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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Starting Transformational Therapy – Lady Kuan Yin


It is understood by calm, a process that is born within the spirit and engages in the budic body, manifesting that reality in the spirit. The calm part of a state of inner confidence, which unfolds in a peace manifested outwardly.

Calmness can be established as a daily goal, to be worked on in all dimensions of the body, and must also be worked on in all dimensions of the spirit. For by the calm we have a state of surrender and trust. It is a state of gratitude to the God who radiates the soul.

Many find that calm is only achieved by the silencing of the mind and the work of looking at oneself. But I tell you in truth that it is not only by working in this way that you can achieve what you desire. Because calmness is not linked to the state of inner silence, but mainly in a state of detachment, trust, surrender and gratitude to God for all that is given to us, both what our ego regards as good or bad. Everything is a gift from God in our life, everything brings us calmness in the resolution of that which momentarily does not fill us, does not please us and is seen as an obstacle. Calm is a state of trust, where you do not see the problems, the delays, because everything is flowing in the most absolute perfection. The calm then radiates from the interior a feeling of peace and confidence. The outside comes and we look at it calmly, in peace, in confidence.

Manifesting calm is on a different level than having calm as the abode of the heart. The manifestation of feeling occurs from the moment when it can be expressed as the materialization of something that already exists manifested within. It would only be the externalization of something that already exists within a consolidated and firm basis. Calm as the abode of the heart requires trust, but especially gratitude, recognition of the truth. The calm of the heart is a beautiful thing to have, it is like a dance of petals in the wind, it flows by the obstacles and lightly goes along the way to its destination. Nothing takes it out of the way although the wind gently tosses it from side to side and flows and runs along the path. It is a dance of lightness to the wind, like something light to be carried sweetly in the morning breeze.


Therapeutic work requires this lightness. It is a path that is not controlled, but is driven with the lightness of the flow and calmness of the heart. The therapist knows that everything flows in the most absolute perfection, he realizes the energetic reading and it conducts the treatment with lightness of the one that brings the faith and calm of the heart, radiating its peace and confidence to be the example to the patient. For him everything is perfect, because the calm is within.

And in this inner calm you need to observe the people's walk, the reactions, the gestures. You make energetic reading of those who relate all the time. We know that the simple look is capable of undressing many who cross their days to show them details that even they do not know.

Be attentive, beloved ones, to these details, for they will be the doors that will open you to the first contact with the one who asks for help. That look that searches the depths of truth will tell you what we are talking about. It will show love from pain, from calm to anger, from restlessness to fullness. They are like thermometers to tell you too much. This is the door to the first approach. The energetic reading will bring them the contact with the source in a simple look. Be aware, because you will know when observing the energetic field of the one who seeks them and from there, with the calm of the heart, will know how to approach the most diverse situations.

There is no rule for this, the approach. You look and see the moment and from the energy tone will know how to approach. This reading will show you how to open the first notes. For in this first approach some points should be raised, but not for what they tell you, because who is saying is the character in front of you. The truth will be shown by your intuition, where you will feel the sadness of your brothers, the mental immersion, the false joy.

The energy state will be the first evaluation and from it can start a more sincere approach and with love expose the saved points. You will open the doors of relearning feelings by letting the patient speak not by words, but by their vibrational field. It is the field that will focus the truth as it is. Speech, history is the accessory. You will feel the energy and guide you to, say, expose and suggest the direction of the conversation. This method will lead the person to get in touch with their pain on their own, without saying too many words. Energy will guide your speech and gently point out what you feel. It is a beautiful exercise to begin the process of approach. Everything starts with the approach. Later they will enter the process of therapy.

But the approach requires inner calm, confidence, the lightness of the petal, so that in this anchor of love you can read without compromising judgment, restlessness and non-patience. The inner calm is the beginning of the approach.

You approach and begin orientation, pointing out the points that will need to be worked on. First the simplest, but easy to deal with, then the most thorny, most painful, but one by one, always calm.


During the therapeutic work, all the characteristics that need to be cleaned or transformed must be worked in the following ways: repeating the behavior by observing itself for 21 days, and manifesting the behavior naturally after 21 days. These behaviors will always be worked from a state of interior confidence that in a light way the process will occur. There is no requirement when at the time of the route, because the cycle can be restarted and restarted until it is anchor.

