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Sunday, January 15, 2017





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Hello dear ones, already gratitude for this space. In short, I got married a few years ago and I got pregnant in October of the same year. By the fourth month of gestation, my companion had ceased to desire it. I thought it happened, but in reality it's only getting worse. I faced depression, faced collection, but I woke up. Only that, although I understand, it seems that I do not understand ... the courtship with my husband was a pure conquest with another girl ... after I felt it all mine is that I think the loss of interest began. I grew up without my parents' attention. The attention, the affection, the love, for me have always been a dispute ... maybe this is ... but I feel so at peace with my husband, ... except when I start to get sex. Anyway ... I do not know what I'm doing ... I do not know if I'm libero to find a sexual partner, I do not know if I force myself anymore ... although I'm tired of forcing myself. You know .... I feel that I am doing very badly ... my relationship with sex is complicated ... everything is wrong ... a lot of guilt ... I have done cleaning exercises, I meditate, I talk to the masters, but maybe it is still not "clean" enough for them to talk with me. I started consciously in the ascension process in March of this year. I have always loved spirituality, it has always been my passion. But only this year I had contact with this blog and the Seeds of Stars. I am very grateful for the transformation I am experiencing. I am very grateful for your guidance. I am very happy. I just wanted to take away this weight that sexuality (or lack thereof) is causing in my marital life. Well hajam!


Beloved daughter, all of us women, incarnate or not, have the feeling of deep love in great intensity to radiate to the outside of us.
When the woman is pregnant, more specifically after the third month, it is when she accepts the reality that you are carrying a life, and love begins to radiate more intensely from your heart towards that Being. you.
This exercise, my beloved, is an opportunity for blessed healing, for you can look at this situation in two ways. One is that you love unconditionally a child, a life that is not you, and it is outside of you. And another point of view may be the fact that it is, yes, part of you, and while it was within you, you had the opportunity to experience the love for yourself.
Therefore, my beloved, was that from the fourth month no longer felt sexual desire for her husband. For this desire was fueled by your lack of love for yourself. From the moment you felt loved because you radiated all your love to something that was inside you and was part of you, then it was when you filled all your affectionate need, all your need to receive love and acceptance from the side external. It became self-sufficient.
Beloved, the next step after this discovery that you can be your complete source of love and acceptance, you move on to the second moment, which will radiate that love out of you. But for this you already have to be connected to the depths of your heart, accepting who you are. Leaving all the need to please others, in oblivion. Well, you do not need that anymore.
This second step, my beloved, will allow you to begin working on your sexuality, valuing yourself, feeling complete and loved. In this way, you can also fully love who is with you, your partner, your child and your family.
This exercise, my dear, is nothing more than a receiving messages. You connect with love within your heart. And, being a seed of light and love, radiates like a channel this divine love for all. You will also feel completely filled with your love and attention.
Love, my dear, is the basis of happiness. The sexual act is nothing more than a divine expression of love between a couple in their magnitude. It is the most beautiful expression of love, and what can give the couple the connection with the divine.
From the moment you begin to practice the act connected to love, to your heart, to the purest feeling of love for one another and for yourselves, you will begin to experience true sexuality, which is the nature of God.
The apex of sexuality, my beloved, will be your connection to the divine. But baby, for that, you need to completely disconnect from the physical. Of visual, of matter. It must remain connected to your heart forever. Give yourself lightly and lovingly and keep your thinking focused on the heart.
That's the purest way of relating sexually, my beloved.
It will not matter, for a moment, what your partner thinks, or whether or not he is connected to the heart at that time. But yes, it matters what happens within yourself.
You are a bond of love between God and your external environment, my beloved.
You are a fortress of life and light. You should always remember that. From your power as a woman, stay in your peace. And just get involved in any kind of intimate relationship, when that awakens your true love.
If this love is awakened, my beloved, then you are in the path of your goal. But if you no longer awaken love, my dear, then the choice will be yours, if you wish to remain in intimate coexistence with others who no longer resonate with your energy, or if your love alone is sufficient.
Similar draws similar, my dear, and therefore there is nothing to worry about. You will always be graced with loving companions at your vibration level. But, my beloved, this process will only begin when you find self-love within your heart.
I leave you radiated in the loving force of my heart.

Mary Magdalene



Gratitude to the dear teachers and lightworkers who make this service possible! Dear Masters, I am 34 years old and I am a nutritionist. I am now experiencing anguish and anxiety for fear of not knowing how to choose a career path that will make me happy. I am very disillusioned with my current profession because of the low salaries of the market. I'm thinking of moving the area and I chose law school. I always had a hard time making big decisions. I feel that fear and anxiety keep me from following my goals. I confess that I am a bit scared by the competition of these public college entrance exams, since I have not been studying the contents necessary for these exams for a long time. Will I be happy in this new profession? How can I work these fears inside of me, learn to listen to my intuition and stay focused on my goal? Thank you!


