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Friday, February 24, 2017





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Dear masters my husband suffered a car accident in February 2016 and is in coma Vigil until today, which has made me very sad. Could you tell me if he will return to consciousness and when possible? I thank you.


Beloved sister,
Her husband is going through a process that was planned for this incarnation. The period in which he remains in a coma is the opportunity he planned he would have to address some subjects in different dimensions of the physical matter to which they are incarnated.
Some matters related to our soul history can only be dealt with in specific ways and this is a case.
Take it easy, my child, to know that he is following the purpose of his soul.
The end, my dear, will be wonderful and healing to him. It will be rewarding.
Keep the faith and above all, respecting the process he is passing through so that he can follow his soul planning.
Stay in the light my sister.
I will work with you during this period, the golden energy to bring you the necessary balance.




Hello beloved Masters! Throughout my life, I have always had difficulties in relating in groups, but the circumstances of life often require us to work in groups !! I like to work collectively, this is even looking like an antagonism ... But what I do not really like and believe is what keeps me away from the group, is to see clearly the use that people usually make in the face of opportunity. Thus I perceive the personal interests, the dichotomies, the hypocrisy ... and in that way it makes me move away from the group !! And more ... I have a vision that in a group, even being a collective, we can not but look at the other as an individual subject, because he carries with him his subjectivity! Where somehow the group will interfere as well, it will also interfere in the group. The X of the question is! If I have this understanding, why can not I work as a group? I do not know if I'm right, but I think I defend myself, because I feel very sad living with people who use their power to manipulate other people! It hurts me a lot when I see people subtracting the freedom to be and the other (brother) in favor of their interests! The second question to the beloved Masters! I learned ... or who knows ... I never felt with limiting thoughts regarding my financial life, but I always had limited financial resources !!! I do not understand why! I think money is really to be used and distributed in the form of Love! I wonder: What is the balance between "being cautious and limiting thinking"? I always wonder about that! Beloved ones! Who knows, by receiving an answer, I can through this opportunity so kind and loving on your part, I become a better person, able to achieve and perfect myself while I live here! With all the gratitude of my heart ... NAMASTÉ
PS: Tell my beloved Saint Germain that I love him so much hey rsrsrsrs ♥ ♥

Answer 1:

My Beloved Child,
The understanding you need is not mental, but heart. It is not understanding the group mentally, but accepting it with the heart, from a charitable eye, recognizing that each one is different from the other and has its own stage of evolution.
For, My Daughter, if you already perceive something that vibrates in a lower resonance, use this opportunity to give the example of Love and especially to get rid of judgment.
When you view certain behaviors with reproof, you are not being different from them, but by recognizing ability in everyone and allowing expression, then you pass the test of life.
Acknowledge My Beloved, the great opportunity you have to transcend, to show your charity, to learn to listen, to understand your brother's decision, and to accept all this with open heart and without judgment.
The difficulty of working in groups is mainly due to the difficulty of accepting differences, of "lowering arms" and remaining in their truth in peace, but recognizing all the different stages of consciousness. This is the path of truth and the transmutation of your fears: the fear of not being understood, of not being accepted, and that your truth does not prevail.
But what is the truth, but a set of the Whole, even if it disagrees with it? And it is in this state of charitable gaze, of acceptance, that you will be cleansing from all judgment, putting yourself in the example of the Christ who received all with a look of compassion.
Recognize Beloved, the beautiful opportunity you have: to simply show yourself different from the charity of your heart. This is the key to understanding the group.
Be in Peace,

Lady Master Pórtia

Answer 2:

Dear Sister, receive, at this moment, the Violet Flame radiating in your heart.
I, Master Saint Germain, am here to bring the answer to your questions.
Sweetheart, imagine that you are immersed in a medium where there is much Abundance.
This Abundance is for few, for some have affinity with Abundance of some things, but want the shortage of others.
You want My Beloved, financial abundance and resources, but at the same time, you do not want the abundance of experiences with your halves.
Think of My Sister, that everyone on this planet is ONE. I, you, your neighbor, and any groups you are immersed in. We are the same energy, called Planet Earth.
Planet Earth, unlike many people think, is not only the physical structure that constitutes the earth, the trees, the water, the natural resources, but the planet is constituted of an entire community, constituted of life.
Nothing here can survive without the influence of the other, for all are connected.
Abundance is present in every form, as well as scarcity and lack. You can choose to live a life with just enough, enough money, experiences with other people, Love, and Peace.
But when we open to Abundance, we can "reap the rewards" of it from all sides.
When we look at the planet, which we are part of, as a single energy began to realize that that group is only a piece of ourselves. So how can we separate ourselves from parts of ourselves?
We, the Masters, are here, immersed in all this energy, we are also part of this Whole. And we are you, just as you are us and just as you are your group.
Begin to realize your reality in this way, My Beloved One, and thus bring all the Abundance into your life. The Abundance of Happiness and Joy in belonging to a group and also Financial Resources, Love, Peace and Balance.
Stay in the Light of the Violet Flame,

