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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Third step- the anchoring of the new – Masters El Morya and Miriam

Children, good to have them now.

The physical pain they feel after the cleansing of the akashic with the violet crystal flame is the reflection of the disconnection of the experiences, which are agglutinated in the eighth chakra and raised to their body of light free of restrictions.

With each agglutinated experience in your I Am that is the primary connection of the eighth chakra, you work cleaning up a source of information that came to unbalance this connection with the I Am.

Therefore, after this work, you may experience sensations of pain or discomfort that are the same as those you had before the work performed, but more intensely.

The sensation they have is precisely the imbalance of the energy emptiness at the point of energy that bound the record. You must remember that all records are linked to one or more energetic points, and from the anchoring of a greater understanding of life, you put yourself in the aptitude to release the restraint and illuminate it, transmuting it for new and more You disconnect the restriction and replace it with a new light register.

This new record of light will continue to radiate the energetic point of your chakra, but now free from restraint of consciousness. This causes a slight imbalance of your energetic body that will reflect in your physical body.

The main reason for the imbalance is that the energy that radiates through your thinking to your physical body does not match that which is emitted by your records. It is as if there is a dissonance between their thoughts and their records, and this causes imbalance in their energetic bodies, causing uncomfortable sensations in their bodies. Which can be observed as physical pain and difficulty of connection with the I Am. These sensations may give the impression that the treatment further aggravated the symptoms they have been experiencing, but this stage is understood by the sensations of catharsis, which are necessary for the release of the old and the anchoring of the new.

In order to bring the balance of this energetic point, it is necessary that they harmonize their thoughts through the next 21 days of the therapeutic process.

Observe what reactions and what thoughts cause the sensations of catharsis in their bodies. Perceive and note. Seek to delve deeper into what aspects need to be overcome and abandoned by this new Self that you have become.

What occurs, children, is that their new reality of Being does not correspond to old thoughts that were part of the old Self. The old thoughts are those that bring the manifestation of the catharsis in their bodies and therefore are they that need to be worked now.

The 21-day manifestation therapy of the new comprises the attitudes of looking at the thought of the old being born and then remembering that the former is no longer part of their lives.

In this period, they will make the visualization of the new in their lives in order to harmonize the thoughts with what is in their already enlightened records. They should perform the harmonization of the neural network of thoughts. This harmonization of thought with the light anchored and purified from the records will progressively alleviate the physical sensations that they feel after the cleansing of the akashic.

You need to understand that the material contained in your records radiates your life to form your thoughts. Most of your thoughts are not yours, but the characters who lived in the earthly experience. They are formed by the four levels of akashic constraints: I am incarnate, that of the family constellation, I am the succession of earthly lives, and either I am cosmic. They are the levels that generate the thoughts of restricting life in matter.

But as you release the records through the higher understanding of experiences, forgiveness, purification and transmutation, and enlightenment of experiences, you do not get rid of the forms of thought that the records occasioned in your lives, we say of fears, restraints, Attachments. You see, although the records are purified, in the third stage of treatment you have to learn to live with the now clean records, reconciling the ways of thinking that the old restraints caused.

Work with each identified constraint, so that you reprogram your minds into a new reality. If you observe that at the least sign of thought of material attachment, for example, it awakens the pain of catharsis, then work on that restriction and reprogram it. Irradiate in the violet flame the thought that was the trigger of catharsis and then reprogram it by repeating to themselves, "I Am abundant," radiating in the blue light bringing the force of the manifestation of this new reality in their lives.

It is a period of adaptation where the peace of the first 21 days is internally lived, but now, after the cleansing of the records, they have to anchor the new life they want with the modification of behaviors, of limiting thoughts. You will need to work your neural network of thought to anchor the new life you crave.

Therefore, the reprogramming process must be repeated as many times as necessary until the same feelings that awaken the catharsis are no longer observed. You will have to catharsify as an aid so that you can see if something needs to be worked on. Once you identify the feeling that awakens you to catharsis and reprogram, you will instantly feel that sensation fade.

After cleansing the records you will feel something more within yourself, something will be at peace. But now they need to give the necessary time for that inner peace to radiate their own life and to live without those restrictions that bound them to the physical life.

In this period of adaptation, then, there will be this imbalance in your energetic points, for the irradiation of your thoughts no longer matches what is contained in your records. For this reason, they may have physical sensations of discomfort that may be softened by the visualization exercise of the new life, where they will be harmonizing the thoughts according to the information of their records.

Work gradually at every observed sensation, work punctually and reprogram your thoughts. Then manifest the new in those 21 days. Physical sensations will be needed as a regulator of work and balance. It will be a thermometer to show you how the work is being conducted in this period, and it comes to contribute to the healing of you children.

And so it is

We are El Morya and Miriam

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - 05.February.2017

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