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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Lesson of the Black Goat - Master Jesus

Greetings my children,

What a beautiful day it radiates this morning. Greet the blessings of the new that points in their path.

Today I bring you an image of the angry black goat staring at you with his black eyes, about to attack you. In ancestral wisdom this was the symbol that represented the lower energies, the negative aspects of the human being, representing the anger and hardness of the soul that closes its own light.

The scene, somewhat dantesque, reminds us of the fears exposed, the insecurity manifested by the attack, by the anger, of the one who in the end fears life.

But the image of the goat does not tell us about that animal attacking us, but about the judgment we bring inside our heart. The goat shows us our own fear, the fear of being attacked, violated, usurped of what we think we have. The goat takes away our peace and leads us to our deepest fears.

The animal is the representation that we still enter the game of illusion, allowing that which is external to our being leads us to illusion, inferiority, to judgment and make us equal to the goat, frightened and about to defend us by attacking.

The goat is not the representation of evil, but of the judgment we bring within ourselves, of revanchism, of anger, for that same animal which is seen as the representation of the lower energies may also be observed by us as the torn sheep that fears Lose of his flock.

For my children, what is the difference between the goat and the sheep that I cuddle in my lap to feed and quench your thirst, giving you the warmth of the affection of my heart?

I tell you, my children, the difference is not in the goat or the sheep, but in our gaze. We see the goat as the representation of evil and the sheep as a feature of love because we judge appearances.

Notice that despite our judgment look, they both represent the same, a being, an animal. The difference between them is in our gaze that can not see in the fear of the goat, the request for love. Yes, my children, in expressing fear, anger, he asks for love, for welcome, because he fears what can happen to him and then attacks.

But when we see him in this state of fear we are taken by the same feeling, the fear of being attacked, and then we judge the angry black goat as a representation of negativity, of the lower feelings, and we do not realize that this feeling is not in the goat, but in our heart.

In our heart is manifested the fear of the animal that makes us bring this representation of fear, of the inferiority of the human being, of negativity.

But, children, this is a state that is in our heart, for we only see the cloak, the image of the goat, and we forget that there is the same light as the sheep inside that animal. We forget this aspect because we immerse ourselves in our own density, enter into the play of illusion and in that state we are not able to observe the true nature of the goat, which differs from the sheep only in our heart. But we can learn to love the black goat, turning it into light and love in our heart.

If we look at the black goat as an animal that is fearful, feels loneliness not knowing what our presence can cause them, we will turn to the light of this animal, to the sadness that it brings within itself. And from that light the representation of fear simply vanishes, the goat ceases to be the representation of the negative when we observe and understand the beauty of its nature.

You, children, are like the goat in the walk of life. You get angry, you fight with life, but after so much struggle, you calm down, become softer, more pure, knowing the truth. For all of you are the seeds of light shining in love. But often, your narrow look at matter, can distort the reality of the purity and beauty of what life is. From what people are, to struggle for their own transformations and overcoming their negative aspects.

In observing some brothers who are in the process of being rescued during the incarnation, but who still can not completely follow the path of light, the feeling that flows within them is that of judgment, by observing and feeling the energies that emanate from people still Are involved in shadows.

The veil still exists before the gaze that you address to those who live in shadows, children. Notice that during my life incarnated as Jesus, I have been living among people of the most diverse energetic densities, but who, before my loving gaze, have always been loving and lost sheep of the flock, seeking their true family, their true essence .

The black goat, which you both know as an inferior being, a symbol of inferior energies, with aggressive behavior, to attack you, children, is only the manifestation of the prejudice and the vision of the other human through the veil of matter. But she was really just a lost sheep from the flock, seeking help and love.

Therefore, beloved ones, realize that there are no black goats, that there are no inferior energies. That there is only light and love. The image they create in their minds of lower energies is only illusion, created out of prejudice and not allowing the manifestation of love.

The beloved sheep that is blessed by me is the same being that you often observe as the black goat. And for that, children, I love you all too. For, faced with the distorted view of matter, dear children, you will always be black goats and charitable sheep at different times of their lives. And always loved unconditionally by me.

Hold this love in your heart. Let the black goat be loved, and transformed into love and light, for so it is, as you who have brought light to this planet through the love that radiate among you.

There are no dense and high energies, children. There are only sheep straying from the flock, who seek only to be loved.

These sheep are yourselves who, in repeated experiences, have also erred, but from the compassionate gaze of one who realized that they were not black goats but lost sheep from the flock, lovingly extended their hands, helping them and loving them, reintegrating You are to your true family, that we are all masters, Angels, Beings of light, and you beloved ones, who are part of this great family of love and peace.

Hold the compassionate compassionate gaze for all beings, for all are the reflection of yourselves in different episodes of your own learning histories on this and other planets. Hold to the loving vision that I came to teach you through my experience of life when I showed you how it is possible to love unconditionally, even the most violent of oppressors, for darkness does not resist love, dear ones.

The light dissipates all the darkness. And the loving and compassionate look before the shadow will transform into light. But for this, disconnect from the judgment, which causes them to create the image of the black goat, manifested as they look at those who judge inferior.

Stay in peace and be involved in my love.

I am a Master Jesus

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - February 23, 2017

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