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Monday, January 16, 2017

The love they keep inside is enough for God - Master Jesus

The light that illuminates life is the light of God's love. This is the light that holds their bodies, their world, their beliefs, and even their experiences.

You, my dear children, are embedded in the experiences of matter on a provisional basis, but this is not your nature. Their true nature, children, could be described as an energetic form that radiates only love.

Within the matter you observe, there is essentially love, which is what you are essentially constituted, and it is only what will endure in eternity. The state of matter is always provisional, and it is as you see it, only in the present. But, in fact, it is not. What is can be understood as something eternal and essence, which is only love.

How hard it is for mankind to feel this love, which has always been kept in their hearts, but closing to it, through beliefs of inferiority, imperfection, judgment, doubt about that love.

If you, beloved children, could see how they are, from the point of view I see them, they could understand how bright they are. They are essences of love. But they can not perceive, simply, that they are inserted in this experience, which often leads them to create an illusory reality in their consciousness, which they begin to understand as part of matter, when in fact they are part of their light , Of its eternity.

We understand that three-dimensional play is hard, dragging them into an illusion of chaos, a struggle for survival, a torpor of life, where they see themselves as only members of a planet living a life marked only by birth and death.

But, children, you are all the time observing how wonderful life is, how everything transforms and is reborn in a different way and has no end. You can see how all forms of energy are transformed, from a drop of rainwater, which feeds a gigantic tree that gives fruit to you and to the animals, which feeds and shelters the birds. Everything in this nature and in life is transformation, and therefore the fact of observing life in a restricted way, understanding it as something that begins at birth and ends in death, is something that is only part of its material vision, but which does not Corresponds with the truth that is in your consciousness.

In this illusion, they forget who they are: the image and perfection of God. But we do not say of the physical image, but of the light of this love. Is that what they are made of, even if they look at chaos and wonder where that love is? But it is there, within you, asking to be radiated to the world and reach the hearts of the most afflicted. You forget for a moment, the love that is contained within you, because you take your lives with that restrictive look at matter, and therefore disconnect from your hearts. They easily engage with emotions, pains, lessons, and all that they observe occur in the manifestation of matter, and they forget how provisional all this is.

This love you do not find outside, we have already said. For it is inside, guarded, overflowing in your heart, to be expanded to the world. That's where they'll find him.

So do not expect this love from your relationships, from your professional life, from what you are waiting for abroad. He will not be there, for he will manifest of the understanding of himself, in his peace and acceptance. Everything that manifests itself before your physical eyes in matter is only an experience that will bring about its growth and evolution. It is all part of a whole collection of lessons that you have chosen to live to evolve, and then to raise yourself to the level of consciousness. The raising of the level of consciousness is not restricted to the moment of disincarnation, but it is a fact that, from the moment they understand this rule of life, they begin to observe all this manifestation of matter as an experience.

The reaction they receive from those who still do not feel this love is only a cry so that it can leave, to receive this love that you have. This cry often comes as a tear, as an aggression, as a roughness, but, behind it, there is a request of the soul to simply receive love.

You live in the midst of this material reality, and with this inner struggle of yourselves and everyone around you, in the eagerness to release that inner light. The feeling you all have, my dear children, at a certain stage of your experience is that something must come out and be radiated out.

You can no longer contain your emotions and what is inside, and you want to cross the material illusion. You have the craving for authenticity and truth that within the pores of your material garments, and you need to shine in love. This first sensation of attraction to the expanding light can be observed by reactions that are not seemingly docile and loving. For it is an energy contained for a long time, imprisoned in a protective garment, as if it were a bird that was trapped in a cage. In the craving for freedom, sometimes it can arouse feelings of dissatisfaction, anger, stress, confusion and even aggression.

How many are the requests that come to me amid the chaos, how many are those who seek so much to feel this love, that they end up manifesting the opposite of it. This is the nature of human experience, closed to love, seeking outwardly to the point of exhaustion, when, then, you will find it within yourself, in the magic of life. Thus, they finally let out their imprisoned truth within, and then begin gradually to demonstrate the truth of light and love.

I would like to tell you, today, something so simple, so simple, but in your ego, it is so hard to understand. The love they keep within themselves is sufficient to God. How much you look for something that God already has enough, how much you are looking for something that is so close. Look at the magic of that expression: the love you keep within yourself is enough for God.

This incessant quest, my children, ends the moment you understand this, for you calm your beasts, they numb your thirst for desperate freedom. For you know that God is with you just as you are today. And then, this exposure to your light and your inner love, happens more smoothly, without the need to be expressed aggressively or bringing so much suffering.

Because something so simple is so liberating, because they need nothing to reach God beyond what they already have in their hearts, the very love that He gives them.

And when they make contact with this love for a few seconds, they will have a sense of deep peace, an unexplained love, and in the experience of this love, they will understand that this is the natural state of their soul: the simple experience of this love.

This sensation is liberating, because the light expands out of its crystalline body, which is no longer simply formed of dense matter. And he is calm and adapted to this new energy, through the acceptance of his experience in matter and the reception in the lap of the father.

How many of you who read these texts, for some time in life, were taken by this love, where life becomes beautiful, problems go away and love fills them.

Allow the flow of acceptance, total surrender to God, and assurance that you are one with him and sufficient for him just as you are today. This will allow them to unite the two aspects: the material and the conscience, in one, in their hearts.

That feeling, children, is you in your most sweet and pure form. It's exciting to see them like this, because that's how I met them.

From his loving brother,


Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - Jan 16, 2016.

Text revision: Rebeca Crivelaro Campos

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