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Wednesday, January 18, 2017





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To the masters, I thank the messages sent to humanity. You have been serving me as a guide for the last few months. I am self-taught in systemic constellations, in the study of tarot, EFT. I am reikian (level I) and I want very much to do holistic psychotherapy. I know that I must attend to others - my way of directing love. However, I would like a word of confirmation and if I am on the right path. Thank you.


Beloved Daughter,
What you need to understand is that Reiki, Tarot, Quantum Healing, or whatever, are techniques created by people who simply have heard your intuition.
People who, first through their intuition, connected with the Source of God stored in their hearts and, thus, developed a proper form of therapy and, with the practice, were able, even to transmit this knowledge acquired. They were humans who developed gifts stored in their hearts.
All forms of energy cures and guidelines are techniques that have been developed but are far from the only way to accomplish anything.
Techniques are ways to teach something to people, who still do not connect to Source with total mastery. So these techniques are created so that through the benefit they generate, you can begin to rely more on your intuition.
For, My Daughter, everything you need is available to you when you learn to trust your intuition and through it to connect to Source or listen to your guides and mentors. In this way, you will be free to heal, to bring in new treatment techniques or guidance.
So, My Sister, in seeking your way without further courses or studies, you are only giving your intuition freedom and what your heart asks of you. Do not worry if it is correct the way you work, the techniques you seek, but always listen to your intuition and trust what your heart asks for. When you gain confidence in your inner guidance, you will no longer question whether or not you are on the right path, for you will have God's guidance at your disposal.
But be assured that the techniques you acquire along your journey will be just instruments, which will awaken something within you, a spark of advanced knowledge that you bring into your heart. So do not ever arrest yourself as if something is the only truth. Learn, listen, but always going through your inner truth to the point of developing a method that is yours and that brings you comfort in your work.
In this way, you will be giving voice to your mastery, your confidence and your own intuition and connection with the Whole.
Stay in peace, my sister, that we will always be with you.

Lady Master Rowena



Some years ago I met a person who started to think we had affinities, who had known him for a long time and developed a different feeling. I began a quest to understand what I was feeling and found myself on the path I am now and I am grateful for this evolution. The feeling for that person grew, which I found to be unconditional, changed and I began to desire the presence, the attention, the embrace and even his physical body. I know that I am in the process of transforming my beliefs, habits, feelings, emotions and my life too ... I left a relationship of almost 20 years and my greatest desire was to be free and to have the chance to live a new experience with this A person who does not leave my thoughts. I think I'm discovering a strength I did not even know I had, I'm more confident and sure that everything I'm feeling is coming to the fore as part of what I am. But this feeling also brings the pain of loving and not being loved (corresponded) and this makes me think that all this desire to live this love is part of my ego and not something that was in the plans of that journey, other times I think How strong this feeling can be is a love of soul mates. I would like to know what the masters can reveal to me about this feeling; What does it represent and what should I learn from all this?

I ask the teachers to lead me on an easier path, so that I can look beyond my limited mind and realize what leads me to the higher path. I feel a strong connection with the Master Jesus is this real? I am very grateful for the opportunity to send this message. Thank you.


My dear sister,
Everything you feel is there to be felt, experienced and experienced. The feeling, whatever it is, is what we have of the purest in us, for it will always be showing us who we are. Feelings should not be blocked, nullified, lived with fear, but rather received as a part of what we are. The feelings show the call of our soul.
The "feeling," which it brings for another person, is not related only to it, but also to you. Although the feeling refers to something external, it starts from within. So, it's saying about you, about something you want, that you crave and would like to experience: a new relationship.
But all this insecurity, which is experienced, occurs because there is much questioning about "how it will be", "how it will be", "what would live", "if it would suffer", finally. How about just indulging in that feeling and allowing it to lead you, as an experience that will always add to you, that will always allow for a new learning? And live it without attachments to results, without expectations, but simply allowing yourself to feel and experience what you want.
The fear, of not being reciprocated, is the fear that the expectations that you put into this story, do not meet you. But how will he know except to live them? How will you know if you've made the best decision, if you block your feelings? They are there, to be lived with surrender, with confidence, waiting for the best that experience can take you.
The easiest way is to surrender, it is the acceptance of what you feel, of your truth without question, just to live. And then, you will be allowing yourself to be what you are, to be true to what you feel, without wondering so much about the consequences of this or that, but just living and giving yourself without judgment. Whatever the outcome, it will always lead you to a new learning and, therefore, will bring you closer to the Kingdom of God.
Seek, My sister, not only through physical experiences, but always see the Kingdom of God in everything that comes to life, because everything has a function of aggrandizement, of life and of Love. Do not block yourself with mental questions about the consequences. In this case, live what you feel.
Master Jesus and all the Masters will always be connected with you, My Sister, for we are One with God and with All. The separation does not exist. So you have a connection not only with Master Jesus, but with all the Angels, Masters, Indians, Guides, Mentors, with Nature and with All that Exists.
You are a beautiful spark of God, connected by your Love to All That Is.

Be at peace, certain of the best.

