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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Denials of the Experiences - Lady Kuan Yin

Children of my heart,

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about how experiences are conducted in their lives. Life on Earth is a school where one intends to live and live. You have absorbed your emotions through your physical senses.

These senses are often aroused generating physical discomfort, showing you that something needs to be worked out. They are being experienced by the experience of matter.

But as experiences have only served it says it says about them. It is something simple, beloved ones, but what would it be like to talk about something that was not lived? How to create a conception of something by experience that is not yours? So you have to look for one thing as a learning opportunity.

These situations that are repeated in your lives, showing that something needs to be worked out, but where there is no solution, an exit, and not the level of learning that has been developed from such an experience, are presented in your lives that transcend it, The

How to transcend as great that does not please you? Living them. Accepting them. Engaging with that experience and not escaping contact with them.

All experiences add judgment to your consciousness. This judgment may be valid or invalid. If it is valid, you repeat, because you added something. If for invalid, try to discard, for being uninteresting. Here are the points that are being worked on. All experiences in your matter are earnestly living intensely, without flight that you often seek, by trying to be involved in which resonate with you, who are walking more in line with your natures.

The denials of the experiences trace the physical discomforts, which can be identified as headaches, anxiety problems and stomachs like gastritis, ulcer and others. All these problems are only manifestations of the retention of ancient energy, which do not open up in change. I do not want a new experience to come and be a part of their lives, and that's when you close yourself to experiments and then end up withholding that energy of contradiction, which denies the new that comes to you to teach something.

But see that there is valid evidence that causes pain because it teaches. But there are those that are valid because they cause pleasure.

All serious experimentations and surveys in the balanced way of life. There are always dose doses of each, so as to rotate them so that the students learn and rise in wisdom.

Always inserted in means and experiences that please, where is learning and evolution, children? Remember that an incarnation is a school that is the end of the year when the time of disincarnation arrives, yet still bringing in new opportunities in the future to complement the learning. All learned only to be experienced from a moment when they were launched from a way of being that is their nature, to then experience the new ways of living.

But over time, some examples of movements are valid. But for this an experience needed to be understood, assimilated and transcended. Becoming invalid, it will cease to exist, because its consciousness will cease to supply.

But this only occurs from the moment they accept to live as experiences, so that they absorb the learning. Thus they will anchor in your records, more wisdom and information, that will serve in your evolution path. When this stage is reached, then you begin to live a new moment of calm, where you live intensely your truth, but which is now different from what was before, more information and growth in its history.

But realize your great longing to experience, to experience certain experiences. For they will only know whether they are valid or invalid if they are lived.

Life, then, is to live, it is to experience itself, to throw itself, for all experiences in matter are valid, although in time they may cease to be.

Take part in the environment where you are inserted, participate in the experiences that the people around you are living, allow yourself to enter into a harmony of joy and learning, to bring knowledge to you, to have lived something more, to do Part of its history.

Do not restrict yourself to living enclosed only in your comfort zones, and where you have already found all that pleases you. There is no guilt, there is nothing that does not add to the infinite. For in the universe, all energy received never remains infinitely stable. Everything is transient. Even his own experience in the matter. And to make it transient, you must accept to live the experiences. So that they do not continue carrying with you, the need for repetition of the same learning.

In life everything dilutes, like dust in the air. Enjoy to feel the flavors, the smells, the textures, the temperature, what your bodies give you, because that is living too. It is to have something to say, regardless of whether it is valid or invalid.

No one experiences life, sitting in his house, thinking that life is just that world that comes out of an electronic box with sound and image.

Life is made of contacts, flavors, adventures and, why not, of risks. Of something that can be said to be valid or invalid. But for this there is the need to live, to experience. So live life, leave sorrows, fears, pains, and just feel, being valid or invalid, adding or not. For how would they know without having lived? What is important is that they have lived love and deception, friendship and betrayal, good and evil, for this is to be dual, valid or invalid.

At the end you will see that everything has made you great, and in the end you can say: I have lived! It was not through the window that I saw life go by! I jumped in life and the jump is valid!

Be in peace.

I'm Kuan Yin

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - February 21, 2017

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