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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The rescue of truth and transparency in relationships - Lady Master Pórtia

Beloved children, today we see you involved in an energy that presses you to show something, to present tangible results and to meet a goal established in the environment where they are inserted.

You have forgotten for a brief moment of your own natures.

What harm are there, children, in being true to yourself and to the external world, carrying truth in the form of wisdom with sweetness and lightness?

The attitude of hiding your inner truth creates a new reality where you will feel pressured, needed to be free and natural again. Needed to be able to express themselves.

The present scenario, children, facing the whole reality of unemployment and lack, creates in you a spark of fear that can grow as you give fuel to it.

And what is the fuel of fear, children? The very fear of being true, of putting the manifested truth into their lives.

Stop for a moment and reflect, discover within yourself asking what prevents you from being true to yourself. You will discover that this fear is related to the external, not the internal. So why did they bring this restriction, this lack, into their inner world?

Relationships are true from the moment fear is eradicated. Naturalness, freedom, will take shape and start from the moment they decide to overcome their fears.

Each has an internal process to be overcome. Each one awakens fear within itself from a certain external influence.

In the corporate world, this fear is initiated from material insecurity. From attachment to the present situation and to people, to salary, to illusory stability.

If you start observing how your whole life works, looking at the whole, you will realize that there is no stability when observed through a complete cycle. Life is formed of periods of learning. Short periods before a lifetime. And what would those short moments be worth if they were not lived transparently and truthfully?

From the moment they cease to feed fear, they put the truth to the test, and release what holds them here in that experience. As long as you continue to carry out the experiments in a masked way, children, you will not allow this to be released.

And to those who close themselves to the truth that is being shown before you through other people, and even through experiences, realize how much this kind of posture, children, makes you ever more closed to the inner truth of yourself.

When you close yourself to external truth, you end up shutting yourself into inner truth, and it makes the process of healing and deliverance more difficult, which is your true goal in all incarnations.

Every moment lived, every second, is something that must be harnessed in its entirety. And when times are wasted with attitudes that shut you to the truth, you are putting off your own evolution.
Dear children, what I come to warn you of is that, in this moment of transformation, you will be increasingly intensely placed in situations where you will have the opportunity to be the transforming agents of change. So that, from their attitudes, isolated in the midst of the great mass that has not yet opened to the truth, they show that this is possible. That it is possible to live the life inserted in the material experiences, but being true and upright.

You are here for a purpose, children, to discover inner truth and to show everyone what your truth is, and thus serve as an example of courage for so many who remain closed to life, to live in a free way.

So many of you children remain prevented from living to the full, simply because they feed the fear of looking to the truth. The first realization of this truth can be painful when looked inside, which would be the first step toward self-discovery.

But by going through this phase of greater revelations about yourself, anchoring in yourself what you truly are, and making clear what you are, accepting, open up the opportunity to show it to the outside in a natural way.

Well, my beloved children, what good is experience in this life if it is not to live truly and truly what you really are?

Stay in peace and radiate in the violet light.

Master Pórtia

Messenger: Michele Martini - Feb 01, 2017.