The anxiety you feel is because you look at each of the possibilities as if they are really important, in the sense of being irreversible, or that you might be wasting time for wrong choices.
And if you simply look at them as they are: options. Options that lead you to experiences. Because life is always changing, you change and then change profession, relationship, city and so is life. This constant change. There are no wrong choices, but simple choices that lead them to experiment. And from that point, you could thank for all the choices.
Connecting with gratitude for every choice she made, it was they who transformed her into this person who is now questioning, who wants the best. If you thank for what you already have, from the experiences you have, you will begin to have more compassion for yourself and for the choices you have made and will make. And that compassionate look is what will show you how many possibilities you have. But not these mental ones that cause anxiety, but the options for the aggrandizement of your soul. This anxiety you feel will begin to soften and the path will begin to clear in your heart. Because when we learn to trust in life and not worry so much about what will work, we begin to look into our hearts so that we can simply live life, honor the choices we have made and seek new ones, not for the recognition we will have, but By how much it will add to our soul, our personal evolution.
Of course we will not say what your decision, because we would be taking away your option to feel and then decide. But there is something that could help you!
When you decided on the nutrition course you had a dream. You saw the real possibility of helping people teach them how to feed themselves, how to maintain their health, and it was this dream that led to that choice. But along the way, the difficulties made you forget that initial dream and the mind then brought you back to the pattern of doubting, of not being able to overcome the barrier to success that you crave. But the success you dreamed of is not simply financial, but of bringing healing through food, to people who cross your path and thus contribute to the whole.
It was from this proposal, from this dream, from the goodness that holds in your heart that you made a decision in your life. But all along and the imposition of the market, you forgot that dream and started to look for something where happiness was in other ways.
Connect with that initial feeling when you entered the nutrition course and see if it's still in your heart. If you are, persevere in the way, because the collective in Brazil goes through a moment of difficulty and everyone experiences these professional doubts. Now, if that initial feeling is no longer in your heart, look for a new opportunity, but not that you believe that it will only serve you from the financial point of view, but something that moves your soul. Look for something you enjoy and that you may already know how to do because it is inside.
But first bring to you the initial feeling that made you choose this profession of nutrition, because success will be a consequence of that love. Everyone will feel this love in their calls and that is what will make you happy. Not professional success alone, without a dream, without the love that makes you vibrate for what it does. The difficulties will be overcome through this love for all who cross their path, knowing that they will be leaving a light, a seed so that they can lead a healthier life balanced from their food. This is your purpose and it will be this feeling that will bring you strength and faith to continue on this path you have chosen.
You will always have what is necessary in your life, enough, and it will be with that trust, along with the love you feel to be able to help the people that you will build a successful professional life. In whatever area you choose, this is the path to happiness.
It is from the awareness that we are here to evolve and not to be successful in the face of social standards. From that point you will decide and the abundant life you want will be created, but not because you wanted to, but because you drew it to you from your trust and your heart.



My eldest son, 42, is an excellent person, of good character and beautiful feelings. But he lives with his head in the clouds, unable to trace a script in life and follow it. It is always full of crazy projects that never go anywhere, even because its determination and focus are very weak. So far, he has no means of caring for the family on his own and is always in need of help.
Thank you in advance.

Answer 1:

My beloved,
Your child is having the experiences he needs for his own evolution. As a Mother, you would like the best for him, but the experiences he is having are just the best. Not in human and social standards, but in the level of development of your soul.
Your child chose to simply live life this way, initiating projects without finalizing them. Experiencing countless beginnings and living the looser life, and there is no mistake in this way of living, for he continues to live with the help of those who are beside him. In one way or another, he is trying to create the life he craves from these experiences and thus learn precisely to receive help, to face his problems and to live life one day after another. It's a beautiful experience!
It is that often as parents we design our own projects and ways of living about our families. We often see in them the dreams we do not realize, the way we would like to live, and of course we often know that the chosen life will lead to suffering.
But it will be precisely this suffering, this path that will make them better people. Often what we need to do is to honor the experience of each person, allowing them to be graded as a soul, as well as a soul who experiences life on this planet.
For many years, his son did not have the strength within him. He always started the projects, but he had no impulse to continue them. And this is something that he is creating, that force, that impulse, where he will recognize himself capable of doing. But it is through failure that these experiences will be brought to him. Until you get tired of this life of repetitions and create a project that can complete and thus realize the dreams you have. This is within the soul project of this life.
You will feel more relieved if you see your child as simply living the life you crave and allowing, from the difficulties he brings to his life, that he will magnify himself. You do not even need to help, for doing so is relieving your experiences and making them easier to overcome. Each time he receives help, he repeats the cycle of the indefinite project. What if he just let him face his own life? That from his pain he would overcome and thus could create this desire to finalize his projects and bring sustenance to his life? As we allow each to live the life that creates and bear their own creations, we are giving the opportunity of exaltation to all.

