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Monday, March 6, 2017





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Hello Masters,
I am immensely happy to be able to have this contact with you. Love relationship has always been something very important to me and my happiness. I have always had many passions, but most always follow the same pattern. When I fall in love I realize that I am rather reciprocated with feelings on the part of the other, I feel that they feel something for me, however I am very afraid of hurting myself and not being good enough for them to want to date me for fear of driving them away When they realize how much I want something serious I end up being a bit cold and act like I do not want anything serious. But I keep going back and wanting to leave and at least I hope they start dating other women.
It has happened several times, but the one that hurt me the most was this last time with Pedro.
I fell in love and in the beginning he said he did not want anything serious, but I already liked it too much not to try. This time I decided to do something different and not look so cold or like I did not want anything at all. I decided to demonstrate my intentions, but not to err, I decided to seek advice from Tarot readers and umbanda entities, and everyone told me to take it easy, just to be friends, to eat by the eaves, because he was a guy who was afraid of a serious relationship And if I did not take it he would feel suffocated. So I tried to do that, I was always present, but not pressuring or declaring myself, just being a great company. One day he inserted some more serious relationship matters, but I was scared to frighten him. I just listened quietly, I regretted, because I wanted to have said at that moment how much I also wanted only him, but I remembered the advice and I restrained myself . Anyway soon he disappeared and after only a while is already dating another. What hurts me the most is that this time I tried to do everything right, and I want to know where I went wrong with him, I covered too much? Did not he correspond and did not collaborate so that he understood that he really wanted something serious? Did I not get security? Is there something about me that makes it all go wrong? Or it was not my fault that this was not a courtship, but why was it not to be? I am very sad thinking that maybe I have failed the same mistakes again, even trying to do differently. I wanted to know what I do not do the others, and if I will still be happy and fulfilled in love and what I have to do to make it happen. I love you all and I always follow the messages and I am eternally grateful for the response and affection. Kisses

Answer 01:

Beloved daughter,
I am Master Rowena and I am here to comfort your wounded heart from making such a mistake, my dear.
Darling, are you realizing how insistently you have always been trying to be something other than yourself?
Be yourself, my beloved. Do not try to show a face that does not match your inner truth. People tend to pull away when they realize that they are not getting a true connection with the other.
If you are not being true in your relationships, it is because you do not accept yourself as you are.
So let my daughter accept her loving and kind way of being. You are a being of much light and radiate love. Expand this love, do not contain it. Be what your heart guides, and the right people will approach by resonance.
You will see how truth draws the truth. Be true to yourself, daughter. And you will have true relationships.
With love


Answer 02:

My beloved sister, greetings I am your brother El Morya.
You bring within yourself a cycle of repetitions of the same emotions, the same feelings and the same fears. You need to be careful to see that you do not need anyone in your life. I'm not saying you should be alone, that's not it. But you must realize that whether or not you are with someone at your side, your life will continue, you will be happy. It is this feeling that you must find in your heart.
When you come into contact with this deep feeling, I assure you that you can give yourself body and soul to relationships, you can open yourself to giving and receiving love in a divine flow.
It is that when we do not bring this trust, that faith in ourselves and in our interior, we do not surrender for fear of hurting ourselves. And it is this fear that leads us to disappointment.
Let's understand something, your focus creates your life. If you enter into a relationship for fear of hurting yourself, that will be the result. But if you conduct that same relationship from a base point of anchoring in your own love, into the trust that has everything you need within you, then naturally that relationship will be built that way, and if it does not thrive it is simply because it is not The person nor the right time, but not the fear of absolute surrender.
But when you are reluctant to surrender those who approach you, then you build relationships founded on fear and mistrust, which do not thrive by not being built on a solid foundation of faith in life.
See that you have within you an uninterrupted cycle that repeats itself from time to time. What you need is to break this cycle, but do not expect to change the partner's behavior, but changing your own.
You have already taken important steps in this direction and today the question is already clearly asked. From these already given steps you are close to breaking this cycle of disappointments from building your inner strength.
Be at peace, my sister.

I am El Morya.



Hello darlings,
I have inside me a well-hidden, very great fear of hurting myself with people. I'm already running away and away from the slightest sign that something is not going well. Sometimes I get a little aggressive. Due to several situations I have already passed. But I do not want to be like this. Would you like to know how I can work this? I want to change, to change my life. I would like to work on my own, I think I would be happier. Well, I do not fit easily into normal companies. I think of working with crystals and tarot. Is the way open for this? Gratitude for opportunity.


My daughter,
This fear he keeps is the memory of a bruised and aching ego. Of old disappointments of life. But it will only be released from this restriction when it feels the love inside itself, when it does not expect more external behaviors nor retributions. When you live your life without expecting anything from those who are by your side. This is a first step to self love.
For my daughter, when love comes from within ourselves, we need not expect anything from other brothers. Then we can simply interact with joy, in the confidence that we will never be disappointed, for everything we keep is in our heart.
The life that needs to change my dear, is not the professional life, but the inner life, where you want to gain confidence in yourself. You will be able to work with whatever you wish, for you will never lack anything, but wherever this feeling of being disappointed will always be taken with you, for this is how you see life.
You always expect your brothers to be betrayed or not understood. But you have to understand that this is not you, it is just behavior that needs to transmute and purify so that you are free to relate to everyone.
And this situation will start from your self-love, when you will then realize that you will never be disappointed, for all you need is within you.

