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Monday, February 27, 2017





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Good Morning!
1) Lately there are some facts (situations that occur) that I have the feeling that I had already witnessed this fact, that I knew it was going to be that way. I have a very strong memory that I can not explain, but it always seems that the last chapter is missing. There is a feeling that I could have done something and I did not. How do I improve this feeling?
2) Working in a company 20 years ago, it will close in a little while and the new company you are taking on is already working in parallel. I am in a dilemma, sometimes it even puts my professional competence into question, I am worried about my future. How should I proceed?
Thank you.


Dear brother, it is no coincidence that you asked about two subjects in one contact. For they are related.
The feeling you have that there is something to be finished is brought on by the insecurity that populates your mind related to the fact of being insecure in your work.
The insecurity that brings nothing more is the failure to give in to the flow. To the uncertain, and trusting that the best will happen to you.
You try to create realities, to create outcomes that you can understand with the mind. But know my son that the mind only creates confusion for you. All the explanations you seek in your mind will only bring more confusion and deviation from your true purpose.
This is often the case with people who come home worried about work and can not sleep. Who dream of remembering incomplete situations with people who are not explained.
When you begin to bring your mind to situations this is what occurs.
Do you want this to improve, my dear son? So just relax and connect to the heart. Do not worry about the outcome, but about the present moment. Make the gift your joy, your satisfaction. Tomorrow will come beautiful and the end will always be the best. When you take this walk in peace and give it to God to guide you through your heart, all the best paths will be trodden and the endings will be unexpectedly surprising for your joy and abundance.
Be at peace, my brother.

Master Saint Germain



Thank you in advance for your attention and response!
What has happened to me since about two years ago, that I stopped feeling my heart chakra and did not feel the Light Beings as I felt it? The Divine light wants to give me something that I do not understand. Which way should I go?


Hello dear.
You are going through a new phase in which you experience an experience that is closer to the dimensional level of these beings.
When you are at or below your level, you feel energy change more intensely. But when you vibrate at a level balanced to theirs, you are no longer feeling or feeling very little.
But that does not mean they are not with you, my dear. They are all the time and you are following the right path.
Feel radiated by my love and protection.

I am Mary your Mother.



Hello! From the distance of a man I loved very much, I began to have real dreams where he cried desperately and was very hurt to me. With the help of Akashic records, I was able to heal this problem that came from our past life. I spent a few months without dreaming about him until it happened again, but this time he did not cry and we managed to talk.
He was sad because he did not understand why we were not together in this life (today he is married and has two children while I am single and I have no children). In the dream I knew the answer, but intuitively I also knew that it was not the time for him to know. My question is: are we soul mates, as they told me we are? Will we still be together in this incarnation? Thank you in advance for the attention and wonderful work they do.


Beloved daughter,
You have strong connections with several people with whom you have been involved in previous experiences. It is recorded in your Akhashic record all the information related to these experiences.
What you need to do, my daughter, is to just conclude the experience by agglutinating to your eighth chakra.
You have already lived through the actual incarnation with that person for the time needed to receive the learning, and now you need only complete the process.
As long as you remain with this memory present in your memory, you can not rise and move on to the next experiences, my dear.
Do the following: Write down what your experience with that person was like. List each learning achieved with the lesson learned, note how it was before and how it came to be later.
Next, realize that each learning is like a sphere of wisdom and is raised and agglutinated above your coronary chakra, where is the eighth chakra of agglutination. Go migrating each learned experience and agglutinating in the eighth chakra.
Each memory of experience can bring back the opening of some emotions that were contained or just remembering with gratitude some learning, but there is no problem in this daughter, you must let the tears pass and then combine the experience so that it is more information Which will contribute to the construction of a new person, wiser and more masterful of himself.
This is the closing of this stage, daughter.
Stay in peace and in the light.

Lady Master Pórtia



I've been married for almost 30 years and I do not think I've ever really loved my husband. After all these years, I am seriously thinking of separating myself from him. I feel very uncomfortable when we are together, it seems that matters do not flow and I feel a heavy energy. I do not want him to suffer, but I do not think he's happy in this relationship either. I want a happy relationship and with real love, both for me and for him. I need a light. I am immensely grateful for the answer!


