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Wednesday, March 8, 2017





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On the eve of Christmas 2016, my grandmother committed suicide. I am aware of what is on the other side of the veil, but even so, this is not enough to deal with the situation. I have so many questions in my mind that they will not leave me alone. What made you do this? Why did you choose this day to do it? What lessons can you draw from this situation? And the homesick ones, that will be eternal. Even though it is at a distance from a thought, it will not be the same. And to help: my grandmother still left a Christmas gift for each one. Anyway. I'm also very worried about my family about how they handle all this. I hope none of my family decide to follow the same course (despite free will). If I could, in a way, help, I would be eternally grateful. Right now, thank you for the opportunity to ask the Masters. Namastê.


My beloved daughter,
What we have to tell you is that everything is in its natural flow, because nothing that occurs in this world escapes the authorization of God. Her grandmother fulfilled her soul plan that ended on that day, as will all those who wear a temporary physical garment. The way this is done is an illusion of matter, but it will always be an agreement between the soul and its protective guides. What is my dear is that lives in a family constellation that holds a lot of restraint and her grandmother as a parent has taken an important step towards enlightenment and breaking down some of the barriers that you all carry in your records. This act of hers will make this family group reflect on the profound questions they have kept and hid from themselves for ages. All this will be exposed for healing now. What you say as being a weird way of dealing with the situation is just an attempt to again cover up everything that is on display. But the shock caused by this disincarnation will show them a new perspective on life, how simple it is, letting them detach themselves from so many details that they will see how not so important. Your grandmother designed it with you. But remember that she had a life, keep that memory and pursue her path of light. This will be the best way to help her from where she is, for she also suffers from her suffering. Send light and blessing and remember the happy times that lived together. This will be the remembrance she will receive from you. Now the whole family has something to decide together, to keep in the same mold as always or to give up attachments and disputes, allowing each one to follow his own path of life. You are in a moment of decision, of change in the way you see yourself. And that will be the release for all. Today he does not conceive of this, but gradually he will see the change. For your part, just let this change take place. Do not try to hold the reins of life anymore, because everything in the universe is in modification and will not be different from now on. Do not analyze this disincarnate with any restriction of consciousness. See, yes, as a process that the family constellation that received you decided to transcend for the growth of all. And so it is!

Serapis Bey



I am grateful for all the knowledge and help from you. Two years ago I graduated in Economics and until today I was not able to enter the labor market. I continue studying, but I want to act a lot.
I dream of contributing to society through my profession, feel happy and fulfilled. But I feel like I'm doing something wrong, I feel guilty and embarrassed for being all this time without working. I know that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life, and I also understand that I have limiting beliefs about myself and work. I'm struggling to release these beliefs, but I do not know if I'm succeeding.
Could you please help me understand what is happening to me, and what can I do to change this situation?
Thanks in advance.


Work is always there, but it is not always the job that you think is right. You can work, and maybe working to get the placement that you crave. If you dream of contributing to society, because you do not do it through work, that without pay, simply to serve. Maybe it's something you did not plan, work for the pleasure of serving. Maybe they'll tell you what it would be to submit to the unnecessary, but offer to help without first expecting anything in return. You need to understand that in so doing you will meet people who, when they see your humility in serving, your willingness to help, will give you the opportunity you desire. It's that in school they taught him to look for a job and not work. But if you were looking for work, in order to do something better, you would see how many opportunities to help, spend every day before you. Just watch them. And in so doing, those who will be with you in this purpose, will see your sincere quest, and the opportunities you seek, will appear as magic. This is a path that you may not like after so much preparation, but it will give humility necessary, to walk a path from the beginning, towards everything you want and feel capable of doing. Then my sister, look for work, in places that you will find people, because they will open the doors to the job you want.

His brother Gregório.



