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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feeding on life, on what exists in abundance on the planet – Mother Mary

May the blessings of love bring peace to their bodies, minds and hearts.

Dawn a glorious love.

Bring joy in relationships.

Feed on life, on what exists in abundance on the planet.

Savor the sweet smile of the wind.

Shine the blossoming of the flowers and watch the movement towards the sunlight.

You can feel all the excitement of being present the moment you live. But for that, open up to love. Allow yourself to feel the emotion.

Allow yourself to feel the pain, the sadness, the lack, feel the strenuous struggle of each being to keep alive on this journey. This journey is a lot of suffering in the walk yes, but that is also a lot of light.

For with every suffering overcome, another focus of light is opened from among the wounds that appear from the battles experienced from this experience, as well as from many others that have passed.

These wounds turn into warrior scars. Those that will serve to transform you into focus of light, ever more abundant with love and the spark of God.

The expression of the divine light, my children, is only possible through the conquest of all the battles of this life. Those battles that you come to face to overcome yourselves.

I do not bring here, children, that you must experience suffering throughout this process, but that you must experience and savor light and love.

The love that can only be brought by those who have lived intensely all the pains that have brought to their own experiences and to the individual feelings, the pain of those who have gone their ways.

As you feel, by observing the external and welcoming by choosing to live in yourself the emotion of experience, in order to find the path that leads to the shining of the light, you are showing something that was never shown by another before you. When you choose to live intensely the learnings and the pains, my children, also choose to bring hope.

You are inserted here, my children, precisely to show everyone, as personal experience of each of you, that it is possible to overcome all difficulties and still radiate love.

This love, when radiated by those who brought the battle conquered from their walks, is what will make cures happen.

We know that the battles experienced while you are in the life of matter are often painful and exhausting.

They bring to you, at times, a feeling that there is no longer hope, and they think of giving up. But what you do not realize, children, is that this walk can only be trodden by each one of you. The journey you set out to show the path of light is embedded in your experiences with much love.

With each conquest, with each new focus of light that begins to shine with a new scar, you also bring hope and faith to yourselves. The materialization for yourselves of what is possible. And that is the pursuit of you, children.

You may think that there will come a time when there will be no more faith, that there will not be love and strength enough to go on. But the moment will come when you will overcome this feeling, and a new horizon of love will be shown before you, open to be explored as well.

You, children, shine brighter with every discovery of a new horizon. They nourish faith and hope for a better life for all, and that nothing, absolutely nothing can overcome love.

What strength will you use for that, children? Just love. Simple and difficult, in this life of so much unloving, when they watch around you so much suffering without necessity. But then it is when you enter with loving words, to show that yes, that it is possible to live the love in the middle of all this.

You came from the light and were inserted in the shadow of your own illusion minds, who think matter is real. But love will uncover that reality, and show you what you are really made of, children.

Observe those who do not allow themselves to be carried away by the illusion of lack of love. Look at plants and nature. How abundant they are in life.

People live in the midst of the environment of nature, sometimes destroying it, sometimes suffering in their minds with their own problems. But nature, children, remains intact in its beauty and harmony. It is the manifestation of God's abundant love, for it is only the irradiation of light in any medium. Regardless of human action, regardless of mankind's progress, nature endures and will endure forever, just as the love that exists in each of you will always endure, for it is from you that you are made, children.

I know that many of you feel the burden on your shoulders, the weight of a life that leads you to challenge yourself. But from this path they can find the purity of their hearts, because from the experiences of pain they are releasing the bonds that have restricted them for so long. And each step they give, they radiate more light, more wisdom, and become the light of love, in the midst of the darkness of the minds of those who do not yet see what you see.

How many are those who think of giving up the walk, the day of light, and hiding behind the loneliness that a life in matter leads them. But you are the ones who came precisely to show that from the difficulties of life, from the trials of the soul, it is still possible to radiate love. And even through difficulties, you continue the path of faith in your own inner purification, seeking and renewing yourself every day with all the joy of your soul.

We see in you the hope of every dawn, of every ray of sunlight, rising on the way to your own awakening. And thus they become the source of love for those who still fight on the path. They see in you the possibility of something better, in their attitudes, in their words, but especially in the love they bring within themselves. This is the example that so many inspire to continue the path of life.

I would like to finish telling you to keep faith on this path, to know that despite all that you are experiencing, we still see you as those light beings of old who immersed themselves in the mental darkness for the purpose of showing that it is possible to live one Ordinary life and yet be light, and yet believe in the unseen, yet still maintain faith and love.

For of all the pains that I have lived in the material life, nothing was so hard as to see the one that I carried in the belly with so much love, hanged and flogged for having been love. There I lived the great pain of my life, an incalculable pain to a mother. But it was from there that I opened the possibility of being love, and I saw that it could show that it was possible to be love before everything we see in the world, of everything we live, still maintain faith in God. It was hard days, there I lived the dark night of the soul, the will to give up, but it was from there that I took the strength of my awakening, that's where I woke up to the bigger life.

I was clouded by pain, by the mist of my suffering, but from there, when nothing else mattered, I was reborn to my truth. There I discovered the power of my love, that I could be love in the midst of pain, and thus, as you do, I could love in the midst of a life of difficulties.

And this happened to see the sun, which is born every day to feed the plants, which receive from God the rain water for the multiplication of life. I realize that even when nature is destroyed, how great is its reshaping force, how great is the strength of its own rescue. And I reflected on nature, from my destruction I recomposed myself, I recreated, anchoring the love that my son Jesus had brought to the world. I continued to proliferate his word and do it to this day.

This is perhaps one of the most sublime tasks of a being of light, anchoring the force of love in an environment that drags the mind to the difficulty. But that's where the most beautiful examples of faith, perseverance and humility come from. It is where we conquer our peace wherever we are, where we radiate our love regardless of what we go through.

I tell you, my children, to persevere in this way, so that you will understand that with each scar, the result of an overcoming pain, you become more pure and brilliant in the eyes of God. You become the example of a life that dignifies you. So do not give up on my children, acknowledge the blessing of love in their lives and continue on the path of light. Find within you peace and love.

It will be from this peace and love, by observing the abundance of life radiated around you in the manifestation of nature, that you will understand a small example of the greatness of divine love, which also dwells in you.

I AM Mary your Mother.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - 08. February.2017

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