Master Saint Germain



I write now to solve a question that is making my mother suffer. She suspects that my father betrayed her to another woman, but he denies it. Already I think it was not a betrayal, but, yes, just a passion, not having kisses or sex. I believe that he found in that person what I could no longer find in my mother, that I felt that before that I no longer had a feeling of affection for him, but that today he suffers because he does not want to live with a husband who is not transparent. I see a couple of people who no longer have affection for each other, but who insist on being together for fear of leaving the comfort zone and opening to the new. What do you, dear Masters, have to say about this situation? Gratitude, beloved ones! <3


Beloved son,
You are suffering from the internal problems of your parents, we know that, but dear, what you both need to work on is the inner truth.
The truth is manifested in their lives in a very clear way and only the next step is to free themselves from the fear and anguish of living in a way that is not true.
All right, my son, let them take what they feel in their hearts. Many feelings were dealt with and exposed during that last year and there were those relationships that did not continue to exist because they were based on fear, insecurity, attachment, and lack.
All were led to seek the inner truth, to be authentic true to themselves. And the process that is observed in their parents is this, like so many others who live the same situation.
Beloved, allow the flow to occur naturally with them.
Some people take some time to process certain facts that are materialized before their eyes, and so drag days and days of tears and more suffering, but that I am necessary for the definitive liberation of the old Self and anchoring of the inner truth itself.
The process of purification is beautiful and wonderful, but it is painfully brought when we refuse to look into our heart and listen to it with love.




My year 2016 was extremely difficult on the emotional side. I lost my grandmother, I ended up in a complicated relationship, my best friend moved and now on Christmas day, my puppy was run over and could not resist, just when I thought I had enough suffering. In my family in the last two years, several dogs died about one year old and unexpectedly. I believe this is not a coincidence, but I would like to understand why this has happened and how to prevent it from occurring, because we have suffered greatly from their loss. I know that this year I learned a lot and I have evolved a lot in the spiritual sense. I know I'm getting stronger, but I'm tired of suffering and I feel very alone. I do not know if I'm going to my parents' house or if I stay in the city where I am until I finish my course in violin building (which I love!). I would like to find a partner and experience true love. I feel so close and so far from achieving this. I am grateful for any teaching you can give me about these issues. Gratitude.


His gift of working for art, of music, is something few can experience.
This past year was marked by intense experiences, which brought her to look within herself.
These experiences brought strength and maturity, and therefore brought the spiritual growth you observed, Daughter.
With all these losses and separations, you have been finding your inner truth. And he realizes that by strengthening himself spiritually, he is always complete, regardless of the circumstances that life takes.
This cradle of experiences, which is the Earth, brings all that is necessary for your evolution and therefore you should always observe with gratitude everything that happens to you.
You're living with repeated animal situations, honey. They bring you the reflection of why you are not allowed to cling to something that then ends up being taken away from you.
You see, My Beloved One, how do repeated lessons bring something that needs to be learned, until you really accept that as experience so you do not repeat the lesson?
Animals are examples of Love, which bring what we often have as emptiness to be filled within us. But it is not for this, Honey, that we must lead our lives by feeding on this Love without seeking Love for ourselves.
The learning for you is this, My Dear. These experiences do strengthen you, and bring you the reminder that you are loved, above all, by yourself.
She feels weakened by all this, because she has not yet connected her heart to the Source of Love, which is abundant and incessant. When you connect, My Daughter, you do not have to use your reserves of strength to follow, for it will be a channel of connection with God through your heart that will nourish itself and then illuminate all your experiences.
The process of looking in, nothing is more than that, Beloved. It is realizing that we can find Love within us, but not in solitary way as you think, but rather, filled by God, by the Divine Essence.
Follow in Peace and Light, My Beloved.

Master Jesus



Exactly a year ago I decided to venture into life, my parents passed away and the only thing left for me was the courage to be reborn in good deeds. When I gave by faith I was in a tree making love reborn ... From that began to arrive books of Chico, romanov dynasty ... And I began to see my life and everything that involved me.
So I fed him more, he's going to meet me and I decided to ask him to marry him ... He has a girl with him now. Is this just a coincidence?


What you need to do is to center your Heart on the balance of your days and your attitudes.
It is really beautiful the process of self-discovery and the beginning of a new life. A fresh start.
But everything comes always with balance so that you can live in harmony and without suffering.
Many lives have been transformed over the past year by bringing some inner aspects to be observed, accepted, and treated. You are in this process, My Beloved.
Life taken in a calm and balanced way, giving the right time for each event to occur, is the best way to not bring suffering.
All events in the lives of all will occur gradually and some attitudes carried by the anxiety and joy of observing the new in front of the new manifestation may hasten some facts, which would be programmed for the right time, but which, when advanced, Can bring disappointment and suffering.
Beloved, have faith, and realize that by giving everything to the time, and carrying with balance and anchored in the heart, the truth and the new will manifest in your life, without having to worry.
Follow your inner discovery in Peace and Balance, My Beloved. Your life is your inner quest, regardless of external situations or other people going through your life.
Focus on yourself, for it will attract everything that resonates with your energy naturally.

Lady Master Nada

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan/2017.

Text revision: Lara Rosa Branca and Angélica T. Tosta.

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