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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The state of emptiness of material life- Lady Master Mary Magdalene

Children, I come to bring you a message of love, so that they may find in their hearts the fulfillment they lack in life.

It is a time when many have felt the pain of experiencing emptiness from within, as if with that feeling there came a certain sadness about something gone. It is a feeling of loneliness where so many externally seek the filling of this inner emptiness. They look for new relationships, new professions, new friends, changes of cities and even of countries.

But I assure you, no change you make will fill this void within. You will change, but the void will be there to accompany you. And with him will come a certain disinterest for the material life, for the experiences that no longer fill their hearts already tired of the repetition of the same for so much time.

But this feeling, which plagues so many hearts, is precisely the feeling that they have walked a lot, that there is no such thing as a mental manifestation, so that which will be left will be filled with the explosion of the heart. It is an inner feeling that will fill this emptiness and become a new pleasure of living the material life.

You need to understand that after so much walking through material life you have been emptied, quieted, and matter itself no longer completes. The feeling is that the world no longer absorbs them, does not interact with their hearts. So together with this emptiness you have a feeling that matter does not complete you, and therefore you need something more, a new search, but now that you transcend material life.

But I tell you that nothing that you seek outwardly will fill you. They may seek, but again they will return to this emptiness, to disinterest.

The true pursuit you make is for the expansion of the love of your hearts on this path, where you will come into contact with what was stored within you. So what they seek of transcendent is nothing more than the expansion and filling of their heart. This void will be replaced by a feeling of inner completeness, where you will come to see the beauty of matter in your day.

At first the matter will no longer complete, they will feel the need for change. The outside will no longer tell you about you! But when you realize that this feeling does not refer to the world in which you live, but rather it is something you keep within yourself, you will find the key to filling yourself out from within. From emptying everything they were or thought to be, from the emptiness that so many say they feel, they will find themselves.

As the heart expands, you will increasingly spend your days searching for yourself, finding each step, each experience, your inner purpose. Matter will gain new meaning in your days, for it will be honored, for it will show you the path of your own inner path.

No experience will be removed, for you will understand inwardly that matter is not the problem, but the lack of contact with the love of your hearts.

And on that day, from the expansion of your hearts, you will feel the love for your days, for your life, for all the experiences. For you will begin to see yourself on this path, on this path, the possibility of filling. They will no longer refuse the experiences, because they will be filled by something greater, by a vision of self love, fulfillment and trust.

This feeling of inner fulfillment is something that some brothers already experience and they know that they feel complete in themselves and that an immense love for life and for everything springs from within to complete them in our lives, leading us to manifest in the Matter the purpose of soul.

Then from this expansion of inner love life in matter will gain new meaning, new purpose. It will become seductive, sensual and very interesting, for life will manifest itself in accordance with this inner love. The search is no longer external, the search is interior and matter begins to serve this purpose of meeting itself. There is no longer the emptiness, the uninteresting, because we begin to search ourselves with an open heart, without judgment, without guilt and every step we are more complete within ourselves.

This love that radiates from the heart fills us inwardly and leads us to open new perspectives in our life, new doors are opened from our inner resonance. And this may be one of the most beautiful feelings of material life, the filling of this emptiness, after so much toil, of so many uninteresting experiences. We find within ourselves from the very expansion of the heart.

The gaze becomes filled with love, the opinions and external facts no longer reach us so strongly. It's like a mast set in the middle of the rough sea. The waves come, they beat, but he stays there in that certainty, feeling the love that starts from the heart. There are no longer such strong waves and the days become more beautiful, more interesting.

You replace the inner emptiness with the filling of the heart. That is to say, the loss of everything that pleased them and made them happy in matter, so that from this feeling the new outbreak, the feeling of expansion that they keep within themselves and rediscover the function of matter in their lives.

This is a feeling, not an easy thing to explain in words, but it is something they feel. The disinterest for matter, which can substitute for love for themselves, where life will gain new meaning. It will expand from your own hearts so that you will just find the meaning of the material life.