Serapis Bey



I am living in my marriage, I perceive the difficulties in the relationship getting established more and I feel immense guilt for not being able to live a happy union. In fact, I love my companion, I am happy yes, but I feel lost for many times, wanting to drop everything, I am constantly charged for everything I do, nothing is good, all defects are pointed out, there are days that I live an immense sadness for me To feel out of my purpose, to have to think about not acting as my heart asks not to be charged later, it's as if I have to be someone idealized by him and nevertheless never good. I'm moving away from people, and worst of all from myself. I realize that my strength is weakened, my faith too, and when I see myself this way, I think I am diverting from the path I must follow. Today besides living together we work together, which may intensify the charges even more, sometimes I feel like throwing everything up, leave, but I have already acted that way once and I think maybe my big challenge is to stay and make give Sure, but I feel alone in this battle, tired of being wrong in everything, being inattentive to everything, guilty of everything, whether at home or at work. Writing so it seems that I am weak and only complain, but it is not so. I know that there are good points, and that we are together with a purpose and sometimes, I think that it is I who demand too much, that I want too much, that I want to be loved in a way that I will not find on this planet.
Anguish is the word that best describes everything I feel.

Sorry for the outburst.


Dear sister,
I would like you to ask yourself a question: Why do you think you need to be with someone who charges you? What does it require you? Is there something in you that needs this charge? From this pressure?
Because when you feel good about yourself, that pressure will simply cease to exist, and you will be able to impose its authenticity on anyone who crosses your path.
Charging only exists when we resonate with it. When we accept that they impose us behaviors. But once you're well with us, the charge simply will not resonate with you and you'll do it your way. For criticism, My Beloved One, only exists when, somehow, we open ourselves to receive it.
When we are centered in our heart, certain of our purpose, simply, criticisms will pass through us, but we will follow our heart. In a state of self-love, criticism simply does not exist. They do not reach us, because we have conviction "of who we are" and "of what we want," and we need nothing to guide us.
What you need to ask yourself, My Sister, is because you need a relationship, where something or someone directs you, yet another direction that does not do you good. Why take actions or do things that do not resonate in your heart?
I beg you, My Sister, to ask yourself if you would really like to drop everything, for in this way you would be free to make your own decisions and no one would tell you what else to do. The responsibility would be all yours!
When we do not empathize with ourselves, we do not feel capable of accomplishing everything we need, and simply attract situations in which we are directed by something or someone and forget to follow our heart. I assure you that if you start to hear more, not only will this pressure soften, but you, too, will give the necessary direction to the situations that imagine a different resolution. In the state of trust in ourselves, we are unmovable and nothing external takes us from our conviction.
As you begin to hear more, to seek harder, to trust your heart, you will see that this pressure may even exist, but it will not be a part of your life. And in this state, you can decide whether you have an empathizing relationship or that it disables you. But you can only know when to trust you, when you hear what you want, and then the decision will simply appear in front of you, and you will have no doubts as to the course to follow. You will take "the helm of your life", and then it will become lighter, more encouraging and milder.

Stay in Peace, My Sister.

Serapis Bey



An intense anguish invades my being, I feel a hole that does not close in my heart chakra. There are days I can not stand being what I am today. I want change in me, I can not do it alone and I feel alone, incomprehensible ... where to find the strength to leave that bad being behind?


You are feeling the emptiness of liberation manifest within you.
This process is natural and wonderful, Beloved Daughter.
You know you're never alone. She is always accompanied by her spiritual guides and mentors. You can call them to help you whenever you need them.
It is going through the process of emptying those inferior aspects. Therefore, the emptiness, which must be filled with Love.
This Love, My Daughter, will be found through the deep connection in your heart, when you will connect with the Source. Connect to the deep heart. Without fear. You will see that, for a first moment that seems to generate suffering, you will gradually realize that it is only an illusion. The truth is there, deep in the emptiness of your heart, hidden and only you can find it.
Thank this blessed opportunity, My Daughter, for many have not yet reached the stage where it is, with complete emptying. This process is blessed and unique when each one experiences this experience differently.
You are very close to finding, within your heart, that peace, that Love that you are looking for.
Mentalize the White Flame and the Violet Flame within you. Call the presence of the Beings of Light. Call on the Beloved Mother Mary, so that she envelops you in her Mantle of Light in this blessed moment, offering you the grace to feel her Love for you.
Mentalize the White Flame in the form of a spiral of Light like a mist, cleansing your whole heart, making the last necessary cleansing, and then allow that Light to remain coupled throughout your Being, radiating from within your heart to the External, and involving all its auric field. Then call on the Violet Flame to sprout, too, from your heart, connecting it from your crown chakra to the Source, and from your Earth chakra (on the soles of your feet) to the Central Sun. Absorb that energy. Imagine yourself as a vortex of Light, a sturdy and strong trunk, supported by these two points, below and above. Invoke your I AM Presence, so that it remains anchored in your vortex of the coronary chakra, and feel the energy circulating in your body. Silently, throughout this process, take a deep breath. Repeat daily, My Beloved, and whenever you feel this emptiness. Gradually this energy is anchored in your body and part of yourself.
You know that we are all here, for you, My Beloved, ready to bestow our Love and to help you in this blessed process of deliverance.

Follow in the inner Light, My Beloved, for you are Light.


Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - December 2016

Text Review: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita

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