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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The concern - Pai Joaquim de Aruanda

Look, today we are going to talk about concern, which is a state of mind of control, of lack of confidence.

This is a collective standard of humanity. It's a pattern of worrying about what's not going to work! And then you want to anticipate about the things you project in the future. And they never happen as projected, have you noticed? Always have a "if not".

It is because, behind worry, there is a spiritual law of cause and effect, you project consciousness and modify the future.

So you can say, "One more reason for me to worry." Because so what I project does not happen. . . (laughs)

It's the other way around, is not it, children? Worry causes resistance. Of course it will not happen the way they planned, because there is a pre-programmed learning route. But when you worry, you stop the process you are going through, it stretches out until you release, until you accept what it is like.

Your consciousness is connected to the whole, but when you project fear, anxiety arising from worry, it's like pulling a handbrake because that kind of energy causes resistance to the process as a whole.

This is very simple! If you are in the experience to learn, why have you set out to this, what happens if the lesson is not learned? It continues, because soft water on hard stone both beats until it sticks. Is it not so in nature? And you are nature itself, you are ONE with everything that exists, then you follow the same laws. . . (laughs)

So worry is a process to which you give cause by allowing yourself to enter into a mental process of not trusting in divine providence, and the cause of it is resistance. You understand why worry changes the future because it extends the experience any longer! This is a spiritual law, do you understand this law? It is the same as the law of karma, but we can call it the law of learning by pain (laughs). Because if we do not learn in love then it has to be in pain. Is not that right, my children? That's life!

So this father means that caring is lack of faith, and lack of faith brings more lesson. So you have to learn not to worry too much, to let life go, the river to pass. Is that right, my children? That's the lesson you need to learn! To let life go as she wants!

So you say, Ahh father, but then I do nothing else, I lie on the couch and I wait for life to pass?

This is not it, children, is to receive the experiences with confidence, seeking the learning in the lesson! You seek what you need to learn, you take the physical steps to solve it, but do not worry, you trust it will work out.

So no one stops sleeping, no one stops eating, no one becomes sad, because he accepts life as it is. She's like this, I'm here to learn, and I need to learn a lesson from that. That's right?

But there are some things that can help you not to worry. Write there:

1) Meditation - meditation calms the mind and raises the vibration. It's good to anchor confidence.

2) Have a schedule of commitments: you note what you have to do and forget. The next day they open the schedule and do the scheduled task.

3) Keep the peace, avoid foods that lower the vibration, heavy food, alcohol, and things that decrease the vibration and put you in a lower state, low vibration. It is important to be well with our vibration.

4) Do physical exercise: swimming, walking, running with friends, finally, move the body to take the tension of the day.

All of this helps you relax, let go, let go the reins of life, and trust in providence. Look at the blessing of life's lesson, learn to trust. Is that right, my children?

Stay anchored in this inner peace of unconcern, that the rest the father here helps you.

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - February 08, 2017.