The therapies that cause people to be forced to manifest behavior to the outside without proper internal work time become only superficial. They can mask a situation of healing and balance simply by creating a temporary schedule in the patient's mind which, by repeating the behavior through a control of the mind, begins to repeat it for a certain amount of time. At last, the irradiation of the old behavior ends up manifesting itself again because it is still active in the interior. It needs to be cleansed inwardly, so after the approach begins the treatment, which is the orientation, it will take place in the lightness of the flow and within the time of God. Not a single cycle will ever be enough. It will often be repeated and repeated until there is true inner purification.

Inner healing is the focus of work. For all that is worked in a superficial way can only be the result of a previous inner work, where the behavior that has been modified is transformed. Then the inner healing with calmness, giving time for the new to be projected in the patient's life, for him to feel his wounds open, for the pain to be brought to purify him of all that restrained him.

But I caution that not all will have the strength and confidence, the calm of the heart to deal with the situations, but the therapist must remember in this situation of the lightness of the petal in the wind. There is no involvement, but permission to give everything in the most appropriate time. Free will is always respected for all, calm is the pillar of this respect.

The manifestation of calm through new behaviors of people, will only be observed as something definitive, from the inner healing. Then the therapist from the observation will start to provoke the points to be worked on the patient, those to be observed. Its function is to expose, in order to be healed inwardly, from the heart to the soul, so that it manifests itself in physical reality.

This inner healing occurs only with the opening of feelings stored and denied by the patient himself. These feelings are rejected so intensely that they no longer exist in an illusory reality created by the mind. But that remains stored in the akashic records. The therapist, calmly observing the behaviors, from the energetic irradiation, exposes the feelings to the calm and loving reflection, always with the lightness of the petal in the wind. For know that they will be moving deep pains, often unrecognizable, but not to be judged, but accepted with grace and ease. And so they must be exposed with care and faith.

The manifestation of these emotions, which may come to light in unexpected moments, when there is no longer any evidence of such behavior, is due to the fact that something caused the record to be accessed. Some experience that repeats itself and that somehow aroused that feeling, ended up being repeated even subtly. And it was enough to arouse this behavior and then the patient loses his calm state. And the loss of the patient's calm state is the point of entry of the therapist. It is he who will show what must be worked out. The approach leads to this feeling of loss of calm.

But the therapist remains focused on this calm of the heart, for he will be the example of how to create peace from within and trust in God. But the provocation to the patient is necessary, always with lightness, so that the patient is in this state of not calm or of irritation and discomfort. This is the open door to enter into the deepest pains of the soul. But remember, never by speech and always by the energetic reading of the situation. It is the radiated energy that will show the patient's calm loss and not only the reactions. We are talking about an energy approach here.

This manifestation of impatience is present only in those who have not worked their innermost records. That they can only be accessed involved in love and light. In this situation of not calm there is the involvement of the love of the therapist himself, who will remain in that calm so that in balance can be used of the access door that was opened to him. One has to have balance for energetic reading, it is not made by those still closed to love. You have to be very compassionate at these times.


For this, the patient first goes through the process of 21 days, where he lives the internal discovery of all his fears. Fears will be exposed by the therapist who will guide you to observe yourself in similar situations. He begins to train the calm behavior, which he wants to see manifested in his life. And in this period you can feel what it is to live involved in this new reality. In this first cycle there is only inner observation with the acceptance of reactions, it should be advised that there is no involvement or reaction. It's time to train the inner calm. Situations are addressed and then observed only inwardly.

Therapy begins in the person being put at the disposal of spending 21 days looking at the inner self, silencing the mind.

The search for answers must cease for those 21 days, the questions where the problems themselves are raised as well. One should not speak of her problems. If something bothers you, you should only write and work on that doubt with yourself, seeking the answer in it. Mute. Do not talk about problems with people. Do not ask for help. Do absolutely nothing in those 21 days. Simply silence the mind. Allow these days the arrival of information cease. And open your heart. Then come calm coming.

So she'll have to stay for 21 days without saying anything about herself. Just be quiet and if something bothers you and has a strong desire to talk or talk, you should write and read what you wrote to yourself and look for the answer. Imagine being trapped on an island or somewhere alone where there was no one to look or speak or hear, apart from herself. These 21 days should be to meet with herself, which is what people avoid looking at, arrange distractions not to look at them. They ask questions, ramblings, complaints, as a distraction not to look within themselves. So it should silence the search for information on the internet as well as in books and with other people as well. Just keep reading self-help messages from the masters. For 21 days. After that we will start the next phase.

After this stage, there will be opportunities for the manifestation of this behavior towards the external environment. For before it was something that remained real only in the inner process. Exposure to facts that arouse this feeling was stopped for this 21-day period, so that the reality that the patient wants to see manifested and lived, experienced, could be anchored. This would be stage 1 of the process.


