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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Accessing the Cosmic Records – Pai Joaquim de Aruanda and Sanat Kumara

Greetings children,

It is that often high beings approach these children here to teach, but the difference in size is so great that children distort the teaching. There's plenty left for the old father to come translate. Because people here are in the middle of the road, not so there and not there. And in that environment we can bring the lesson to the children in a way that you can understand.

So this morning Lord Kumara, who is already in a very subtle environment, tried to bring a lesson to the children, but it is not always easy to catch them, so we come to speak in a way more appropriate to the environment in which they live.

But then the master was talking about the ancestral wisdom anchored in some Indian villages. He came to try to show that in many of these villages they have many advanced knowledge, but still in a primitive way, because it is devoid of love. Just as you have very advanced knowledge, which is scientific knowledge, that you have developed a lot, but have forgotten the cornerstone of the whole universe, of love.

You see, all this ancient wisdom is stored in the cosmic record of children, that is why you seek meditation, herbal baths, energetic treatments, because although your science does not explain many of these methods, they are brought from the ancestral wisdom that is Dispersed and anchored in many of the indigenous villages of their world.

These villages, though still roughly, kept within the collective consciousness, much of the ancestral wisdom. You see, although it is primitive, they have something that you still do not know how to do, that is to extract from nature what is necessary for life, but living harmoniously with the planet.

Today their science tries just to do that, but the natives, the aborigines, they already did that way, because they are in the middle of nature. They were inspired by the elementals to bring what they need into life. Then the elementals taught the healers, the village wise men, to use nature abundantly and to bring healing to all. Although in a rustic way, these people had the wisdom of the cycle of nature, and they respected this cycle.

You, from the modern world, have distanced yourself from the natural cycle of life, you have turned away from nature, and brought advanced knowledge, but you do not respect natural cycles. So, in a way, this advanced knowledge is also primitive.

But, children, there is something common in all the knowledge anchored in your world, it is devoid of love, of communion, of compassion, of the human side. You have rationalized the knowledge and separated the mind, the reason of the feeling, the emotion, as if they were diverse things, but they are not. Both the mind and the feeling are complementary, the feeling generates the thought and this creates the feeling. It's all one thing.


Understand, children, that we bring our ancestral experience anchored in our millennial cosmic records, and that is also contained in all life forms.

By accessing the cosmic records in yourself, elevating yourself in the meditative and contemplative state of life, you also access that information that is stored in the records of the planet, the universe, as well as all life forms.

By coming into harmony with the life that is abundantly present in your surroundings, you access this connection subtly, as if it were an access to information from your akashic records of yourselves, but then you access the records of other forms of life.

This is always done on the basis of unconditional love for the one you wish to connect with, and therefore we Masters always bring to you the teaching that the basics for the beginning of therapy are always the connection with the one to whom the Therapist will bond in order to love him without prejudice and without restrictions, where he will awaken the feeling of love and charity, which is the basis for access to the cosmic record of another Being.

Just as in order to access the records of other people, it is necessary to connect with the present environment and then let the awakening of love and charity by the person arise. Just as with nature and all elementals.

From the moment you establish a relationship of respect, gratitude and love for all life forms present in nature, such as the elementals, the Indians you know, connect to these elementals in a subtle way, accessing your records Cosmic, which will bring many forms of healing and treatment, teachings kept in the record of those life forms and that planet as a whole, which the Indian has become one by the simple act of gratitude and contemplation by nature.

What we have come to bring to you is that the basics for access to records are always love and charity, gratitude for the opportunity to serve and delivery with the heart. In this way the Indians connect with the energies of nature with certain ease. And so you connect with the teachers when you pray, when meditating, for you surrender with love to us.

By working selflessly and devotedly with love and gratitude, you will have all the information recorded by all life forms on this planet and thus bring the light that will shine for the healing of so many others.

I was, like you, inserted in incarnational experiences where I had the opportunity of the indigenous millenarian learning, where I brought, through the connection and contemplation with nature, the liberation of the cycle of incarnations, accessing the records stored by these beings and by me, ages After ages, into later incarnations, where I could access my own learning during these experiences.

I was involved in territorial disputes and wars, but in pursuit of elevation, I kept the center of balance through these connections with the elementals, which brought peace that I could not find in the environment in which I was inserted.

Today I come with Pai Joaquim to bring some of this knowledge so that you can access it too, because it is available to all those who awaken the feeling of love and charity for the other.

What you do today, children, with akashic record access works can also be done in smaller and larger proportions in all life forms and also of planets and galaxies.

By accessing this information, they will be bringing through the love, the possibility of elevation and healing not only for the people, but also for the planet, since they begin to channel the knowledge accessed from an elemental to a way of life, which is forming a Cycle of healing and release of constraints where there are several energetic threads connected and that can be illuminated from a great work like this.

What I have to bring is that there is the possibility of access to the records of elementals simultaneously to the access of record of people or the planet, and to channel the knowledge and wisdom to cure specific aspects.

Through the union of love with contemplation and gratitude for nature, elementals, all forms of life and for humanity, you will have access to information that will provide healing for all in One.

Be at peace kids

I am Sanat Kumara

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - Feb 11, 2017

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