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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Time is to replace the noises of the mind with the softness of the heart - Mother Mary

May the blessings of love bring peace to their bodies, minds and hearts.

Time is to replace the noises of the mind with the softness of the heart.

For a long time, mankind has walked through a harsh process of observing life from the linear mind. The mind, my children, which is a sacred instrument granted by God, to live and understand the three-dimensional environment.

I know that many of you do not understand what I say, because, throughout your existence on this planet you use your mind for the very maintenance of life. For it is what enables them to survive the physical body, to feed themselves, to take care of themselves physically, to love human beings, and not to perpetuate themselves in experience through the union of bodies.

But it is time, my children, for humanity to take off from this control, and open up to the feelings and sensations that lead them out of this pattern.

Planetary change in the environment in which they live may be one of the hardest in all cosmological history. For souls had never entered into such a powerful mental process as to utterly abandon the mastery of the gifts of eternal life.

The world comes to be explained, planned, understood, proven and not felt. More than that, it is little lived.

For in this mental environment they are inserted, men close themselves to the greater truth, that truth to which the mind was designed not to feel.

Humanity closes to the feeling of the heart, and rationalizes life, controlling it and closing it in a box of few surprises.

Children of the heart, life is greater, it is magic, and within that mental box they have imprisoned, there is much universal help that their vibration is able to move. You move all possible help through your love, your emotions, the vibration that radiate from your heart.

In that moment you simply free yourself from the mental box you have imprisoned and perceive the light within you. You open yourself to the benevolence of God's love to all children.

Observe, dear children, how mental the world you live in, just feeling how much you still bond to the pains that surround you.

How, my children, you are bound to the illusion of matter, desiring the goods for yourself, desiring the lives of others, dreaming of material happiness, when all this will never satisfy you, because what you are really looking for is in the love of your hearts , In the eternity of life.

It is a hard process, that of three-dimensional life on Earth. Because he takes away the mastery of his soul, and places them at the service of a collective mental process of fear, restraint, and quarrel.

Therefore, said my son Jesus, in a passage from his earthly life, that it would be impossible to serve two gods, the material and the eternal. For the God of matter dwells in the mind, in what you believe and teach. But the eternal God is he who trusts in universal wisdom and love, so that from this conjunction there may be faith and peace, with devotion to God.

It is the mind of children, it is the mental process, which leads them to the hardships of life, for the way of the heart is light and soft, for it judges, criticizes, hates, it loves and accepts with confidence and faith in life.

What I tell you, children, is that you abandon the restrictions that matter and the ego imposes on you. Abandon fear, because fear and ego are the aspects that judge, and that place restrictions on your walks.

The abandonment of material experiences completely, to live the experiences of the soul, will not bring the necessary learning to its evolution. For the feeling that moves the putting of restrictions is the ego, it is the fear and the arising of judgments.

Fear, children, need not be part of your walks. You find for a moment the path of light and lightness, the path of peace and fullness. And they end up moving away from the experiences of matter, because they sustain the fear of being lost among the impulses that are brought by material experience. But they end up parked in their cycles of evolution, because they close in a reality where judgment prevents them from learning and evolving.

All beings, all experiences that are brought about through living in matter, are denied, and therefore end up being closed to learning.

They are, children, dear ones, preventing yourselves from galvanizing your process of learning and growth. Material experiences must be experienced, but with the heart, always following its divine purpose, with the radiance of love.

The situations that occur in your lives and that, for a moment, cause them repulsion and judgment, should be looked at with love and welcome. You should serve your truth, which is what vibrates in your hearts, and which is beyond material experience.

From this point on, "serving" the material will no longer exist. For you begin to live material experiences lightly and anchoring all learning in the heart. Allowing love to make decisions and guide their lives. Inserted into material life, they are traversing the learning valleys, the schools of lessons, and the falls that will bring growth and greater elevation. But all these experiences, when you accept them to be fully lived, will add much to your growth and planetary evolution, for you will bring the possibility of illuminating these aspects connected with matter, in the points that reach you, and also radiate throughout the field that this Aspect reaches, in all of humanity.

And know, my beloved, that the only purpose of your life on earth is to detach yourself from this collective mental process, abandoning the restrictions that have entered the world. In so doing, you will be strengthening your essences every day, so that everything in you stands out in your own light. They will be opening to the eternity of life, and understanding the world in which they live.

I leave you to reflect on this process in your lives, because I am Mary, your mother, and I anchor the mission of giving your hands to guide all who are still blind to feel the reality of the soul.

It is not possible to serve God and Mammon. But it is possible to serve God and welcome Mamon with love, so that the material experience may be raised to the divine.

Be in Peace my children, I am Mary your Mother.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - Jan 29, 2016

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