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Friday, March 3, 2017





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Beloved masters,
Today, as it has been two weeks, I feel physically ill. My heart is tight, accelerated and I can not even reason. I had an anxiety crisis a year ago and I believe that is the same reason. I started acupuncture two weeks ago and there was relief. But extreme indisposition and fatigue affect me every day since I wake up. It's six years of this problem, but before I worked and now I can not even do my homework or organize myself. I would like an orientation of what I can include in my daily life to help me to get out of this situation, since remedies have never taken effect. A complementary treatment to aid in healing.


My beloved daughter,
Today I would like more than ever to approach you. For so long you have walked in this state of desolation and difficulty, where life becomes a walk to be overcome in the trajectory of its elevation.
I wanted to tell you how much grief your grief causes us, how much your state leads us to offer you our help. But my daughter, so that we can help you, I need you to anchor in you the will to overcome this state. You must seek your inner strength to rise within yourself.
I say that for a long time you floated in material life, passing as if it were something to be overcome, but now is the time to see the reality of life, to engage with it and from there you rise.
I say my beloved, so that in the matter itself you seek the strength you need to overcome it. For this you need to engage in worldly activities, in which little by little, in contact with everyone, you will realize how common is your pain, that it is not greater or less, it is simply the pain that physicality leads you from Of herself.
You, my beloved, have long enjoyed the charity of all, but the time has come to lower the restrictions of life and to put body and soul to serve, serve and serve. When you put yourself in this state you will see that your inner strength will be resumed, for you will see how many ills there are in the world and that you can help heal.
As you look at the pains of those at your side, you will see how small our own sorrows are, our difficulties. You will see in the suffering eyes of those already exhausted from the walk their own strength to be overcome.
I beg you, my daughter, to offer yourself to this service that you have come to do, taking the healing to the neediest. Look for environments that may be radiating all your light, our healing light, to the most needy. In these environments you will find the strength of your own restoration.
How many ills are there at your side in the environment in which you live, how many difficulties? But if you look closely at them you will see how small they are their own.
Follow your heart my daughter, but that personal donation will draw you strength for your own overcoming.
I enfold you today and always in my protection cloak, so that it finds that force that is natural to him from all the difficulty that is around to him.

Mother Mary



From my early thirties, I began my spiritual search. I have been in several esoteric schools, studied astrology, numerology. I went through magician colleges, I know a little metaphysics, quantum physics, occult sciences to summarize. But I do not feel fulfilled, for I have not awakened my divine consciousness, nor my psychic gifts. I feel frustrated. I would like to know the teachers where I went wrong. Namastê!


There is a saying my son: "When the disciple is ready the master appears."
You have not been looking for the most important, which is your own light.
He searched for a light that is outside, not inside. He looked for information, but not for his peace. He found a lot, but not what he was looking for.
To find what you are looking for seek your peace of mind, meditate my brother daily, until you can silence yourself, hear nothing else, just the silence of your peace.
In this silence you will find what you are looking for, in your own light. And it will be such a good silence that you will like to spend a lot of time in that place. In this silence you will quiet your mind and the truth will come.
Silence, seek the peace of this silence.

I am brother Confucius.



I would like to know why I have so many pains in the body, especially in the legs and I always feel sad and I worry a lot with the family.

1ª – Answer:

My beloved sister is Gregory his brother of love.
My daughter's pains are signs of the manifestation of her own resistance, of the need to control life.
I understand the concern you feel with those around you, but you need to trust that everyone is able to deal with their own pains, that you do not need to rush to safeguard everyone around you. They have their own guides, their own experiences, and you need to release them to live that way.
The sadness you feel is because not everything you plan takes place and you observe the paths of those you love that it is a path of pain. But by absorbing this pain you generate pain in yourself.
You need to be aware that you are being well, in trust, letting go of life, where you can help and assist everyone.
Learn to live life, to interact, to follow your heart. If you let go you will see the relief it will bring.
In this state of confidence everything will become softer and your pains will be released. You are your own healing my daughter.
Be in peace

Brother Gregório.

2ª – Answer:

Beloved daughter,
You have these feelings of sadness about the life and people around you that cause you dissatisfaction, precisely because you have not been looking for something that is stored inside.
You look for the external, when observing the experiences of the people around you and when you come across as you live your own life, to find something that is not there, that is only an illusion.
It is missing the main thing in your life dear, which is to look at what you have avoided.
You know what my beloved says, and you bring this feeling of anguish here precisely because it no longer fits this situation in your heart.
Each day that you decide not to look at it, it only increases this sense of anguish and when you decide to treat it will be late, my beloved, for you will generate more painful consequences.
This is life, my dear. You are here to confront your lower aspects, or those that cause you the most fear. As you face, my beloved, you are beginning your journey in aligning with your true purpose.
The pains in the body, the dissatisfaction with what you see before you, even related to the lives of people, will disappear with time. To the extent that you stop feeding your life with illusions, even knowing the truth that dwells within you.
It's time to break free, my dear, it's time to free yourself for the purpose that came to this planet and this incarnation.
How much more would you like to repeat the cycle? You repeat countless times while hiding the truth from you.
Release the truth for yourself and see how all these problems will resolve themselves.
Beloved, I am with you to transmute all that you fear to face, call me and I will come in your name.

