrender of body and soul is not to love, is to trust that will be loved and from that certainty to live. This is the cycle that must break. A schedule that tells you that you will always get hurt from a love. But the day you understand with the heart that love does not hurt, because it is detached from everything, you will see that your relationships will become softer. What you feel is not love, but attachment to want someone at your side anyway. It is an inner child that must be embraced and cared for so that it understands that happiness comes from within the soul. Let's translate: there is a record inside you that love hurts. And this is what needs to transcend, this programming. And how to do it? From your own love you will generate the confidence that God is in your heart and that this is enough. That means you can not want a partner to share life, absolutely not. But you do not need one. Who can find happiness by itself. What my sister needs is to understand this with the soul, and as the records are cleared you will see that this feeling will soften. This anxiety you feel is the emotions that were kept being exposed. You purify yourself first to mentally understand this cycle, and then to live it transcending this sense of searching for something external. There is the path of your heart my child. Stay in peace.

I am Rowena



In November of 2015 I had a dream with Jesus. In fact, I feel it was not just a dream but really a date with him. I saw him in a tunic and a chalice in his hand. There was a line of people and he watched as he handed a wafer to some. He said this is ready and for others he said it was missing a little bit. I stepped into that line and for a moment I doubted if it was really for me to be there. But as he approached me, he looked at me and handed the wafer over my mouth. After that I felt a vibration, tremor, very strong beginning in my head and spread to the whole body. I started to cry and then I woke up. I would like to know the meaning of the host's delivery. Thank you!


I am not with you alone in your dream, but I am in all the moments when you seek the truth in your heart, in which you call my name. While he slept, his physical body rested, but you were with me. I was prepared to receive the symbol of my surrender to you, my dear. The host delivered to you at that moment was only the symbol that represented that I would be there with you always, within you, contained within you. You, my daughter, have sought by various means your purification, your elevation, and allowed my approach by being prepared vibrationally for this. In that dream, which was really daughter, I made you remember as a sign that I am with you and that you are on the right path. You are being guided by me and by your heart. Go in peace, my daughter.

Master Jesus



Hello Masters,
I have doubts about my mission on earth. If I am one of the workers of Light. And because I have such difficulty in feeling and communicating with my Higher Self. Sometimes I wonder if it could be karmic issues of this or another life that I can not let go. The feeling is that I have a blindfold on my eyes and I'm groping, but I do not know how to release myself and what to release. I need masters help, please! Thank you all at once.


My sister,
You need to know, know, seek, read and understand. How about feeling, flowing and trusting? When we need everything to understand, then life is really obscured, because in this understanding of everything, we do not find the main that is our light, our life, our progress. How many who call themselves workers of the Light close themselves in the belief of this truth, when they could simply live life with ease. The worker does not understand, does not struggle, he lives and smells the life, he does not see the Light, he senses her presence around him. This sale is in need of everything to know and to understand, to know not the value of things, but to use them for one's own life and to live among those who do not call themselves so. You my sister will see how easy it is to open up. Just live and love, nothing else.

Lady Master Miriam

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - Jan/2017.

Text revision: Ale Sunshine and Ilza Barreto

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