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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The love that radiates from the heart – Lady Master Nada

Dear children, I am here radiating over you through this message, the message of the heart. The message of the heart, because it is intended to show reality as it is. It is not a message bound up with life in matter, but one that shows how we see them. And so it starts from the heart, from the inner purity that feels the truth of life, energies, feelings and emotions. Allowing you to see what is within you.

Faced with the immensity of experiences in this wonderful opportunity of incarnation, you have the inner light that is born from the heart, and that can be radiated to the external during your walks. This inner truth is what tells us who you are, and how we see your light, part of that truth, to magnify you in the eyes of all dimensions. We see your radiance shining from your purification, for when you lower the restraints of material life, your souls shine at distances unimaginable to your minds.

You say: there is so much discord, there is so much anxiety, there is so much suffering .... But forget to say: there is so much light, there are so many possibilities, there is a world around me that allows to grow and experience in matter, Showing the brightness of my heart, all that I keep within me, so that from the purity of my soul, may the purity that God has made me be shown.

Then, from the moment you decide not to play any part of it, you stop and observe, you do not enter into that energy, you begin to anchor the wisdom of a great experimenter of life. Life becomes soft, and the imperfections of life are perfect. Yes, my beloved, the imperfections of the school of life are the very perfection that leads them to inner purification. It all depends on how you experience these opportunities, how you are influenced by the energies that surround you. You flow into the benevolent energies of love that departs from your hearts.

You become masters in the energies that circulate around you, children. And they are no longer affected by external density. Life becomes dimensionally higher. It is the same life, the same experience, but lived from the brightness that burns in their hearts, from the maintenance of their own inner purity, which radiates a look of understanding to the brothers, doubts and difficulties that matter naturally imposes. 

This process, my dears, is rightly tied to repetition. It is often necessary for you to remain for long periods living realities that do not bring full happiness, but are only blessed phases of experiences. Where you will learn, in the face of so many mistakes, in the face of so many pains, looking into the interior. You do not find the answer abroad, you do not see the direction that matter wants to lead you, do not resonate with it, then there is no horizon in the distance, there is life as it is in matter, full of doubts and imperfections. And in this state, there is only one way, looking at oneself, looking at what they feel, at pains, at liberating from experience. In this state you, after so much struggle, accept life, deliver, and in that state, flow within themselves. That's where they break free. But not the freedom of matter, but that of the soul, which will become the purest crystalline light to radiate the world of love. You look into yourself, and undo the restrictions that erase you before our eyes. And in this release, we see the burst of light radiating from their hearts.

That inner gaze, children, is what will bring the anchoring that you both seek. The one you imagine coming from the outside, which is taught to you through various sources, seeking the beings who do the protection of you. But that really is not just that, kids. The protection most of the heart, its light. For in a state of love and compassion for the world, the light that radiates from your soul becomes so powerful, that you become the very protection, the very armor of Light.

It is very simple to understand. You are all the time, children, surrounded by all energetic manifestations, high and dense. The point, children, is that the beings of light, the anchor, are always at your side, as are the dense energies, like mists dancing in the wind. But you attract to yourself only those with which you tune. And if you radiate that crystalline light of the heart, that is what you will attract: the light of God's love and the benevolence of all creation. You will be supported by the irradiation of your hearts, which will attract all the energy of the same species to you. And in this state, nothing, absolutely nothing, is capable of attaining and diminishing their own inner vibration.

But this is a state of perfection that you do not need to fully attain, for a spark of light, an open gap in the heart, will suffice for this little spark to be like a match in the dark room. From a spark of heart light, everything around you will light up, it's simple. It is enough that you keep access to this spark, which will never be reached by the density, that only reaches them in the darkness of the own restrictions that keep within you.

It is very simple, children, to observe how the process occurs with all of you, who are inserted in the experience of matter and, therefore, can only observe with the physical eyes, which is materialized in this dimension. But they forget for several moments, that the other dimensions are present in the same physical space. And that can not be seen by all naturally with physical eyes, but can be felt, and cause impressions and feelings in all of you. As you read this text, notice the chills in your bodies, the sensations that pass through various points of your physical body. Because by coming into contact with these words you light up this spark of love. That spark of light is enough for us to manifest. Now, children, imagine what it would be like if they kept this spark of light burning from awakening as they fell asleep, the magic they will make of their lives, for they will be surrounded by pure love all day. And that's progressive, it's building up to become a radiant glow throughout life.

