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Sunday, March 13, 2016

About inner peace - "To whom much has been given, much will be required" - Lady Master Mirian

Children of the heart,

Today we speak to you again about peace. About this inner feeling that all is well, that creation is done in perfection, where there is only gratitude. This is the feeling of those who remain in peace, in their sacred center, when all seemingly is chaos.

You are in a moment of evolution of consciousness, where the truth, hitherto hidden, comes to the surface, because the evolution of consciousness is allowing the modification of all scenarios. In this evolution, old ways of being are modified, they are transmuted to give rise to better and new ways of manifestation of reality. This occurs naturally in the current scenario, and is the result of the changes that your world is going through, due to the combination of external forces that have so programmed it.

Benevolent energies invade your world because you have broadened consciousness. An energetic cycle of energy-enhancement and expansion of consciousness, an egregore of Light, formed. This vortex of expansion modifies everything they understood as normal, as acceptable, and old behaviors are transmuted into more enlightened ways of reacting.

This movement causes great discomfort because if they move to the future, there is a sense of total uncontrol, and if inner peace, centering in the heart is not maintained, this movement will inevitably lead to the fear of the uncertain.

Do you realize, beloved, what we have repeatedly spoken to you? The only place to experience is now, because everything will always be well in it. In it there is no fear of the future, of the uncertain, because in the here and now the reality is palpable and the sensations are leading them to the best decisions ever. In that now is your peace, your centering, your enlightenment.

I tell you, my children, nothing that you imagine for the future will come to fruition, because you are in an expanding reality, where everything changes. The only place that will have its security, that will live its peace in the three-dimensional reality, is in the now. Here may be you, staying in the peace of your heart.

You experience an energetic confluence, where the Light infiltrates the densest recesses to purify you. This darkness then is thrown outward and, in your reality, you see only the released dirt, but you must realize that this darkness has become evident because it has been replaced by Light. Darkness is evidenced so that more enlightened processes may come To replace it.

I tell you with all our heart that the true mastery is to look at this reality in peace, aware of the process that you are experiencing. You, who read these texts, are privileged because you are aware of what your world is going through. You follow the modifications with a different view, for years they have been warned that they would come. But remember the maxim of Christ: "To whom much has been given, much will be required." That is, you are the ones who came with the mission to remain at peace in those times, to radiate their Light in the midst of chaos. You were the brave masters who took up the challenge of wearing a physical garment in a time of transition from the planetary experience and leading that process from the Light that anchor in that reality.

Do you realize, dear ones, the responsibility you have assumed? You develop it brilliantly, but this will continue to be required of you. To remain in peace it is enough that you turn to the now, to what is present around you, that you will be sure that this peace will be in your heart.

I am Master Mirian and I come today to make you a call of love, a request to be observed, policed, so that you keep your inner calling, because you are the awakened, those who know what is happening and Which, therefore, greater vigilance will be required.

Be at peace, my brethren of the heart, that this will allow us to be always at your side.

Lady Master Mirian

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - Mar 13, 2016

Text revision: Solange Yabushita