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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Elementals as an example of peace – Lady Master Nada

The love of elementals for all of us is the example we have come to learn to follow in our lives.

All the plants, animals and beings of this planet come to attend to our life, come to offer us all the resources so that we can follow with health, vigor and disposition for our walk.

Plants, when they are born in the yard, in the vase, when they sprout in every corner of this planet, do not choose who to serve, they are there for the child, for the animal, for the criminal, for the priest, for the good and People who are not good.

The elementals are always being born, sprouting at our disposal, and available to all.

This is the selfless love of nature for us. This is the love we have come here to learn to feel for our brothers.

If an elemental, a plant or an animal is at the disposal of every human being, with love, dedication and without discrimination, children, because humans continue to discriminate between themselves.

If the lower beings on the evolutionary scale are there to serve us with much love and with much dedication. If they do not discriminate, if they are for all, as also all beneficial energies of nature are, as the Masters are, as the Archangels, as Jesus is.

Who are we, children, to discriminate between us, to look at our brothers who may not yet have understood certain lessons and are on the journey also seeking their elevation, but for now may have forgotten the purpose of being here. But we know, children, that no experience is lost on this journey, all are valid, even those in which we stray from the path, for they will also add experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

It is through errors, children, that we conquer wisdom, that we gain mastery in this life. It is through this peace, this peace that grows through the mistakes made, that we are strengthening, growing, elevating, beginning to discover the peace that is within us.

On this journey, my children, let us pay attention to all resources, to all peace and all life that is around us. Let us look at the elements of nature, food, daily bread, fruits, vegetables and animals, which are all without discrimination for us.

Whenever we feel in our heart that we are not doing what we would like, let us remember that we are learning, and that all experience is valid. That is why, many times, we will be living with people we would not like, inserted in situations that we do not like, but for the moment, we are there because there is still learning.

Let us remember the elementals that serve us without discrimination. Therefore, also serving our brothers and sisters without discrimination is our ultimate goal of learning on this planet.

To serve him selflessly and with love for all, for the criminal or for the kind, for the peace of all who have the right to receive it. Because we are all seeds of light, all are seeds of love, and are only involved in an illusion, of which they can not yet obtain it.

From there we too, children, we left situations where we were involved in an illusion and awoke through love, awakened with the help of those who did not discriminate against us, they trusted us. From the elementals, who are the greatest selfless example of love and non-discrimination. They are there for everyone. Therefore, children, the feeling of gratitude towards these beings will also attract peace into their hearts, for gratitude is what attracts love to oneself, it opens the door to their balance, to peace itself Themselves.

Peace, children, is obtained through the feeling of gratitude for those who are there to serve us. Therefore, when looking at a food, a plant, or any being that is to serve us and that is life, for everything that exists here is life. As we look at all these beings, thank them with much love, with much gratitude in the heart. Remember that they are there without discrimination, in our good days and in our bad days, in the days when we make mistakes and in those in which we hit, in every day they are there, indiscriminately for us, offering their vitality and strength to follow Our walk, understanding that we have ups and downs, that we have mistakes and right answers, but that our search is always for happiness, until we can find that happiness that already inhabits within us.

And of that certainty, of that confidence, is that we will discover peace within us, for just as the elementals are serving us, as well as the whole planet, here we are serving those who serve us. And that feeling is what brings us inner peace, the peace of being in that understanding of what life is.

But this peace is not something we get because we learn to live with what is external to us. Peace is a feeling we find within us, it radiates because we simply become like nature, like the elementals. Then we come to have this compassion of being present without demanding, without charging, without wanting, but only keeping us at peace in the present moment.

In this state the expectations diminish and in this inner peace we are able to find ourselves, independently of what is external to us. Remember, beloved ones, the image of a Buddha meditating amid a market of people. All speakers, running, in this intense energy exchange, but he understands his function and remains in that inner peace.

The peace of those who do not need to settle down, have a proper posture, have a ritual to meditate. But it is to be meditative, to be empty, to seek for this emptiness, to finalize the restlessness of all our yearnings because we become like nature, present to all, confident to the point of giving ourselves if necessary, but without this entails losing Our inner peace.

Peace is a feeling that springs from the heart, no matter what happens externally, and when we discover that state we become that peace, that inner stillness. We are the manifestation of the peace of God in the world.

But in order to find this state of peace, we must first search for what takes us out of this state, that which bubbles within us. See that even in a state of meditation we find something that does not silence, that does not calm down, and because of this lack of inner peace is that so many deviate from their ways, seeking subterfuge in overeating, temporary happiness of matter and even in Drugs.

All these are attempts to be silent, although for a moment, because we have not yet found that peace within us, we have not yet become as nature, the purity of being in service. There is something that bothers us. And this something must be what we seek, for when we purify ourselves we will find peace.

And I tell you, my children, that all the pursuit of humanity is precisely to find this peace, because it is the state of happiness, of quietude, of inner silence. And those who experience this state are dazzled by themselves, for they become peace.

This is how so many Masters who lived in the most conflicted environments, such as Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Tereza, Chico Xavier, among many others, were able to become that peace, because they simply discovered within themselves this capacity to be peace and then radiate The world with this feeling.

Inner peace must be the search for all, the search for stillness, for the state of contemplation, where everything will be clarified and the world will be seen under that peace. For peace will never be something external, it is a state of being.

Be at peace my children.

So be it,

I AM Lady Master Nada

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - Feb 11,  2017

Transcription: Ale Sunshine

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