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Monday, February 27, 2017

Diving into the truth of your I Am - Kryon

Greetings, dear ones, I AM KRYON of the Magnetic Service.

To dive into the truth of your I Am I manifested as embodied in this plane, is the most beautiful demonstration of the truth of your interior.

Life, my beloved children, leads us many times through obscure or illusory ways, where we see manifested in thought what would be the perfection of life.

The point is that despite these thoughts, children, life in matter is real to your present, and you are here to transform the world where you live. How can they then transform, without even accepting to live it?

Many of you are involved in dreams, in possibilities that have not yet occurred, but that dream of happening, of being rescued by beings of light and seeing their lives transformed in an instant, like a magic pass, when they will be free of all Their problems and then they will be happy.

They deceive themselves, my children, if they think that life in matter is only suffering, and that real happiness will come with the Nesara. Misleading you, my children, who decide to stop living their current lives with the people who are incarnated around you, with the dream that something better will come in the future soon.

You all, children, are here for learning and evolution. Even those who are on planetary mission, who have come to bring transformation to the planet, even you, children, transformers, are here in learning and evolution.

Or do you think that living on other planets filled with light, love, and evolution is eternal? You come here to learn what you need to transcend the dimension you are in. Those who live on 5D planets come to earth, live an incarnational experience, to rise to even higher dimensions than 5D. For here, children, is the cradle of the most challenging experiences, those that put them to the test in sensations linked to the flesh, to pleasures, to emotional instabilities, to pain, to scarcity. Here you learn what you would never have learned on those planets where you came from, where you miss them, and sometimes wonder what it would be like to be able to return home.

You, children, are here to evolve, inserted in families, work environments, friends, that will make them face their weaknesses and challenge them. Therefore, dear children, it is that we do not withdraw from you the experience, even in suffering, when it is for your growth and evolution, the real purpose of your journeys to Earth.

Would not they like to return to their homes with their hands shaking, right, children?

So put aside for a moment those dreams and ramblings of what it would be like if a miracle happened and made it all for you that would solve all your problems. And yes, accept, challenge, challenge yourselves. Face the dense energies that surround your colleagues, friends, family, radiating love and light. You have the awareness and clarity of how things work, children, and so you are here to be the transformers of the shadow into light, from sadness to joy.

Be the transformers and promote a better life for those around you.

How? I will tell you: Transforming the way you see your days and your own lives. Moving from coadjuvantes to protagonists of their own lives. Taking forward everything that brings fear. Facing the way it should be faced, looking with the eyes of matter yes, but those eyes that were perfectly constructed, in the smallest details, so that you could look at life as it is, with the eyes of matter, for this is how it should to be.

We, children, are here to help you face the regrets of life, but not to remove the problems of your ways. We are here to show you how to turn problems into solutions. To show how to bring light in places where there is shade.

Reach out to all who are in the shadows, reach out and trust in yourselves. Leaving aside the misleading appearances of matter, they try so hard to engage you in creating fear and ego.

You protect yourself from your own truths, closing in on the ego in your minds. And that ego is what prevents you from facing life, accepting the experiences of matter as they arise. So that they are ready to rise in size.

I have brought you so many messages about dimensional evolution. I showed you how you are multidimensional, and today I come to bring something that shows you how to live in the dimension where you are inserted, bringing the possibility of dimensional elevation from this experience.

The dreams they cultivate as an escape from the present reality are all to divert them from their true purpose. That is to bring light to this planet. Those dreams that we bring to you as visions of a perfect world, already exist, but will not be brought by a ship from another planet, children. They were brought in when these ships brought you.

Ah! How you distort information, children. The material abundance brought by a new monetary policy, already exists, and is only a thought of where you are living, is not something that will manifest itself in the future. Some of you already live in this reality because you resonate with it. They are the ones who stopped looking. There's the key, children! Stop looking for an escape from where you are today, then go against all the abundance that already exists and is available to you.

The materialization of everything you dream will become reality from the moment you decide to lead your own lives.

We are here to bring the materialization of the reality that is the life of each one of you, so that yourselves, be the transformers of the planet, the materializer of all your dreams.

And so it is


Messenger: Michele Martini - Feb 27, 2017