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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How is the life of a messenger - The yearning to live only to serve

Today I would like to share with you the experience of messengers who lead the double life, like me, Thiago Strapasson, and many others.

It is not easy to take this life in this way, there is no time left for us, we are divided between the activities of the blog and the groups, the visits to the people who are looking for us, the publication of our books that are in preparation, and our life in the Where we earn our livelihood.

I am a designer, graduate and postgraduate in the area of packaging development. I have more than 10 years of career in the field and I am recognized for what I do. I do with love, but the pressure is great in this environment. It is not possible to lead a light and calm life in a corporate environment.

I have a good job, which guarantees me a living, and a bit of this routine that takes a lot of my day (because I leave home at 7:00 in the morning to go to work and I come home again at 18:30), There are still hours left to dedicate myself to what I love, to my true purpose in this life.

So many times I come home exhausted from the daily routine, for I establish contacts with people of varying energy levels, and who have their personal problems. And I, as a messenger, am always open to the exchange of energy, even if involuntarily.

I come home often only wanting a quiet corner to stay in peace and meditate, but this way I close myself and not living the most precious moments of my day, which are my free hours.

In these free hours, I take the opportunity to walk with my dogs, and even then, I often come home so wrapped up in tiredness and mental exhaustion, that the discouragement that does not allow me to continue with these activities that I like so much.

I can no longer look and enjoy relationships with people outside the work environment, as I just left a full day, where I established contact with more than fifty people a day, and that were enough for me to get home and get only the Silence and solitude.

So was the day of yesterday. On the second day of my vacation, I have felt overwhelmed by the feeling of discouragement, of wanting change in my life to happen soon. Thinking of the amount of things I could do if I was not stuck in this difficult phase, that is living in duality.

I'm charged to be present with people, to socialize, but in fact I do not even have time to enjoy a moment lying in the hammock of my garage from home, and just relax.

I think sometimes that in this rush, I cease to appreciate the beauty that is contained in the relations. For we have not been able to establish contacts so often, one at a time.

We are involved in urgent demands, engaged in activities and attending calls from people who want our attention and help at all times. And that's the happiest part of our day, where we can be useful to someone.

Ah! If my life could be filled only by the act of helping, of being useful to someone, of serving. Ah how to serve makes me happy. This would really be a great dream come true. The one of simply being able to serve, being available to talk, to listen, to solve a person's problem.

And then we find that what really makes us happy is not loneliness, it's not moments of recollection, what completes us is to feel useful, to feel needed by people.

And yesterday I learned from the teachers that they too are happy to serve. Serve us with much love.

So many times we think that we can lead our solitary walk, involved in our problems and challenges, feeling disconnected and misunderstood by so many that surround us, but that in fact we are not alone. We are always in the presence of all the masters.

I arrived at my home yesterday, very tired, with the energies totally discharged, but a strong headache made present in me. And when he was no longer bearable, Thiago Strapasson tried to help me. He approached me in unfolding and told me that in trying to help me, I did not accept help and said that I would like to be alone.

He did not understand why, but he received the information from the Source, that he should attend to my will. And then he withdrew. And my headache continued.

I could not answer any of the Ask the Masters questions yesterday as I was not in a position to do so.

Master Kuan Yin tried to alert me, sent a message to Thiago, incomplete, and that I should receive the complement, and that when I receive this complement, it would help me, it would help show me what was wrong with me. But I was so engrossed in the activities of matter that I did not even accept it when Master held out my hand to me, and I allowed her to accept her help only when I got home.

That's when, at home, I received the complement of the message, which I published yesterday. And there was the teaching I needed to hear. But something was still missing. My headache still persisted.

And then I focused on my body, connected to the Source and unfolded my consciousness asking to hear my body. And then I saw myself in a beautiful field of flowers, in a very beautiful garden. With the blue sky and the light and sweet environment, and in that environment I was surrounded by all the Ascended Masters, who were looking at me with all the love.

Master Pórtia approached and began to speak to me and told me in sweet words that I was not alone. That they were with me always, to help me. That I do not have to carry the burden of life in isolation and isolate myself. That I can throw myself into the experiences, live intensely, knowing that they are there with me, that they are all the time. But I just need to ask for their help, to accept being helped.

And then it was when I began to cry and said aloud: I accept! I Accept Help Beloved Masters! I accept the help of my friend Thiago who came to extend my hand and I wanted to be alone! I ask for help and I accept being helped at that moment! I accept living the experiences that come to me and I know that I am not alone and I accept the help of the Masters! And I shed in tears.

I felt that, with my tears, they flowed to the center of the earth, all my pain, all my feeling of loneliness, all my burden. I felt renewed, and my headache was healed at that moment.

And then I discovered that just as we feel happy and complete in being able to help, in being useful, so the masters also feel about us.

And this is the feeling that starts from the heart, which is connected to the Source. It is our eternal search, and we do not normally find it, because we think we are alone.

I learned to accept and to live. I thank all the Masters for their love for me. I thank my beloved Master Pórtia for always being by my side. Thanks to all the friends who hold out my hands.

And may more challenging days come, for I know that I am not alone.

Michele Martini – Feb 22, 2017