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Tuesday, January 17, 2017





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My wife suffers from depression, takes controlled medications, does not sleep, insists on taking the pills, saying that they will solve their problem, have bipolar behavior, lately have no loving side, if she irritates herself, treats me like an enemy and Wants to control me in everything, makes unnecessary debts, I work in two jobs, I do all the housework, because she does not want to do them, it was already in spiritual centers but she did not solve it, she only thinks about medicine, I'm thinking of Abandon it, I can not stand it any more, neither can my children bring in my house that are from another relationship, help me? Please.


I am Master Hilarion and I bring to you, now, the truth, which, for various reasons, you do not accept to look, My Son.
She is living, today, with her beloved, a heavy, dense routine, due to the fact that you no longer think the same way.
You are denying the truth, Dear Son. The truth is that you two must always remain free, to be His Truths.
The attempt to mold your beloved, to make her a more flexible and flexible person so that she can adapt to her Truth, is not the path of freedom and free will.
That thought, Beloved Son, is a form of obsession that so many of you think today exists only when part of the spiritual side to the physical. But it also happens in relationships in matter, as in his example.
His wife suffers from depression, because she is not getting out of the cocoon, in which she decided to stay, where she hides the true essence of her and does not let go to be free.
The question is, My Son, would you love this woman who is hidden after she has set free?
If you do not let this happen, you will never know, and you will continue to live in a forced relationship, where neither of you can truly express yourself.
You are the strength of the relationship. The person who is being the support of the other, who can take the first step towards the release of this prison, in which they decided to live.
My Beloved, you will only be happy, from the moment you allow yourself to be free and that, too, allow your wife to be free.
We know it's not easy. A relationship based on mutual support, but not based on Love and freedom, is counting days, Dear Son. Then the decision will be yours to follow with freedom, opening yourself to the possibility of living a true Love or of remaining in a relationship, where neither can be free.
The decision is with you, Son, and the truth, now, is exposed to you to follow your heart.
Fraternal hug,




I had stroke and panic, the medication took away my mobility. Saving 5 kg per month. I stay in prayer. Is there any entity that could help me? I talk to them, always, I am a brother of love and I have no more strength ... Jesus bless us! Stay in peace…


Dear brother,
Life often stops us. It gives us a signal and a new opportunity. This is not always smooth. Sometimes life takes us to a stop to reflect, and at that point we decide how to use that sign: whether we stop to reflect or continue to be as we have always been.
This moment, My Brother, you must use your reflection, so that it helps your body to recover, modifying old and simple habits like food.
It is the hour of inner struggle to quiet down, when we stop and realize the exhaustion of our body, which cries for a pause and pleads for our own help.
My Beloved, there is not a single human being who has not had all the help available to them. But Spirituality is there, radiating its Love, until we can open our heart to that Love.
You have always been a big-hearted fellow, but now is the time to listen to his body, for he has been helping you for so long, and now the situation is reversed, for it is time for you to help him. He asks for your help!
And use that time to re-establish yourself, breathe, pause, listen to the request of your heart. It is time to listen and to be still, to "lower the guard of life" and to come back renewed, knowing the limits that matter imposes on us. Now, more than ever, it is up to you to decide, and allow yourself to feel your peace or continue on this path of fighting against yourself. Now it is your body that gives you a new opportunity.
We thank you for the moment of reflection, for crying out for our help. But we need you to help us, just quieting down, letting go of the small details of life and taking care of you. It is your hour, My Brother.

Euripides Barsanulfo


Listening and reading channels I woke up and felt my light, my happiness was enormous, when I realize that I am divine and that I already knew all this, I started to have problems with light and electromagnetism, I can not stay near electricity nor devices that generate electromagnetism. I feel as if something wants to stop me from following my awakening. I would like to know what I can do to deal with this, since no doctor knows what is happening or how to treat me. Everyone says they've never even heard of what I'm reporting to them. I'm living in the dark and away from everything. I would like to know how to deal with it, because I do not accept it and I feel myself blocking my awakening and as if something did not want me to go forward. Please how I overcome this, I know the time is now and I do not want to stay in the dark.


Beloved Daughter
You are going through a process of feeling the new energy that flows through your body and auric field. The process of adaptation is different for each one.
Everyone, the moment they initiate contact with more subtle energies, feel the energy flow through their bodies. They gradually adapt to this new energy, because it is something completely new. But it does not remove them from their reality, which is to be experiencing the incarnated experience.
We know that by the slightest contact with the Light, sensitivity intensifies, and some may have some difficulty in adapting to the material medium in various respects. Some are unable to attend specific environments or feed on certain types of food, or have contact with certain places and subjects.
In your case, unique for being you, My Beloved, as I explained to you: that each one experiences a differentiated process. Yours is another example.
It needs to seek its inner balance to return to the experience of being incarnated.
As long as you do not learn to work with these energies, My Beloved, you will continue to let yourself be thrown from side to side by energies you do not know.
Look for your center. Meditate. Ask the Masters for help. Balance the chakras. Meditate on the Flames of the Seven Rays and seek within yourself that balance and inner peace. Nothing can shake a balanced body, My Beloved. These, simply, feeling symptoms of extreme sensitivity. But this will be completely resolved when you seek your balance.
Some practices can help you, such as yoga, meditation, mantras pronunciation. Look for these forms of treatment, but know that all of them take you always to your inner self and balance.
This situation will soon be normalized, My Beloved One, and you will be prepared to assist so many who will also seek this balance in you. This is part of your learning process, so that you are prepared for your true mission.
Accept this reality. Balance yourself and you will see how you will shine to teach this and much more to so many.




I've been thinking a lot about leaving the capital of Belo Horizonte State and moving to a small town called Urucânia-MG (Brazil). I feel a great desire to bring a little spiritual knowledge and help to the people of this city, but I feel that I am trapped in this great Capital. What could you tell me about it? At the moment is what most distresses me. Was it here or there? I did not find the answer, however much I go back inside. Help me. If possible! Great thank you!


What you seek is within you.
You are looking for a new opportunity of life, a new beginning because you do not feel more adapted to life in the big city.
This process is natural, My Daughter, and it is bringing this into your experience.
But what I bring here is a reflection to bring that question into your heart.
We know that awakening brings an immense will to help all the brothers, to help in places where the Light is not yet irradiated. But, My Daughter, you will be prepared to go only when you find the satisfaction where you are now.
You are looking for joy and satisfaction in the external, which should seek within.
Ask yourself, Beloved: What does your heart seek? Why does it not satisfy your present life? What remains to fill in your heart, and what can only come from you?
There is something that needs to be discovered in order to be ready to radiate this Love to others where it is now or even where it wants to change.
It's there inside you. Search and you will find.
We love you and will be with you in this inner quest.

Master Lanto

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - December / 2016

Text revision: Angelica T. Tosta and SolangeYabushita

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