After these first 21 days, there is the opening to the external. This opening will be like fieldwork. Where the patient will perceive situations occur where he can not maintain that state of calm. It begins to fuel a feeling of despair at not knowing what to do about it. You are faced with the fuel that awakens the negative feeling and does not know how to work with it. After all, the reality is this and now, in the field, it is not able to maintain the pattern of thought conquered previously. Now the pain is open, the imbalance will be felt, for it will see that it does not control its reactions and this will be cause of deep regret. It will cause the most diverse reactions, such as sadness, anger, despair, but these are the feelings of the exposed wound.

In this second stage will come the questions, the patient should be asked to question, to listen to people's opinions about their behavior. It must search for the answers, try to solve the outstanding situations many times facing all the restrictions of the front, with absolute truth.

Realize that the person first experiences the state of perfection he wants for his own life, so that he may know that it is possible and is real. Then it is placed before situations where it realizes that it is not able to remain in that conquered state. And that challenge is what will drive the change and allow for release. For as I said, free will must be respected. And purification must come from a profound need for change. This cycle can then be repeated until it becomes something that will really make the patient see the need for inner change for their own improvement.

But now he lives a different reality, because he is no longer an ignorant of his own abilities. He realizes that somewhere within himself lies that person with the desired behavior, but can not find the door that opens the way again.

For that is when we begin to identify the triggers that arouse such feelings. The therapist observes all the reports and behaviors because there are the causes of the behaviors that contribute so that the person can not be freed of the energetic mesh of suffering.

He then goes on to identify in which points the access to the akashic records needs to work. Realize where there are constraints and themes that should be investigated.

At this point, the records are worked on cleaning the violet-crystal flame. And along with therapy that clears and disconnects the records that are the triggers of suffering, the therapist continues to work on the person's behavior improvement in that annotated restriction so that he does not repeat the behavior that is no longer fed by the akashic record.

At the end of the second cycle of 21 days will be the moment of the release of the akashic. From interior cleaning. Then a new cycle of 21 days begins, the third.


The person begins to enter into a new phase, which would be phase 3 of the face-to-face therapy, which is simply to live as he lived his first 21 days, amidst those situations that aroused the reactive feeling, but now knowing how to achieve the state of fullness And calm, and no longer allowing the performance of painful memories that were stored in the akashic. One becomes capable of transforming one's life according to the perfection experienced in the first 21 days.

In this third stage, the feelings of forgiveness and liberation, acceptance of the new beginning and manifestation of the new in the lives of patients will be intensely worked.

The person already begins to realize that he has become a new Being, who already lives more lightly before the same emotional triggers that caused the manifestation of unwanted behaviors. Those triggers no longer cause reactions. The patient begins to realize how he has become stronger, more balanced in the face of life's challenges.

The experiences of matter do not cease, they remain and the patient's exposure to situations where lower feelings were aroused continue. What changes from here is simply the reaction of the patient to the same facts, where he already perceives himself to preserve calmness and balance.

At times, there may be imbalances due to the period of adaptation to the new, and because the patient has remained throughout this incarnation reacting differently to the same facts. Therefore, the need for bodily cleansing and therapeutic follow-up work.

This is the phase of implementation of the new in the life of the patient, and of course there will be a need for this 21-day period of adaptation, and then there will be empowerment, where the patient begins to discover a new person with new reactions to the same facts . This begins to anchor trust and faith in this person. All the experiences that the patient undergoes during this period will be grouped together in the eighth chakra, feeding the record with positive experiences and empowerment that will build the inner wisdom, the mastery.

All this process, understood by these three stages, is what will release the aspects that today do not allow people to meet with themselves. By finding and working in practice this new reality of Being through these exercises and this therapy, one will no longer repeat the same mistakes, for the proposed therapy also brings wisdom experiences to the register of the patient, which Will walk with his own legs and go on in his life with more confidence and strength.

At all stages the therapist will do the cleaning of the bodies with the recommendation of internal purification exercises. In all the stages the necessary cleanings of the points of the body interconnected to the akashic record that causes the restriction will be recommended. The cleansing of the bodies will bring about the energy depletion to allow the process to take place with lightness and anchorage. To the point that the patient no longer needs this help and is purified to walk gently through life, radiating his new way of being, already manifesting the wisdom acquired in his own life and also bringing it to his experiences.

I am Kuan Yin

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - January 25 to 28, 2016.

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