The state of ascension, my children, is not a place, a plan, a physical place of wealth and happiness. The state of ascension is a place of inner fulfillment, where they will feel a love so great that they will suffice themselves and then happiness will take care of their days. It is an inner state and not a place you are living.

My noble children will be at peace, certain that the love they keep in their hearts is the key that will transform their lives, bringing again the meaning they seek in their day.

Life will be lived with pleasure and gratitude, because from that feeling that fills them inwardly the consciousness rises and then the days, as in a magic pass, become as they always were, beautiful and radiant.

For this love is felt in a way that expands to the external, from within. You are already observing matter, as experiences that are no longer part of yourself. They come to live each day without connecting to material events, but to observe everything in a new light. The view of love, the true purpose of life and the meaning behind what is observed in all experiences.

The union of your I with your heart in a full and abundant way brings this disconnection with the external world so intensely that for a moment it may seem that the activities that involve matter become uninteresting, but that it is really only Period of adaptation.

You experience the radiance of love, the full connection with yourself, and your true purpose begins to open up to you in a beautiful way like the blossoming of a beautiful flower.

You feel within your heart, that love so deep that you can no longer keep it inside the physical body. It is as if this physical body could not bear so much irradiance of love and lightness of being.

You become One with your heart and with the Source. You feel something as if it were longing, pressure. The pressure begins to spring from your heart chakra, asking to be released and then released in the form of tears so that you understand that every drop is a drop of hope and knowing the true meaning of life and the purpose of the incarnation.

Everything becomes beautiful. The old life will no longer make sense, for you look at it and see no more fact with the importance they saw before. They have a light and sweet look on everything. For they radiate love.

This radiance of love causes all of your experiences and all the people with whom you relate to become One. And there is no separation or differentiation. All are One before your love.

You no longer recognize how you feel about the same people with whom you fed all kinds of feelings. All feelings become equal. Feeling to a friend, or to the romantic couple, or to a brother, becomes a single feeling. You see yourself in front of something new, and at first you do not know how to live that way, you will learn in time. Well, it's a new start.

He no longer knows how to put words to define what he feels for people, but he knew how to differentiate, but now everything has turned into a single feeling of unconditional love for everything and everyone.

You will no longer relate in the same way as before. They will radiate love over all things and people, for all mankind.

This stage children are when they become One with the planet, and with life. It is something wonderful and it should be nourished in your hearts with calmness and letting the feeling flow naturally. At last, they can find out what true love is. The love that the Father feels for each one of us and then become channels of this love for everything that exists.

Do not suppress this feeling children, at the first sign of recognition, let it out and radiate all this light around you. The planet needs this love. And you can expand for everyone and yourself by not repressing.

You will be guided to your purpose through this love that radiates so intensely and that you will no longer be able to imprison. They are free and happy to love and feel loved, following the true purpose of creation. The purpose to which my children came.

Children's material life becomes light and sweet. You come to appreciate all experiences and living with all people in a unique way. As a simple experience, it will bring to you the possibility of radiating love and peace amidst any situation. For they are no longer connected to anything in matter, they are freed from emotions and fears. You are free and free to simply live the incarnational experience as free beings who are here to enjoy life.

There are no longer any ties that bind them, because these connections were broken because they were sustained by fear, unworked emotions and insecurity. You continue to live your lives, but now in a lighter and freer way because you know you are here only to live the experience as a pleasant walk.

Love learns what it is to love, which is not connected to intimate or family relationships, but the true meaning of love is that which unites us to God. They experience this love and come to understand that what they thought to be love was actually the manifestation of fears, attachments and lack. The lack they kept inside themselves because they have not yet found the true door that now opens in their hearts and receives the abundant divine love.

This was the Love that our Master Jesus brought us during his incarnation, and it was radiated to me and to all. United in love, we have been spreading this light by living our love unconditionally and selflessly.

Be in peace.

Mary Magdalene

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - January 22, 2016.

Text revision: Ilza Barreto

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