The energies couple together and form energetic blocks with similar densities, joining various dimensions into a single energetic form. And so, sons, is that when you resonate with lesser energies, you attract all like ones that are in the same vibration, independent of the dimension where they are. You are multidimensional beings, accessing all the energies available in creation, from a single environment. That is why we do not tire of repeating, the sky is within you, and it is not a physical place, it is something that comes from within, and puts you in touch with God.

As you nourish words, feelings, and acts of faith, love and hope, you children draw closer to you, subtler energies, and these envelop you, forming around you a field of energetic protection. Wherever you walk, as long as you keep resonating with these energies, you are adding all the other energies that are present in the environments, and that vibrate in the same tuning. Until this spark becomes a torch of light radiating thousands of hearts around you.

Therefore, no matter where they are, they will always be protected, anchored, if they preserve the state of their hearts. It is a state of wakefulness, of recognition of what life is made of, energy and attraction. The law of attraction is not a mental request, but something that radiates from the purity of the heart.

The state of inner purity is what must be worked out so that they can attract to themselves the beneficial energies they call anchoring. Therefore, children, it would be of no use to you to ask through spoken words, but without feeding that feeling in the heart, so that it allows the approaching of beneficent energies, which will help you in those moments. It is not we who radiate them, it is you who, from the very radiance, open their hearts to receive us, but, for this, they must seek purity, truth, so that from this discovery they find the joy of living to attract Which is best for you. But do not think about attracting material goods, we speak of light, well-being, anchoring of inner happiness, of feeling in joy and trust. No material good replaces this state.

Often, children, we observe you praying, asking for help, we are beside you, enveloping you, but you still can not feel our presence and do not allow us to act on your bodies. For they are blocked by the lack of inner work.

You see, children, of all who worked inwardly, who sought for themselves, who found this peace, none of them continued the search for material satisfaction, because he discovered that happiness is a state of enlightenment, not something brought from outside we.

Thus, my beloved children, you can seek this inner purity through the cultivation of love in all relationships, in all experiences. Do not miss any opportunity to radiate love, because when you radiate, you are vibrating loving energy, which will attract more loving energies around you, enveloping you as a protective field.

In the face of common situations, which eventually you may lose this balance, you are already observing and working these energy changes promptly, because you will be more vigilant. But because of the robust anchoring they feed around you, with all other daily attitudes, you no longer feel these oscillations reverberating into negative consequences on your bodies. They are always protected and surrounded by love.

It is a work that begins with a match to become a beacon along the track. This is a call, children, to light an inner spark and train to keep it lit from awakening as you fall asleep. Keeping that little light on for 21 days, you will begin to feel gratitude for life. What we ask for is just a spark, and from it, day by day, begin to open up to receive all that you hold within you, sincerely taking care of your purification, opening yourself to the truth of what you feel. This is the way by which you will find the peace that you seek so much in your hearts, still closed by the restrictions of matter.

Thus children, while working for the construction of this field of external protection, working the inner cleansing that will attract these energies, can count on the help of the brothers who offer beneficial energies through various forms of therapies. But always, children, aware that they are temporary aids and necessary for them to have this time of individual strengthening. And holding on to this faith for 21 days, and then for 21 more and for 21 more, they will become the heirs of Christ, who are destined to become the example of love.

All of you have all the resources and strength you need to take the journey in this incarnational experience, through cultivating love, watering love daily, and in every action in your routines. It is enough that they strive to keep this spark burning for 21 days and repeat this cycle, to repeat again and progressively, with each cycle that they exceed, they will be radiating all the light of their hearts to the world. You, from yourself, and from devotion to God, will maintain love, and will become your own protection. You are your own armor of light.

Remain anchored in love by radiating that love to your outward, in all your experiences, and it will strengthen you. And so it is.

With love

Lady Master Nada

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - February 01, 2017

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