Lady Master Pórtia.



Dear Masters, I would like to know about my mission. Today I am initiated into candomblé, and I go through the dilemma of working in a more subtle spirituality that I knew with my awakening, and working in density, next to the shadows that still exist in my brothers in me. Would it be my mission to bring a more subtle view into this denser spirituality? I will not be able to ascend? My mission is to stay until the last one has achieved?


My Beloved Brother,
The spiritual path is a matter of resonance. There is no right or wrong, there is what we resonate.
You resonated for a long time with the work you do, but that served your purpose, and you are free to follow.
We have to learn to recognize what resonates with us, and as our soul asks for new experiences, we will simply adapt and subtilize ourselves.
Your mission, My Brother, is to follow your heart. It is helping yourself in your own elevation, and doing what resonates with your current energy situation.
This is the best way to help our brothers, for they will feel our peace, our Love, our purpose, and that feeling will spread to all who cross our path.
You are responsible to no one, My Son, but for your own growth.
Remember that separation is an illusion and it will be from your elevation that you will be leaving the path of Light for others to follow.
Accept the call of your heart and go forward, within the energies that resonate with your inner.
Be in Peace, that of your own growth.

Serapis Bey



Good evening, masters.
In the year 2016 I woke up and left my comfort zone. I quit my job, I went back to my city, and today I am steeped in self-knowledge and trying to make that connection again with my soul. I was making crafts so I could keep myself financially. I have a project with a friend where we sell our art and we talk about spirituality. But I have not felt good doing the arts. I feel that I am only doing for the money, that is not my purpose. I do not want to do this anymore. I really want to follow my purpose. But there is the charge of my mother who is the person who has helped me financially and who is not yet awake. Give me a light, please! Gratitude!


My beloved daughter,
It has a financial constraint. But in physical life we ​​need to develop activities that guarantee us the sustenance and freedom of life. You will always be provided with what is necessary, but in order for you to have the freedom you desire, you must perform activities that bring you to material life.
In this life we ​​always have to find the middle way, between the anchoring of matter and the spiritual purpose, because my daughter, everything we potentiate leads us to imbalance, everything we pursue with great anxiety takes us out of the state of peace and fullness. So you have to search for that balance, to accomplish that which brings the material sustenance, so that it has its independence, and its purpose.
In this work he performs he has one of the opportunities to obtain this sustenance until he finds the way of his heart, when he can then unite his purpose to material life.
But what we can not my beloved is require of other people to sustain our soul purpose. We need to walk with our own legs, so that at this point we can decide without interference on the best our life.
I assure you that if you pursue this soul purpose, but anchored in matter, in your well-being, you will be treading the middle path, the path of balance and harmony.
What is my beloved is a lot of restriction on the importance of money, which is an energy that we draw into our lives to sustain our body and our pleasures of matter.
Pursue this path, seeking that balance between what will bring your livelihood, but also your freedom and independence, which of course you will be guided to your highest purpose. It is a path that requires perseverance and faith to be trodden.
Be at peace, my sister.

Lady Master Nada



Good afternoon,
I broke up with my girlfriend. I had a very heavy relationship for a year with her, I loved her, but she made me suffer a lot, lied a lot. I can not go into relationships that make me suffer and feel so deceived. Is there any way out of this? Thanks for listening.


My dear brother,
When we end a relationship the best we have to do is give ourselves time, to extract from there all the lessons necessary for our life.
In this relationship there was a great need on his part, a need for control and attachment. But now, from that experience, you will be able to build more lasting and stable relationships.
But what he needs now is time to breathe, to absorb everything that has happened without being involved at that moment. It is that when we leave a relationship and do not work our vibrations we tend to attract others with very similar characteristics, for although in a new relationship, we will continue to sustain the same vibrations as the previous one.
So this is the time for you to breathe, if you disconnect from the energies of the old relationship. Agglutinate them in their superior aspects so that you can amplify your vibration and enter into a new relationship in a more focused and balanced way.
Seek to receive all that lived in the old relationship as a learning of others.
Center your energies to the point of feeling stable without anyone at your side, happy with yourself. And then you will seek a new relationship in a new vibration, from your inner growth.
Thus you will be breaking the cycle of suffering in your life, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to be happier.
Stay in peace, my brother,

I am Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan, 2017.

Text revision: Lara Rosa Branca, Ale Sunshine and Ilza Barreto.

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