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Wednesday, February 22, 2017





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I have always found it easy to love and forgive, no matter what they did to me. From 2012 to here I have found it very difficult to deal with my two children whom God entrusted to me on earth. The oldest today at the age of 30 lives lost in a loveless marriage and blames me all the time for it. The youngest boy today at age 21 followed the path of crime joining with friends and relatives by his father. I left my house and left him at almost eighteen. Today he ignores me completely because I do not empathize with his mistakes. I would like the Masters to guide me how to act, because I feel guilty and sometimes I think that no matter how hard I try to connect with the Divine Forces I have not been successful, or if I did not realize it. My heart hurts to see them incriminating me for a mistake I think I have not made. Could it be that I was mistaken not to be in agreement with the mistakes of the youngest, or with the dependence of the eldest? Help me, please clarify these doubts, for I seek my path in Spirituality to be a better being. I feel trapped in some way and I can not find the answers. I practice meditation, and sometimes in the midst of meditation they appear and lose the connection. What should I do? Thank you very much for sending this message! A few days ago I had an answer to another question that distressed me and I feel much better. Gratitude to all MASTERS!


My beloved daughter,
The connection of a mother to her children is really strong, you have not only a bond of love, but a deep energetic connection that will always bind you in this life.
It is very difficult from a physical point of view for a mother to dissociate herself from the problems of her children, for this causes great sorrow. But my daughter, this is the way out, that's the solution, if you disconnect.
See that there are energetic bonds between you and the fact that you are purifying yourself, following your path of love will be helping you and your children deeply. When you enter into the pain of your children you potentiate your addictions, but when you let go of them and follow your path of light you light them without a single word just being the example of love.
You must stay in your center of light. Your mission is precisely not to enter into the emotional game of guilt, but to seek by your light that it will be reflecting on them in a way that you can not imagine and of course at the right time they will be following the path I leave, the trail of light.
Their mission is not to take responsibility for their actions, but to remain in their light, in the certainty of the good, that this will aid in the purification of the whole family.
The responsibility, my beloved, for the decisions they made is only theirs and no one else's. But you have the most powerful weapon of all to act, mother's love. Radiate this love to them, show their love, feel it and then remain in trust for as long as it takes until they feel this love, until their love touches their hearts. This my beloved is the best you can do and the effects in time will be surprising I assure you.
Rely daughter on the energetic connection you have with your children, allow them to make their decisions and suffer the consequences, stand by radiating your love of mother without feeling responsible for the decisions they made. This is her mission and she is beautiful if done with confidence.
Thank you, son.

I am Rowena


Thank you so much for this chance. Due to my experience as a child I would like to know how a father abused his daughter and other children, and seen in spirituality. And I also want to know if I should feel responsible for a promiscuous adult before a very young animal. Excuse me for these horrible questions, but I've carried this huge weight with me and I want to get rid of all this. Thank you humbly and immensely. Be in God.


Beloved daughter, you have carried into your heart the feeling of indignation and judgment by actions that you consider unacceptable within the standards that are right for you.
You have lived together in a society where you are induced to judge, condemn and observe the external and internal acts with a sense of indignation and revolt.
What you do not understand, my dear daughter, is that this judgment, to which everyone on this planet is so attached, is an illusion. There is no right or wrong, my dear. There is indeed what is right for you according to what you let come from your heart.
But what is right for you, my love, is not right many times for so many others.
Therefore, my love, I tell you right now, let your heart speak.
Get rid of the feeling of judgment and let your heart listen and feel what it says to you.
It will guide you to your true path, to the actions you should or should not get involved with.
To the people who should or should not live. And environments too.
This is your deliverance.
These facts are before you so that you learn to be free from judgment.
For, my beloved, so many deeds that we deem wrong can be considered common in so many civilizations. You have no way to measure the myriad of civilizations that exist on all the planets and dimensions, and the actions which we Masters have witnessed. But without sense of judgment, we remain disconnected from the energy of suffering, but we radiate light and love.
From the moment you release yourself from judgment, you will be directed to the path of your heart, which will draw only experiences aligned with your soul purpose.
Leave what went on blessing, thanking, seeing only as an experience that contributed to that today had that level of maturity and love for all.
It is very simple, my dear, to love those who are good and perfect. But how difficult it is to extend this same love unconditionally to all mankind. To those beings whom we deem to be cruel, and to those whom we deem wrong to do what we think to be right.
Everything is connected with judgment. From the moment you free yourself from judgment, there will be nothing wrong, but only experiences and learning for the building and stoning of the Being of Light that will be all of you during that walk.
Some walk on harder roads, others easier, but all experiences contribute to the same purpose, which is to overcome your fears, your yearnings, and let life flow naturally, without waiting for anything and simply without Judging and accepting experiences as they arise.
Let the Violet Flame flow and radiate so that all situations are cleared. But not because they are not clean, but because the line that unites their mind to situations is that it is obstructed by the energy of judgment, fear and traumas. Release and wipe these bindings with the Violet Flame and thus break this endless link of painful situations. Accept and release with Love and Forgiveness.