From his brother Gregório



Hello masters, for many years I have been facing a series of bleeds that appear from one hour to another, until today I did not have an accurate diagnosis, and all the treatments I did did not work. Could this be karma or some other spiritual cause? Besides, I feel a lot of pain in my body, I feel for about six months that there is something inside my belly, above my navel, when I touch the bath I feel a lump, but it is not visible, I just feel it and it hurts sometimes, And it has not been identified what is causing it. Besides, I have an extreme tiredness, which prevents me from working and studying, I do not feel well in busy places, full of people. I had no choice but to isolate myself from everything and stay home from 2015. Now I intend to go back to work, but first I need to solve these health problems, since I am not willing to do all my daily activities. I am only 21 years old, it has been very difficult for me to experience this, I would also like to understand also the difficult relationship I have with my mother, half and a half we disagreed and all this makes me feel worse. So I would like an understanding, an orientation on what I should do to change that and have a happy and healthy life.
Gratitude Beloved!


Dear daughter,
Today you realize how much relationships interfere with your physical state.
In a few years ago, before you felt these symptoms, you lived a life where you brought experiences that brought you to this current situation.
Being aware of this fact my little one, it is enough to look for in past experiences what has not yet been overcome. What it felt like it was a forgotten past, but still part of yourself.
Healing can only be possible, if you look at the past and find what you are trying to hide from yourself, as if these experiences had not happened, but you know that you pursue it in thought, because you have to heal them.
The body seeks to release all these contained feelings in some way, in some cases these are causes of cancer. In your beloved case, you are releasing by your body the way you are observing, all that you have not accepted to work within yourself and releasing in a purified form of your spirit.
The relationship with your beloved mother will improve from the moment you decide to work these situations.
Transmutation and then purification so that you can free yourself from present painful experiences will only be achieved when you look back and decide to heal it.
Go in peace, my dear.

Lady Master Pórtia.



Beloved Masters,
I feel discouraged and sad about my life, as if nothing is right and I do not know why. I feel that I have a purpose in this life, but I can not get there, it does not seem to be for me. But deep down I feel it is. Am I willing to "listen" to what I think is right and make me happy? Is there anything I can do to help the change I so much want? Will I be able to change my professional life and follow the path of rectitude that I identify with so much? Thank you for your love and for your response.


My dear daughter,
Do you realize how much anxiety there is in a simple question? How much do I yearn for the future?
Now I question you. What makes you have all these yearnings about the future?
For when we remain present and anchored in the now, we observe ourselves wondering how to change ourselves in the now. When we cast all the questions to the future that knows who will come, we fail to change just those restrictions that have led us to the life we ​​have.
I ask my daughter, before throwing all this longing for what is to come, begin to feel and look at your present emotions, even for your future yearnings. Observe my dear, naturally open to all that you are.
They need to be aware that what they live creates from the heart. And this creation is a law of resonance, for if you throw all this longing for your future more difficulties and obstacles will attract. But if you are already focused on your inner peace, seeking your own betterment, your emotions, your feelings, working the inner children, then life is softening, changing.
Before you ask so many questions about the future, ask yourself the question now. What you can improve within yourself to create the life of your dreams, what brought you to this life that does not bring you happiness, and from that inner modification project to the future as a better person.
Here is my sister the way to contain all this anxiety about what is to come. Focus on the now, seeking your peace and inner silence.
Be in that peace, anchored in the purpose of your soul, in the certainty that the best is yet to come.

Master Saint Germain



I went through adulthood and for many years Spiritist Centers because at the age of six or seven I was sleepwalking and I already sensed some sensibilities in me, not of sight or hearing, but of presence. I never developed mediumship because I did not find within the Centers a coherence with the attitudes of people or mediums. Something always bothered me, perhaps the lack of self-giving or the real task of serving and helping. I have not been going to it for four years, and I only read many articles and books, but something is missing, maybe a participation in work or study groups. In my last participation in Sister Rosária Center, the entity that always attended me, Father Jacob (Black Old) who was very tender, commented to me that my mediumship was "Marvelous" (her words) and that I should seek to develop it . I ask: Do I really have any special mediums that can help others? Should I follow this advice or do my internalizations, meditations and personal readings enough? I'm very grateful right now.


My beloved sister,
I'd like to tell you something that might surprise you. Your mediumship will open up when you allow inward contact with what you keep in your heart. I say my sister, with your soul purpose that your intuition will show you.
You are one of those sisters who came prepared for the exercise of a beautiful activity of aid, you are ready dear. But what you need is to seek within yourself that tenderness that will open you to the true purpose for which you came.
See that while you search for everything you keep within yourself in groups and or books you will look for something external. But understand that you have already brought everything you need for your own evolution. The knowledge, the congregation with other brothers, can be sought, but always opening your intuition, your truth, what you have already brought and are ready to do.
What you need to do is to seek love within yourself, to work energetically what restricts you, for from this inner purification my beloved, your gifts that are natural to you will open to receive our love.
Stay in peace my sister
With all the love




Hello, dear masters.
At the beginning of 2015 I had the best energy experience in my life so far. I felt love, gratitude, happiness, and pleasure. This experience lasted two days. In those two days, my thoughts of judgment stopped, and all other forms of negative thoughts. My question is: What happened to me to have this experience? How can I try it again and why I could not keep this energy any longer?


There are times when we put ourselves in an energy balance. That we are at peace. But we go through periods of continuous development, where our point of equilibrium is always being transferred to further and again we are drawn to the modification of ourselves.
The state of peace is our natural state, this state of equilibrium. But in those times they happen and soon the process restarts.
There are moments of calm where we feel this balance in our being and moments of transformation.
Just as in a cycle, where they are being stirred and pushed to go further.
Enjoy these moments of calm, balance and anchoring to rest and recover, because the process of collective elevation is continuous. These moments of simply experiencing peace are needed for the process to be resumed.
Be at peace my brother,

Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan, 2017.

Text revision: Lara Rosa Branca, Ale Sunshine and Ilza Barreto.

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