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Monday, February 20, 2017





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I feel a great sadness within me. Since childhood I have been very discouraged. As much as I read some Star Seed messages, I can not get this sadness out of me. I want to be happy but I can not. I live discouraged and full of pain. Thanks if you can tell me anything about hugs.


Dear daughter,
Feel what you bring within you. Feel what you are. Breathe and feel. Bring that peace inside you, now.
Calm down, breathe gently three times, and feel the peace that radiates to you right now.
Open up to me!
Say now: I allow you to transmute this my sorrow so that I can anchor joy, encouragement and confidence.
Repeat again: I allow you to transmute this my sorrow so that I can anchor joy, encouragement, and confidence.
Three more breaths now and give us the permission to radiate you and bring you into our lap of love.
I am your brother, Lord Emanuel, and at that moment I welcome you so that you may be sure that you will always be protected in our arms, that you will never be alone. Remember my sister, every morning, and ask for our presence of love. Ask every day that the phalanx of Light protects you and all your mentors and the planet.
Now open up to receive our Light by anchoring that protection and saying: I allow you to transmute this my sorrow so that I can anchor joy, courage and confidence.
Repeat again: I allow you to transmute this my sorrow so that I can anchor joy, encouragement, and confidence.
Do this for 12 consecutive days and then for another 12, plus 12 until you begin to feel relieved. And every 12-day cycle you will watch over your thoughts to keep them positive and radiant.
At first you will feel some difficulty and then repeat the cycle for 12 days, and for another 12 always watching your thoughts. Until the moment the state of positivity is its natural state.
We will be with you every day, my sweet sister. That's my promise!
From his brother,

Lord Emanuel.



Masters: I am pregnant and my husband is distant, perhaps because I have had an unbalanced family, nevertheless never opened emotionally. When I try to get closer, he walks away. Is there anything I can do to connect more as a couple / parents? Will we be all right together? Thanks for the answer.


My beloved daughter. Your husband has always been the way you see him now. But it is that during gestation there is a feeling of wanting more attention, of greater fragility. And then what has always been common, starts to bother you. It is this feeling of inner fragility that management generates in all of us women.
But you will see, my daughter, that throughout the gestation, this feeling of fragility will be replaced by the deep love that will nourish and direct to your womb, to your child, but will fill you.
When you understand this, you will approach your mate in a more natural way and he will, of course, feel this approach without charge, without expectation, and rapprochement will be more natural for both of you.
You go through a phase of adaptation, of novelty to both, and it is natural that you have this feeling of rapprochement.
Your mission, my beloved, is not to bring your companion close to you, but with patience, to show the blessing of having a child at home, the joy and love that it can bring. When this love takes care of you, it will naturally be transmitted to him, who will see all his affection with the being that he carries in his womb, and so this union will occur naturally.
Nurture this love to your womb and demonstrate in your attitudes what it means to you, but without charges, without expectations, allowing the moment of each one. Thus, the rapprochement of the couple will be even stronger, in a natural way, respecting the time of adaptation of each one.
Be at peace, my child.




Good afternoon, my dear brothers! May the light of God be with you! Dear, I have been following the path of spirituality since 2012, attending a strong call for my spiritual awakening through a crisis of panic that, blessedly, called me to see my truth as a being of light that I am. Since that time I have undergone a deep inner reformation to heal my inferiorities, which I know are mere illusions of this third dimension. However I have had several difficulties in understanding how to transcend the energies of resentment and anger when someone hurts me! Exemplify: I recently did a remodeling in my house and the contractor stole objects from my house, did not perform the contractor in the reform, so I was hurt I solved the issue by paying him what he owed, although he had not done the deal! And this attitude of the contractor always returns to my mind with feelings of hurt and anger! And this situation is recurrent in my life! Although I know that if the situation is repeating itself is because I have to learn and evolve. How do I get rid of these bad feelings? How to transcend them? Gratitude, beloved, by loving response!