My Beloved Sister,
Allow your feelings to surface. Let them come. It does not sweep them by social conventions, for feelings and emotions are only showing us what we are, telling us the path we both resist. Ask yourself: why do I resist these feelings?
For the emotions my beloved are to be lived.
If you reach a completion point, just allow it to happen. Let it flow, for thus you will be respecting each other, and giving yourself the opportunity of a new beginning without conventions.
And remember, dear: nothing is final, everything is being.
Be at peace of the certainty that you are able to read your feelings and what you crave for your life.

Lady Master Rowena



In recent years we have had health problems. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia today. I suffer a lot with constant and strong pains. I live as my chores as a martyr of so much pain and fatigue. I often feel incapable of the pain I feel, and I am afraid of not being able to work with pain, which disturbs me greatly. I wonder if you want my cure. I see myself incapable without the cure for many aches and, often, desperate. Thank you.


We know about your routine and your challenges. You're a warrior, beloved daughter! Fibromyalgia, different from what many understand from the current medicine, is a disease of the soul. Something related to the energy imbalance, and not to the physical body. This is the reason for not finding ways of healing when they observe the matter itself.
You will discover how to live better, with peace, with balance and without pain, through the daily work of balancing the chakras. Work with therapies that bring this balance.
Daughter, you chose to be in that body in that sensitive way, so that you would experience your quest for full balance.
Being extremely sensitive, direct your life in search of this balance so that you can live without pain.
The therapeutic forms known as Reiki, Yogatherapy, Theta Healing, Kundalini and others, are the ones indicated for you, as they all work in the energetic alignment of your body.
Remembering that, as you work, you will experience gradual improvement, and that the coming of this improvement does not mean that you should stop therapy, but rather keep it always for the pursuit of balance.
When it enters into despair, it is because it is in the most critical stage of the energy imbalance.
Realize my beloved in this way, as if you were simply observing your auric field that has several faults, and that will be fulfilled only through the search for unceasing energy balance.
Be radiated in Peace and Light, my dear.

Lady Master Rowena



Hello, my dear ones, Namaste.
First of all, gratitude for having received a response so promptly and filled with so much Love. I do not know if I would have the right to bring more questions. If not, fine. Is that something that I would like to define in my heart, about the possibility that I have the condition to messenger. I know that the Masters know of our insecurities, and that is why I am here to ask, because I went through some situations through dreams, to wake up with a text (poem, music) in memory and to write. And on another occasion, at a particular moment in time, I set out to internalize with the aim of receiving, and I ended up writing a little text, due to the uncertainty I kind of doubted. Did I really messenger? Do I have this condition? I would be honored to be able to serve Spirituality in this way. Gratitude.


You are going through a process of opening your DNA, downloading information that is stored in your Higher Self. Your connection to the heart and the pursuit of spirituality with love and balance will bring wonderful revelations to you, my dear. You are bringing information of a higher aspect, which will form a new Being in your life, and that is you in the future.
Persist in the recording of information, follow what your heart reveals to you and watch your intuition. You are on the right path, my dear, persist with calm and equilibrium, for everything will unfold according to the preparation necessary for proper understanding.
Love hug.
Of your brother,

Master Serapis Bey



My question is: I have been a spiritist for more than 20 years, I knew about my mediumship, but they did not tell me that I had to be a psychic, now there are health problems and I am starting mediumship in umbanda, but I do not know what happens, Many negatives, that leave me in pain and make me take medicine.


Do you see how you've evolved over those 20 years?
During all this time, daughter, you went to charity for help, but you did not offer the same for yourself in favor of the others so in need.
The anchoring of subtle energies in the physical body takes some time, sometimes many years, but only begins when you set out to work alongside your guides and mentors, who anchor subtle energy in you to every charitable work. This process is slow. But it is something healing and transformative.
What is happening, my child, is that you are now beginning something that you might have started some time ago. During all this time he remained absorbing lesser energies and receiving the cleaning of his auric field in the work of charity.
But it was only a superficial cleaning. True cleansing and transformation take place from the inside out. Therefore, it is of great importance, daughter, that you work the interior aspects through the work of charity.
You now begin a new phase that will be intensely transformed but will form a new person glowing in the light and that will radiate for all from the heart. For your heart, my daughter, shines in love, but you are wrapped in protective covers for never having worked this expansion.
Follow your new work with love and dedication. Always working humility in the first place, and thus the transformation will occur and the pain gradually disappear.
Hail, my daughter.

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Jan, 2017.

Text revision: Ilza Barreto and Ale Sunshine.

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