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Thursday, January 19, 2017

To manifest the beginning of a new era – Lord Melchizedek

Dear children, I come today to bring you a form of treatment for the manifestation of the new age in today.

You have been experiencing learning experiences with which you have had the opportunity to work hard and turn it into lightness. Work fear, generating trust. Rise insecurities and manifest abundance.

All experiences, children, have contributed to manifest today the highest aspect of your being. Cleansing and transmuting those illusions that kept them trapped in a life-form of suffering and restraint.

You begin to manifest abundance and grace from the moment you begin to realize all the work that has been done to make the new manifest in your lives. You look back and realize how much everything has changed in the present day, and that is no longer as it was before.

You no longer react the same way to the same experiences. They bring as a part of their essence the wisdom acquired from the painful experiences, and which contributed to the fact that today you could manifest this new being.

You have been, dear children, manifesting around you the reflection of what you observed with your physical eyes. When they looked at fear, they were afraid. When they saw suffering, they manifested suffering. They have learned from experience that everything is a cycle and that all manifested realities are interconnected, for you are all the same energy that, together, forms what we call the manifestation of life on the planet.

When you observed some facts that did not resonate harmoniously, and this aroused some sense of indignation and revulsion within you, it was already the signal that the process of change had begun. You begin to disclose your surroundings, yet you have not yet learned to manifest the new reality that was already contained in your hearts, in the form of Love.

They were often involved in unpleasant environments and situations, and revolted at what they observed, unable to manifest the necessary change in that environment, and which would be the only real form of definitive transformation from that reality to a better one.

When you felt this discomfort in the face of manifested reality, you did not know how to turn to your heart so that you could manifest the new love reality in everything you saw, and thus create the Kingdom of God on Earth.

When they anchor love in their hearts, they incorporate the power of creation and thus become transforming agents of change; The change from what they observed in disharmony, to another reality, in the new Age, which is the Kingdom of God.

This manifestation is possible for all of you when you anchor love and faith in your hearts. You are co-creators of the universe, my children. They are transforming agents of change. And they are inserted in the realities where they are, precisely so that they can act like protagonists of this change.

The manifestation of the New Earth will come from you, from the radiance of love and faith, in the midst of the current vision that today is distorted by fear and suffering.

Before your physical eyes it may seem, for the first moment, that there is something unpleasant in your eyes, but the Kingdom of God is in the blink of an eye, my beloved! In less than a second, you can anchor in that existing reality, another higher reality born of your own hearts, and that is the manifestation of peace and cosmic balance being brought to you to allow this anchoring!

The intentional projection of a higher view of an environment, of a reality, of a fact, upon the opposing view that many project in matter, is the transformation of that reality. It is what will make the change manifest on the planet.

You are transforming agents when you say that you are the one who will project the highest vision of love and peace in the present reality. For this is how you will see your gift.

When they perceive themselves before a vision in a place where there are no beneficial energies, or that in their view needed more light, concentrate for a moment in their hearts. Allow the manifestation of love within you, and then accept the vision that will come into your minds. The dissatisfaction you see through your physical eyes is directly related to the fact that you feel this way because you perceive the reality of that place within your heart. They understand that this material vision is illusory and not real, since the true vision will be that manifested from their hearts, originating from the first feeling of discomfort.

When they feel uncomfortable in an environment, when they realize that there is a need for more light, more love, connect in their hearts and project a loving and perfect vision there. Command that this vision remain sustained in this dimension, and repeat this new reality in the environment whenever they return there. You will look at manifested matter and you will see only that vision you seek, that pure and perfect vision, just as you have projected it as co-creators of life and reality. For this is what you are: the manifestation of life on Earth.

You are creators of reality that can only be born from the cradle of love and hope, from the yearning for something better manifested on the planet.

Exercise this real vision daily in all and in all, your lives will always be filled with light and perfection.

And so it is!

Lord Melchizedek

Messenger: Michele Martini – Jan 19, 2017.

Text revision: Lila Madhuridd.