Answer 1:

Just being aware of these mood swings is already a major step in your evolution. For it is when we recognize our own vices and we no longer support them, that we begin the work of our own inner purification.
You should begin to heed these behaviors and breathe every time they come to you, repeating, "I forgive, I accept and everything is fine as it is."
You need to understand that everyone has their lessons to be brought and sooner or later everyone will have their own healing. This brother who stole his goods will, in due time, pass through his own inner purification, just as you pass through his.
You need to realize, my noble brother, that over the ages, that was his prevalent behavior, that of judgment, of hurt, of revenge, of feeling inferior. But you pay attention to this, in that moment, what is bothering you. Then you are free to begin your healing process for these aspects.
There is a great blessing in making contact with our inferior aspects. We are blessed on this journey, for this is the first step to our purification; The second is to maintain vigilance; The third identify the origin of this feeling and, finally, initiate a change of behavior to purify our records.
This was its prevalent behavior for a long time, and for that reason, a whole neural network was formed in its records that maintains this reaction as the standard. Hence the difficulty of releasing these old behaviors.
But as you watch yourself, pray for help to your mentors, policing yourself for these lower feelings, you will be illuminating your records and modifying your behavior.
But the way, my dear, will always be through forgiveness, acceptance, and nonjudgment. This does not mean accepting everything and being inert, but understanding the least elevated attitude of others and thus creating the acceptance within you so that you can illuminate your own behavior.
This is the path of his own liberation that must be traced day by day, situation by situation that presents itself in his life. But do not judge yourself for this, just understand the process of inner purification and healing that you experience.
Be at peace my brother.

I am Master Kuthumi

Answer 2:

Also attached to the process of acceptance and forgiveness of the other, is the same process that must happen in relation to yourself. Taking on your discomfort with your own feeling of anger and hatred brings you an inner release of old energies. Ask the teachers and their spiritual mentors for help to bring you the truth, which is hidden behind this feeling. Write on a piece of paper or speak out loud when alone because it will bring to your consciousness some revelations that you had not previously identified.
These revelations, dear ones, are the ones that will show you how to permanently heal these behaviors, which will begin in a process of repetition from this enlightenment and understanding to yourself of what is happening within you.
The release of old energies is a gradual process, but it starts from the energy of love and forgiveness brought here by Master Kuthumi, and also by the energy of the transmutation of the lower aspects from your revelation to yourself as your truth , Brought by the Violet Flame.
Stay in peace and radiate in violet light.

Master Pórtia



Beloved and beloved, in my journey of intimate reformation I have realized throughout my experiences that situations related to affective relationships lead me to emotional imbalance and a mental process of guilt that extends for a time after the relationship ends.
I know that I am a loving being and that I have a commitment and intention to do good, but when I am affectionately involved with women, this situation puts me out of my inner peace, which leads me to pain and suffering. The lack of affection is also something that disturbs me and provides emotional imbalances in my life. I would like advice from my beloved friends to help me in my self-enlightening of these processes.


My beloved brother, Greetings!
I would like to remind you that the anxiety you feel in these relationships is linked not to other people but to an inner state in which you reprimand yourself in distrust of your capacity to be loved.
Love, relationships, are a two-sided coin, where we love one and another allow ourselves to receive that love. We must have this flow of trust in receiving love.
It is that when we do not feel capable of being loved, we enter into this relationship already predicting disappointment, and this causes us great pain.
What if he simply allowed himself to receive love without creating expectations of results, living the relationship one day after another as long as he lasted for as long as it was good for them both?
This lack is not a lack in the sense of the word. But you enter relationships always awaiting the outcome and then end up creating these situations through the fear of being hurt. It is anxiety, the fear of being hurt that leads you to distrust the truth of the relationship. And it is precisely this feeling that does not allow it to grow, develop, because all this anxiety is transmitted to its partners.
You must, my brother, change yourself in this process of waiting, or you will always be hurt by these encounters, that love leads you to pain. It is this programming that you must work within you. And then indulge in the flow of giving and receiving, of staying in a relationship where you can receive and not just give.
When you understand this flow you will be free to build healthy relationships. But for this must dominate your fear of being hurt, you must come in to live while you last without creating expectations of results. But only live what is presented to you.
It will be a process of policing your thoughts, where you will watch over your fears and transmute them with softer feelings of trust.
But there is something that can help you. Maybe stop looking for relationships that suit you and allow yourself to stay alone until you feel good in that state. When you're fine on your own, get into a new relationship, but keep that feeling of being okay without the person. Enter into this confident relationship that in any case you are a being that has everything you need within you and then trust that the best will happen.
Always be in the light


Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – December, 2016

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