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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Understanding family relationships - Mother Mary

May the blessings of love bring peace to their bodies, minds and hearts.

Dear children, today I bring to you the message of humility and simplicity as an example to be observed in the manifestations of love around you daily.

Observe briefly around you all manifestations of selfless dedication in the service of your peace and your balance.

To those who are graced with the companionship of pets in their homes, notice the love these animals devote to you in order to bring the example of simplicity and humility simply by being present to devote the love you seek within you Themselves.

And to the children who have children in their homes, who have other people living together, watch my children carefully, the love they also send to you daily, being present in their lives, showing so many lessons for you to observe Themselves to be better, more compassionate, and more understanding people.

I come here to remind you that you are surrounded by manifestations of love and peace, of opportunities to look at yourself through these relationships, which bring to you the examples of dedication and inspiration so that you can see in all these companies what is lacking in You children.

The energy of love is present in all relationships. You can not observe with the physical, beloved eyes, but you feel the emotional impulses which are the warnings that the heart is being touched to awaken the call to love.

In relationships that bring learning, lessons and also tears of overcoming your inferior aspects, all are present in your lives to open your hearts to the connection with love.

It is through closer relationships that you are called to look at that Self that you try to hide, within the appearances accepted by society, children.

I, as the mother of Jesus, have been inserted in this experience, to observe the transformation of my son, who from an early age was called by the people of our conviviality of The Messiah, who came to awaken humanity, to save mankind. But children, he was still closed to this reality in his little heart. But the calls were present in his life, as incessant repetitions in his ears already weary of hearing. He was not yet ready for this truth, and so he set out to establish other relationships, which eventually showed him the true path to which he came to this planet.

But children, those close family relationships, brothers, father and mother within the home, are always present to show us the aspects we must overcome, which we are often not yet ready to look at. But that, after the journey through life, we return so that we can absorb that teaching, and then look inside ourselves to overcome the last aspects that bind us to the life of suffering.

Upon returning home, after the desert experience, my beloved son was already another in personality, in attitudes and relationships with the brethren in the home. The experience he had in returning from his journey in search of his encounter with himself was transforming in his life. But it was still necessary to spend some time in the home, in the cradle of his essence in material life, and it was here that he had the opportunity to listen to this mother who tried so hard to speak to her heart. That's when he heard the brothers. It was when he transmuted all the familiar relations established in the matter, to then follow what was destined in that incarnation. It was where he found strength and transmuted the aspects that held him back to the old Self. And then he went on his journey taking the word of God and Truth to all in his walk.

Relationships within the home, with animals, with people, when observed with gratitude, with the feeling of awakening from the open heart to absorb all this love, are simply marvelous sources of light and learning, who are always present to give us the Support necessary in our journey, but that in order to truly absorb all the love contained in these forms of energy present in our lives, we must open the call of the heart, we must be awake and with the feeling of simplicity, humility and gratitude within us, To sprout to become that new being that, with much attention, will observe to absorb the loving energy of these relationships.

It is through the experiences we get in the journey through life, children, that we will be prepared to observe, to feel and to thank for our home relationships, to feel the beneficial energies that arise from these home learning and the transmutation of these relationships, from the Differences and work so that these are accepted with much love, transmuting those aspects that still remain inside us after so many learned by the life.

I tell you that of all the relationships that we experience in the family home are the signs of our overcoming, those aspects that we have brought with the mission of transmuting, of raising us in love.

For the moment, beloved children, is to transcend the family relations that for so long have kept them in the cycle of incarnations. These relationships were brought to you precisely so that you could learn from each other how to look compassionately at all that restrained you.

I know my children, that there is a lot of love in the family, there is a lot of affection, but there are also many strong bonds that bind us to old habits, which put us in the circle of restriction of matter. For it is in the family circle that are the main aspects of our own overcoming. There, in spite of the love that exists, are the points that rightly bind us to the circle of lives.

What we need to do is to overcome ourselves in this circle, to transcend, so that we may at last find ourselves free from all and any aspect that is bound up with our cosmic memory and past lives. Overcoming the lessons that the family circle imposes on us, we will transcend the aspects that bind us to matter and to the old grid of suffering.

Each incarnation, every life, is carefully planned so that it can bring us some more of our own restraint. Because when you came to this world, you studied, analyzed, and concluded just the points, the bonds that you had to break in order to break free from the wheel of lives and lives.

And it was precisely in the family where they decided to add a little more of that energy that they need to overcome in themselves, of the internal vices, so that they just stand out, stand out, and then everyone can jointly help themselves to overcome what was once Constraint, but which now needs to be worked out for release.

Children, the customs, the greatest restrictions that afflict your family circle, for there you will have an indication of what you need to transcend within yourself. Therefore, my children, compassion, patience, love is so demanded within the family of birth or creation, for there are mirrors reflecting their own inner vices.

In the family sphere, beloved, there is, besides love, so many disputes among the members because there are just the brothers who are able to touch our deepest point of pain, in what we refuse to look within ourselves. There are mirrors to point us to, they are the masters of our life which, therefore, we need to anchor the understanding, the compassion, the loving look so necessary, beloved ones.

It was, therefore, that my son Jesus returned home after the pilgrimage in the desert, for he came to seek, to observe where his greatest inner difficulties were. But he had the humility to do it with simplicity, with compassion, recognizing that the pains and difficulties that he experienced were his and not his brothers. And in that look he freed himself to go his way purified, freed from his own restraints.

Encourage this example, my beloved ones, and whenever you return to your family home, take the opportunity to seek your afflictions, your fears, your pains, but, above all, seek love, compassion, always aware that every challenge, every Is never external, but it will always be interior in the sense of finding our own liberation.

Be in peace, children, I am your Mother Mary and I pour out upon you my blessings as a loving mother, extending my protective mantle to enlighten your ways.

I am Mary, your Mother.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - February 18, 2017

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