Beloved Masters,
I do not need to dwell on my story, for you know all my life. I will start: since my parents disincarnated, soon after, I separated and I was completely alone, and there I fell at the bottom of the well, having panic attacks for about 15 years. In this time, I always had my job in Graphic Arts, which I liked a lot, and the order always good and always up. I've had some money twice, and out of foolishness I spent all this with trifles. In 2011 I lost my job and once again (when I could be well) I spent all my money, I loaned it and I know that I will never see it again, but I let it go. It turns out that I have always been awakened since I was a child, because I did not accept the rules of the human being, and I have always seen things differently from the "normal" human beings. I had some love affairs, which were very bad indeed, and in 2014 I met a person that I asked the Creator so much to enter my life. Irony or not of fate, after a few months he emigrated, and from there he tried to run away from me. I know he liked me a lot, but I ran away thinking that I was too much for him, until one day he stopped contacting me, which I know he is not, something bad has happened and I would like to solve immensely the situation. By 2015 I stopped having panic attacks when I began to accept things as they are. I let go of people and material possessions, and my life became worse. As I did not find a job, in 2016 it was the year of losses, and I had to hand over the house and the car. I even felt relieved, because I do not want to be part of the banks at all, but right now I need my privacy and a car. I walk a lot on foot, because transportation is very expensive, and I earn the minimum wage. I wanted to know, "bluntly": why can I take it (rsrsrsr). The reason for all these trials. Will I ever have a real lifemate? Will I ever earn more to have my comfort again? Am I really going to learn not to spend so much? I ask with all Love to help me to clarify these doubts. At the moment, I work in cleanings and I need a car. I'll make it? Sorry for asking so many questions, but as you know me well, I am still a "pool of doubts"! And now it is possible to know my origins? I weep immensely with Ashtar messages and photos. I feel a great connection and also to the Elven beings. Thank you so much to all the Masters. I give myself away with Love and always enlighten them as they have done so far.


You are bringing here all your pains and sufferings, but you have forgotten to mention your joys. You have forgotten, in some lost place, the people who passed through your life at that time, and brought you a word and attitude of mastery, and gave you the necessary support to follow. You have forgotten the gifts you have received, for you are now a well-rested and mature woman. Intelligent. You have forgotten all the opportunities you have had in your life to this day, of working several internal aspects, several cures that were performed. Really, my daughter, the life you have had so far, many would have only in several incarnations, and you had in only one. You are blessed my daughter, because you have all these opportunities for upliftment and healing. You're strong and I'm with you, anchoring my energy in you all the time. You are carrying the Blue Flame of Strength and Protection, for wherever you have walked to this day, you have always carried this energy into you, and it has been anchored ever deeper with your experiences. You are becoming a beautiful representative of the Blue Flame, and thank you for that, daughter! Suffering will cease to exist only when you no longer look at it. When you remember what you are, in essence. For you are Strength, you are wisdom and you are experience. And all this with much Love, Humility and Gratitude. Just work on these last three aspects yourself, so that you can leave them only as experiences that will serve as the basis of your master's wisdom. Practice the Blue Flame decrees, daughter.

I am a Master El Morya



I've got a lot of good things figured out. My path on the planet is quiet. I read many things about expanding consciousness, but my doubt is that something is always missing to take a quantum leap. It seems so close but at the same time so far. What advice do the Masters have to give me? Thank you. Thank you in advance for your response.


My beloved brother,
We do not give advice, but only indicate with a suggestive sign. And I suggest living life as it is in that dimension. May he welcome humility, love, true charity, understanding, for this is the state of openness. What good is all knowledge if it is empty of love. The way of expansion is the way that the masters who lived among you, from living to serve yourself and all, by truly understanding each other as one with God. There is no other way to expansion, but to benevolence, to the anchoring of God's love in your heart. Be in peace.

I am Saint Germain



I will not go into details, but I give them permission to see me (in what way, I do not know), but see how I am and know that I need to be happy, I need a radical change in my life and I am not sure how to find the Vortex, focus.


My sister,
Would you tell us why you are hiding, why are you afraid of your exposure? It gives us permission to access it, but it does not make contact with its own question. For the act of asking yourself is one of the great universal keys. The question is more important many times than the answer. For even if there is no answer there is the question that already moves many things, much more than the answer itself. The answers change as the question remains there to be answered. In order for you to change your life, begin to get in touch with your questions, as they will lead you to change, not simple and easy answers. The entrance to what he calls a vortex, perhaps lies in the questions he refuses to ask. Be at peace my sister.

Master Saint Germain



Hello Masters,
I have felt a very large tingling in the back, on the left side. I researched a little about it and found it to be the humeral chakra. I have not found much about meaning, but it has to do with mediumship and the gift of receiving messages. Could you clarify me more about this? What is the meaning in my case? What I need to do?


Beloved daughter,
You will be entering from now on a phase of new discoveries. The wonders that are reserved for you will bring surprising revelations. You are beginning the work of channeling and incorporation. But you need to be calm and understand that a lot of persistence is needed in this walk. The point you feel is the connection to spirituality, and through that place you will feel the energies in a more dense or subtle way, depending on how you are vibrating.
I suggest that you seek to enter into a mediumistic group where there is great anchorage and closed and safe working current. So that you can carry out your mission with calm and perseverance.
The walk is long my daughter, but it is rewarding and will bring you much joy. Dad's here for you daughter.

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan/2017.

Text revision: Ale Sunshine and Ilza Barreto.

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