Master Serapis Bey

Answer 2:

Beloved daughter, today, as she says, her son completes 42 years of repeated and failed experiences. Involved in his mother's love and protection, he was often prevented from following his own path, exercising his self-confidence and masculine empowerment. Far from a fatherly presence, he did not have the opportunity to acquire that trust, which only a father could offer.
We know, my dear, your loving intention to protect you from suffering throughout your life, but your estrangement from your father has given you the opportunity to add experiences that are now missing in your heart.
Darling, to truly help your child, you must let him follow. Let him assume the position of family father, offering his love, but not taking the front of the masculine posture he must have and the responsibility he must take to rescue his own confidence. He will have his fulfillment in this life as a man, only from the moment that you, my beloved, take a step back, let him live the experiences of mistaking and hitting, but filling that emptiness in the heart that prevents him from performing in life. Experiences are being prevented from being experienced, my dear, by you, by your loving mothering concern, but you are not being positive for it, for you are not allowing it to have free will.
Honey, find the answer in your heart. Love should be offered lightly and sweetly, without charge and without waiting for something in return. Unconditional, mother's love can often be confused with the feeling of attachment, which can become a damaging feeling if confused in this way, and prevent people from living their own experiences.
Live your life, my dear, lightly, and trust, that your son's path will be illuminated from the moment you allow him to shine on this road of experiences.
With love




After going through the awakening, in which I entered in panic and anxiety attacks, I went to get help in a spiritist center of a known. There they told me that he was a medium. At that moment, I did not accept the idea at all, but I went downtown because I needed to know what was happening (it happened in 2015). In that same year, 2015, I went to a psychologist and in our conversations about life, she indicated to me the Seeds of the Stars, because I always loved the galactic beings (I was scared when small, due to the abduction stories), but I always loved the Mystery of life. But I went to see the SDA now in 2016, and it was when I finally read many messages and one, especially Jesus, where I became very identified and began my inner healing. And today, despite situations that occur in my life of fear, etc. I live in the inner Peace of trust in God and in Life.
I stopped going to the Spiritist Center, where I stayed in the magnetic chain without knowing what it meant and I was afraid to know more ... I was very attached to limiting beliefs.
Today I feel more confident and happy to learn more about mediumship. Because of this fear and belief I just read Allan Kardec's book - Gospel According to Spiritism, because I was afraid to know more and be "attacked" again and feel it all over again.
Today I want to learn, TODAY I want to know, TODAY I am ready, TODAY I want to do my part, TODAY I want to BE the LIGHT that I came to be here!
So my beloved brethren, I want your guidance. What to do? It will be good for me at last to read Allan Kardec's books, (for I have all, lol, but never read.) I feel 'lay' in it, brethren.


Beloved, your search is valid, many go through this same process. The point is to follow, rather, that call from your heart, which is directing you in this new phase to readings that will connect you to the heart, charity and love. The readings proposed by you, by Allan Kardec, will contribute to your learning in that moment, as well as other similar readings that will make you go against the heart. The Gospel of Jesus and readings where there is the irradiation of this love and the selfless work of charity, is what you must prioritize to feed your knowledge, at that moment.
You will know the path you want to go through. Your heart will tell you what, when and where to seek, because my beloved, once we are bitten by this "awakening bug," our life takes on another proportion. So, do not place restrictions on your path. Look for materials, books, therapies, whatever your heart asks for to expand your process. Make with your heart free and open, the result will be the one that is programmed with your mentors in this life.
But first of all, seek yourself every day by watching over your vicious behaviors, trying day by day to wonder how to become free of your restraints. It is so, until the day that we surrender of this search, because even one day it will lose the sense.
And on that day when we are tired of our quest we become enlightened, because we surrender to the creator and creation. And on that day, we surrender our life to God as our guide, and He will make us who we are and be wholly surrendered to His designs.
But, until then, we are treading in our quest for our own improvement, day by day, without restrictions and without judgment. This is the way, and it is only we who can know how to tread and what we need to look for. But as long as we seek love and charity, our own purification, we will be on the path of our elevation.
Be at peace on this path.

Gratitude to all.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini.

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