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Tuesday, March 7, 2017





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Dear Masters,
I would like to know why at times I feel my life is stagnant, where I have not yet found the loving partner I seek and the energy of money does not move very much, I also lack edifying friendships. Am I blocking such aspects? Do not I feel deserving? I wanted to understand if these "faults" I have chosen before incarnating or if I am overwhelmed by unconscious beliefs and need to be eliminated. There are also days of much crying and repressed anger coming to the surface. Could this lead me to change this situation where I feel everything "stopped"? Please help me to elucidate these issues. I know that the vision of the Creator and the enlightened Masters is much wider than our human vision, please help me broaden my vision of love. I always ask for help from beloved angels and spiritual friends, I hope to discern between the voices of the Masters of voices in my mind. Thanks in advance for your love, enlightened masters. Much love to all of us!


Beloved sister,
I am Rowena, and I come to bring you a word of love, for this is what you need my dear, my love. You realize that you long for a very rare external love to find yourself in any kind of relationship in this world. Repeatedly we tell you, this love does not exist in this world but when it comes from within, when we become happy and autonomous in ourselves.
When you feel lonely, with everything stagnant, it is because there is a lot of energy that you need to release within you. And that energy will be released from your own love. This experiencing experience is there to bring you to it, the happiness of your self love. For in that state we diminish the judgments of ourselves and all those around us. We free ourselves for life with surrender. It 's like dancing in the rain, my dear. To surrender to life with open arms understanding and understanding the great adventure that is to live, which is to experience humanity. When we understand this, we gracefully and easily surrender ourselves, and this love begins to radiate from our heart. Love that turns into trust, surrender, joy and that infects those around us. When you learn from that experience that describes, to have this delivery, that anchoring, you will see my sweet sister, how your life will transform and become lighter and softer. Look for this love. And the first step is to give up so many judgments to see how beautiful you are and how full of life. This feeling will radiate you with confidence and allow you to live a life of completeness. Be in this love.

I am Rowena, your sister.



About a year ago I started having panic syndrome, shortly after I started to study and work with energies (I did reiki courses, tetha healing, akashic records).
This fear increases even more when related to my son. I have negative thoughts with him and I do not know if it's intuition or if I'm attracting because some of the things I thought happened. I would very much like to be helped in this regard, for I am afraid even of having abundance in my life. How can I manifest healing and abundance in my life? How can I connect more with my mentors and light beings that I know are with me? I attend to some people and I have a very good feedback from them, but I feel a greater difficulty to heal me.


My beloved sister,
All you need to know is that the way often brings hard obstacles into our lives, but it is they that will lead us to our redemption, to inner purification. This irrational fear you feel is the emotions stored in your records, coming to the surface, is the very symptom of purification.
When you started working with your records you proceeded to release dense energies contained in your akashic record. And the release of these energies causes all the fear you feel and the affliction. See my sister to the healing blessing that goes through her life. These symptoms will soften as you anchor and learn to protect and balance. You need to be aware that these energies come in contact with others of the same species and still remain in the environment in which you live. But with the anchor in itself, seeking its balance through meditation, inner silence and using that instrument with protective exercises of its auric field you will see that progressively this fear will ease, it will become softer, as the release occurs as you Which is balanced. There will be days of imbalance and others of harmony until your situation stabilizes.
Continue to work through the techniques you have learned in releasing those energies contained in your records, persist in my sister's purpose, that you will see the result sooner than you expect. Stay in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Save God!
I would like guidance that helps me find a good path for my life. I feel lost, often with a terrible sense of imprisonment. I strive in many situations, and in another I surrender completely to the days. I feel completely alone in the world, because I realize that because I can not live from my own work and have my own sustenance, I am at the mercy of the will of others. I'm not a victim. Yet I have never realized a real opportunity of life to be happy, and with that I am useless to the world and to those I love. What can I do to change this reality? Gratitude to all that allows us this opportunity to contact.


