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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Working with the Ultraviolet Ray - Archangel Zachiel

Together with the liberation of experiences after agglutination, we bring the transmutation and wisdom through an exercise with the golden-violet flame.

This elevation of experience adds wisdom through this exercise.

We came to bring, through Archangel Jofiel, the exercise with the yellow-gold light where they connect to the Central Planetary Sun, and then illuminate through that flame all their chakras, raising them to the I am through the coronary.

Now, beloved brethren, I come today to complement this exercise, now, bringing wisdom through transmutation with the union of the two rays. Working on the energy I propose here, it is a higher energy than you know today, the violet flame. It is a more intense violet flame that elevates the experience transmuted into wisdom.

I am the Archangel Zachiel and I come to bring you this practice to be performed, together with the one proposed previously by the Archangel Jofiel.

Elevate the golden light radiating through the soles of the feet. Elevate it to the central planetary sun. This radiance, to you, may seem to be a downward movement, but actually a lifting movement.

Connect yourself, through the soles of your feet, into the golden light of the Central Planetary Sun and establish that connection.

Be aware of the movement of this energy, which arrives with great intensity and is also anchored, from you, towards the Central Sun.

From this established connection, feel as if they are already part of the planet, as if they were firm and strong rooted trees.

Be also anchored in the energy of Mother Earth, with lightness and peace, so that it balances the intense entrance of energy, from the Central Sun.

All the feelings and thoughts that arise, involve in a violet sphere of intense color.

Allow these beads to be brought to the 8th chakra in agglutination through the violet ball-shaped flame.

From that point on, from the 8th chakra, to each agglutinated violet sphere, a cascade of green light descends that promotes the healing of all its auric field, its physical body and subtle bodies, of everything recorded in these bodies as a consequence of the experience Of that agglutinated experience.

Keep repeating this exercise until there is nothing left to deal with at that time. When they are empty, then they can connect the front chakra, which is the realizer of the experience. Radiate the energy of this chakra, following the downward movement toward the root chakra, where the intense golden light is attached to the Central Sun.

Allow your front chakra to radiate violet light down and blend in the yellow-gold light. You will see a new color forming, which is the union of these two energies.

You remain enveloped in the green light that has been poured over your bodies undergoing treatment after the agglutination. And so it makes it possible to rise to the level of wisdom.

You are currently working on a new form of energy. Which will make its full connection with the beginning of a new phase, agglutinating in its eighth chakra, and then releasing the violet energy through the frontal, which represents here the realization in matter. So that you see this new state of being materialize in your life.

Establish that connection and allow the free to flow with the two energies in your body. We work here, dear brothers. Only the root and frontal chakras with greater intensity. For they are the two most important points of connection for release in this stage of elevation of your experience.

All the agglutinated aspects involved in violet sphere of intense light, are elevated to the 8th chakra. To then work the release of the frontal, the free flow of that energy that is now clean and free, to be radiated throughout your vibrational field. It goes down and up. It mixes with the yellow-gold and definitely completes that bond with lifting bringing wisdom.

Wisdom is obtained from the moment they allowed to release, agglutinate and then flow the violet energy in a working together with the yellow-gold, towards the Central Sun and flowing throughout this field of light that now begins with a New level of crystallization.

This process, sons, of bringing the violet flame to the Central Sun and anchoring this power of transmutation to the golden yellow, brings the elevation of all experiences in wisdom through the work of the two flames together.

After working with the green flame healer, they are finally ready to begin this new process of union of these two aspects, of these two energies in a new beginning. Which will definitely mark the resurrection. For you, from that point on, become wise in the clothes of incarnated beings, but you can no longer be considered as beings in learning phase of those experiences.

The exercise begins with some experiences, and in the end they will have all their aspects worked and they will see the earth born, from the Central Planetary Sun and the elevation to the Higher Self, a new being of light, wisdom and love.

From that point on, children are no longer considered beings immersed in the planetary mesh. They are already freed and healed. High in purity and wisdom through the bonds that unite, but free you from experience.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am Archangel Zachiel and I am working for the elevation of each one in every aspect until the complete union of the energies and liberation of matter.

Messenger: Michele Martini - Jan 10, 2017.

Text revision: Rebeca Crivelaro Campos.