I am Master Pórtia



For some time I have not felt like I belonged anywhere else. This bothers me. I already tried to accept it, but I could not. I moved home ten times in childhood because of my parents, then because of their separation (up to the age of eleven), then because of the changes of father and stepmother, after my 20 years I lived in many places alone. I got married twice and separated. Until 2011 I was an unloving and sociable person, even because I had a more homely education and because of the macho behavior of my companions. Since I came to Osasco, where I live today, and single for 6 years, I made hundreds of dear friends. The neighborhood here can be friendly, familiar and I really enjoyed it. There are dozens of people who are very different from me, but I have nevertheless established an affectionate connection and am happy and grateful for it. However, it is not my home. I would like to move to the east, in São Paulo, where my father lives, to be close to him ... it happens that although I lived there and feel a connection it sounds old and sad to me. Maybe because it raises the past in me. I would like to be happy in a region where I felt at home. I do not know if this is possible. Not having an address for my heart (even though I'm single for a long time yet) saddens me. Many changes are still occurring in me and my family ... I even believe that because of the detachments of past beliefs and negative behaviors, in all of us, opened a new field, which is temporarily empty ... lol I can understand that. Now they do not have so much subject, especially my father. I wanted to feel good and wanted to contribute to enrich these souls of my family with new universes. Can you help me?


Beloved, the feeling you have is of searching for inner love.
The external search has already become tiring, is not it my daughter? You no longer have the strength to seek and suffer every journey of trying to hurt your heart.
But my daughter, it was you who chose to do this quest outwardly. It was you who chose to look in the middle of where you live, in the family, in the friends and in the relationships, something that was missing within you, my dear.
Your true pursuit must be internal my dear. And this search is only possible in a solitary way. So you've moved from songs to songs to find people and communities that you feel part of, but you can not find. Your quest for these places and people will be eternal as long as you do not decide to look within yourself and seek there what you do not.
This process will happen to you, my child, you are here in this incarnation to find yourself, your inner strength. To God within your heart.
I know you do not trust yourself enough to win this, but you can build that self-confidence through the work of charity. Look for some activity to which you tune in better and dedicate all your love in a charitable action.
It will make you find that strength, that love, that inner strength that you have been looking for. And when you find, my dear, you will see how everyone will approach you, see how you will seek their help and the approximations will occur naturally, by tuning.
Sweetheart, be at peace with Jesus and the feeling of charity in your heart.

Lady Master Nada.



I do not remember the dreams since when I dreamed that my father had died years ago and I was terrified, now I do not remember my feelings and I wanted to know why.


You are going through the blocking process because you did not know how to deal lightly with some memories you had of some dreams.
What you do not know, daughter, is that the memories you have are mixtures of experiences in the matter with some that happened in unfolding during sleep.
You do not yet have how to receive the facts cleanly, as they occur in unfolding, for we are often blessed with forgetfulness.
What you need to consider, my daughter, is that what we need to remember is only what is shown to us.
To you, nothing is shown because only your experience in matter already brings the learning and intuitions you need to move forward.
If you look for answers, my dear, for information that can be brought by intuition, you can obtain through meditation, the silencing of the mind.
But the feeling of fear, of insecurity, that is brought with mixed memories of dreams, in your case, would not be contributing to your evolution, but to your disconnection with your consciousness.
The memories that feed fear, insecurity, are all created by our mind and are not real, my daughter, have that certainty and security.
All the information that is brought to you, is through the silencing of the mind and are always for your growth as a spirit.
Feed the joy and the peace, always be sure that it is supported by us and surrounded by our love.
Stay in peace and radiate in my light.

I AM Master Pallas Athena



What steps should I take to align myself with my life purpose?


Dear brother, you can find your true purpose by working the process of hearing your inner calling, which is basically silencing the mind, so that you can hear your "conscience."
There are several practices for getting this silencing, yoga, meditation, the reciting of mantras.
Muting the mind is the only way you can follow to get what you want.
The true answer to all our questions about our life is always within ourselves, and we can only hear them when we open ourselves to receive through the connection of the heart.
When we silence the mind, we let our heart be our guide, let it capture all the messages that come directly from God.
Gradually, with this practice, you will be directed to your true purpose.
No one can bring that response to you other than yourself. For each one is connected to his Higher Self, where there is all the information about himself.
Only you, dear brother, can find the answers through personal effort to listen to yourself and establish that contact.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – January 2017.

Text revision: Lara Rosa Branca and Angélica T. Tosta

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