My dear,
Perhaps the answer that we have for you will not please you, but we expect you to receive it with an open heart, because what we expect is that we have a confirmation that you can remain in that state for a longer time, but unfortunately that is not what we came to you to say. The life My Child, opens to all who are ready to serve, to seek the path, but very easy would be if we could stay at the mercy of the will of others, without options. You have options, yes, My Beloved, but for this you need to get your
Courage, your Faith, your Strength to move life. For it would be very easy to remain waiting for a miracle, if it did not come from our own initiative. You have always had everything you need, but on this path you have chosen to lead a life without many perspectives, in which your consciousness remains still, quiet, but inebriated by thoughts that "escape" your soul purpose. The choice will always be your Beloved! Of course, you are free to make your life what you want, but by not taking risks, not moving to risk everything that we think we have, we also "lock in" and see life go by without many options. You can choose yes, but a choice often involves having Confidence in life, Faith that the best will happen, and why not "giving up" our personal comforts to seek our happiness and our own dignification. Be in Love.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



The doubt or conflict I am experiencing is difficult to overcome. I've read all the Corey Good interviews, as I read them all as messages from the Masters, from the Cobra, and I try to clear myself up when I have any questions. It turns out with the information that it is clear that we change the way we see things, how to understand them, but for something we can not understand. If we are mere experience of the ETs, then God does not exist, I really do not want to think like this, but how to do? I lost my faith with that. I can not pray anymore, I seem to be speaking a lot of nonsense words. Clarify me, please. How can I imagine God or the Creator or a source of everything, how can I recover my faith? It is already difficult to live in the world, even more without a faith, it is a very internal conflict. Thank you very much to who is willing to guide me.


My dear sister,
What happens with what is not with you. Knowing about many of the truths that are in his world, he has distanced himself from the heart. You are closed to your truth in the pursuit of all meaning, in the attempt of heart forgot to feel. All information that is available is valid only for balance and mastery. But it is not they that lead to their own elevation. Its elevation is given by its development, the transmission of its fears, the inner purification itself and the opening of the upper contact of its body of light. You are a being of light and God is enough My dear.
Receive this truth with the love of your heart, with an opening of your soul and live a beautiful experience that is inserted with trust and faith in life. Their lack of faith is bound up not with the information they seek, but with the form as, enclosing it as a mental field with no real understanding of the soul. Turn to your spirituality, do not tempt the world. Embrace the feelings that change your posture with a life. Faith is a state of love, of charity, of devotion to God, of complacency. Seek the love of your heart for all of creation. Being able to do this is by going back to charity activities, helping those who suffer. So you will be able to receive your own love and realize. Be in peace.

I am Hilarion



My question is about my mediumship. I feel that telepathy is one of them. I would like to know if it really is part of it and I also wanted to know if I have the skills for incorporation. Because sometimes a few varied images come on my mind screen unexpectedly, and when I'm called to give an opinion on any subject that might help somebody, my body automatically shivers and warms, I start to speak words and have thoughts that do not seem to be Mine, that I even admire. Gratitude for giving me this opportunity, because it was something I wanted to know for a long time. I'll wait for the answer. Much light, peace and love. Gratitude!


Beloved Daughter,
He is living in the present his experience of incorporation, in feeling what he is feeling. Today you already work My Daughter, with your mediumistic faculties that will increase gradually, and you will perceive this to happen. But it will be a gradual process, so you can adapt to the new reality and practice. Just trust and stay on the path without bothering to understand the motives. Yours
Mentors know and bring to you what needs to be revealed. Trust what they bring to you and your intuition. Stay in peace.

Lady Master Pórtia



Good morning, masters,
I have had a life rich in painful experiences that have brought me closer to my Higher Self, but sometimes I feel tired. I have two children (one with 20 and one with 7 years old), whose parents have passed away. I am unemployed and have as single family a schizophrenic brother and a manipulative mother, who wear me daily, but I can not abandon them, because I am the only support they have. I try to accept everyone's life and smile, but sometimes I'm so worn out that I feel like falling asleep forever. I feel alone, I am alone, I have always been alone. Because? Am I doing something wrong? What is my path? Thank you for your messages that are a great support for everyone.


My beloved sister,
If you could understand how great the experience is for the growth of your soul, you would ask God to stay in it longer. See the opportunity you have every day, to learn to love everyone without expecting any retribution for it. See how much these experiences help you by simply teaching you to love, my dear. For he has two sons who, through his example, taught them the power of charity, of receiving them all through his Love. Look at the example you gave these two brothers you received. Your family still does not understand all your goodwill, but through the acts of Love - of the simple acts of Love! - you will be enriching yourself through your personal giving, learning to give yourself without waiting for any kind of retribution. It's a tough but beautiful experience that you chose to spend! They will raise you up, but not in this world, but in the sight of God. Go in that faith, my beautiful sister, knowing that the Kingdom of God does not reside on the Earth, so that at the end of this journey, return magnified in the eyes of the Father. For this will be his greatest retribution: the retribution of his own enlightenment. Be in Peace.

I'm your sister, Pórtia.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan, 2017.

Text revision: Lara Rosa Branca, Ale Sunshine and Ilza Barreto

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