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Sunday, February 19, 2017

A New Journey - Lady Master Pórtia

From now on, children, start a new journey.

A journey into the unknown, you can think. But I come to tell you that this unknown is something that you have brought as longing in your hearts for a long time.

The feeling of lack, of not completeness with the current life. That feeling that you are embedded in experiences that are only provisional and will not bring full happiness, is given exactly because, within your hearts, beloved ones, you know that they came to that planet.

The purpose they have set for you, the achievement they have attained, is a long walk. It takes several earthly incarnations to establish the necessary disconnections in the midst of a blessed work done in each one, where they have been spreading drops of light and love.

Just as they were spreading their light, children, they were also letting themselves be carried away by the emotions that are characteristic of this planet and that are part of the experience.

They have erred, let themselves be carried away by inferior feelings, but are daily releasing themselves from each of them, disconnecting all the threads that bind them to earthly experiences.

Think, children, that what is necessary for the disconnections to happen is that they shine ever more in love. You can not have a lower constraint disconnect while you are involved in shadows. And you ask me now what you should do to get out of the shadows and reach the light. And I say to you that in order to radiate the necessary light that breaks all these links of inferior bonds, it is nothing more than the practice of charity.

Self-surrender, love radiated to others, the emotion they feel when they reach so many hearts to see that a drop of light born in you was able to heal someone, is what will make this drop become a beautiful river to flow More and more light and love.

Liberation, children, is precisely in those acts that you often do not realize, but that you do in a selfless and loving way towards others, and that makes them shine brighter and brighter.

Today I tell you that you are ready to start a new journey.

Already enough of suffering, enough of regrets. You are warriors who seek incessantly for your inner light, and which is already shown to you today. You already have the understanding of what you are capable of and what you have come to.

And they are ready to start a new journey of love and peace. Where they will radiate this light, however much they may not think themselves capable and prepared. But even a small focus of light, children, is enough to illuminate all the darkness. One who sees himself as a small focus, dear ones, is precisely what will light up the crowds. For humility and simplicity shines by itself in love and dedication, by standing equally before all those who are still behind you. Looking at all equally, children, it is possible to radiate their love and heal thousands of people with their eyes. You do not understand the power of love, children.

The experiences they have had so far, children, and those that will still live, are all so that they can see themselves as equal to all others, my dear ones. Seeing themselves equal, they will know how to act, how to love, how to look lovingly and charitably for all the mistakes made. For you also made the same mistakes, you suffered the same pains and created the same wounds, learning to turn those wounds into pockets of light and love.

And they are now showing this path to all who will come. All humanity undergoes intense transformation. But I come to tell you, children, and ask them to be the spotlights of light shining as transformers of the environment in which they live. For you are inserted in the most painful experiences of humanity so that they know how to act lovingly and helping to radiate light and love.

You have already made the discovery. You know the truth of life, and the truth of yourselves.

Then show this truth to others, children. Do not let illusion and fear lead you to suffer in the same pain again. You have already learned that the world in which you live is a great school, of which you no longer need to repeat the lessons. You are already masters of yourself, living enough of experiences and pains so that you then learn to find the light in the shadows of yourselves, dear ones.

You know the power you carry, which is the power of the channeled love of the Source. You are the source of light from the Source, and therefore there is no shadow that extinguishes your brightness, dear ones. Do not let yourself down on the journey. Stand firm for the purpose of showing the loving truth that all are light to those who have not yet discovered.

You may be received with judgments, for the fear of others, but stand by holding the truth within yourself, and then it will be shown as an example of life, an example of attitude in the face of the same sufferings of those who coexist with you children. Stand firm in your truth. There is no need to adjust to the environment in which they live. Allow the medium to conform to you and follow your pattern, to live in truth and inner purity, with love and without judgments.

Be the example of the manifestation of light in this new journey, children. Firm yourself in your truth and move on like lights to shine sweeping through the darkness. Radiating love and peace.

Stay in peace.

I AM Lady Master Pórtia.

Messenger: Michele Martini – Feb 19, 2017