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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Radiate the pure love – Lady Master Vênus

Music to enter the irradiation:

They are beautiful and sweet the moments in which they can feel the disconnection with the planetary mesh that cultivates the suffering, children.

These moments are blessed to feel the love radiating from your eyes, your hearts and your lips showing the beautiful smile to receive the manifestation of life.

The manifestations of life, children, are not always beautiful in the eyes of those who can not look through this veil of illusion. But for you, beloved ones, who have unveiled this image of suffering and pain, and who come to see beyond matter, can feel how the whole manifestation of life is blessed and full of love and irradiation of light.

All people are now involved in their own pains, surpasses, sufferings and joys, but with a look at the experiences of matter, letting oneself be involved in them.

But I come here to radiate my divine love, which channels from the source so that it reaches you, and that for a moment you have the opportunity to feel what awaits you on the other side of the veil. Feel the abundance of life, the joy and the essence of love.

I am Lady Venus and I come to your level of consciousness to show you that yes, my children, it is possible to be happy amid the turbulent experience of the matter that you are living.

I show them at that moment the way of every smile in the midst of the air, how this energy mixes with the particles of life that are suspended in the air and transform them into drops of light and love, reaching all those around you and Who have not yet awakened to this truth.

For a single moment, notice the power of this enlightened particle as it strikes another being, which can be a plant or an animal, or even an object or person close to you.

Notice how this particle becomes immense when it is multiplied by some of those it has struck. When the beautiful and sweet smile of joy and gratitude for life, radiated with love, strikes a heart, it expands in love and shines, observe the brightness of the hearts struck by that love. There is a sigh, the sigh of relief and peace, of warmth, that being was waiting to happen in his life of so much struggle and suffering.

It is as if each of you children were little fairies of light, shining and touching with your magic wands the heart of each one who passed through your path during your experiences on Earth.

You are light, and as you radiate this light you reach unimaginable proportions, children. You are powerful sources of light and love, shining in the darkness of illusion to which many hearts are dormant with love.

The beautiful smile, the sweet look, even in the midst of conflicting situations and disagreements, will make the hearts light up, for all are lacking to receive this light, which they no longer find the way to seek. They seem to have lost hope of finding the way to the light again, and remain embedded in the life of illusion and suffering.

All your dreams are possible to be fulfilled, without exception children. All are possible to be manifested, when you take life lightly from the radiance of the heart. Everything is possible for one who awakens the spark of love in the heart and radiates the luminous energy in what he wishes to accomplish.

All people, objects, environments and ways of life are transformed by receiving the irradiation of the light of their hearts, which is the transforming vehicle of their realities. Illumination, transformation and fulfillment will come when you look into your dreams with faith and peace in your heart, knowing that the truth will manifest and that what you desire is already a reality in your lives.

See the sun shining, see the dark fields fill you with light and life, the flowers open and the animals come out of their burrows to welcome that light that comes to shine and radiate joy in their lives. Every little spot of light shining, children, is capable of transforming the lives of all around you. Like the sun, your light is also shining, so let this light be shown, let your sun rise before your dreams and take up your whole life, illuminating all your days from Now, to manifest the joy and peace of living.

The joy of living that is drawn from within, from the heart, not from something that depends on external conditions, but is an inner quality that radiates its being and jumps from the eyes, the mouth, the smile and radiates everything that is its come back.

From the moment you find that joy within you the worldview transforms, it becomes softer. It is as if they were raised in vibrational terms, to belong to other dimensions. For a brief moment his consciousness is drawn to a more beautiful point in life, which is able to see goodness in everything.

I would like to come to remind you of this, that there is no use having all life around you, all abundance, all gracefulness manifesting if you do not feel this joy for life inwardly, if you can not see the beauty of the world.

How many are those, my children, who enter the circle of life, who have and always had everything, everything they need with much, but who can not find themselves. And from that point they enter an incessant circle of search for personal happiness, being that they never find it, because they are attached to an endless wheel that does nothing but add unnecessary weight to their shoulders.

But understand children, that this search they have for finding happiness in a life devoid of restrictions does not exist if it does not start from the heart, because the heart is able to find that joy, that inner peace, that life itself can not bring them If it does not start from within you.

The peace, joy, happiness that radiates from your eyes when you connect the simplicity of life, nature, the sun, animals that search for their food, the curiosity to observe the world, is something that nothing external can bring , For it departs from the heart.

And when they find that inner peace in their hearts, even briefly, it is when they connect to the planetary crystalline grid and leave the matrix of suffering anchored in their world. This connection is only made from the inside out, from the true happiness that departs from the heart, never from the outside to the inside.

But you understand that first you need to stock up on external peace to find inner peace, when it is just the opposite, it is inner peace, a feeling, that we are able to observe outer peace in the world. The peace of nature, the mountains, the rivers that gently descend against the sea. This peace abounds in the world, but as they connect to the events of the old matrix, to political, economic, and social events, they become unable to observe the true peace of the world that is abundant in nature.

But this, children, is something you only understand for brief moments, when you disconnect from the old matrix, and in times of ecstasy you are able to observe life on the angle of love that starts from your hearts. This is the magic of life and this state of peace and love is its natural condition. His state is not that of connection with the unreality of the world, but with the reality of God that is present in the beautiful that is around him.

Seek for this happiness by observing the beautiful images of life and by absorbing this energy bring to your hearts and feel the love, allowing you to leave your eyes, your smile, your gestures and then radiate the world with this love.

Stay in peace, dear children.

I am Lady Master Venus

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - February 14, 2016.

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