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Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Baby Avocado Tree - Michele Martini

Today, I feel a tremendous love for an avocado tree.

I shed tears that flow down my face of love, of care, of zeal for an avocado tree.

You may think that I really went crazy at once, but I come to tell you that I feel it, and tell you the story of the avocado tree.

I've been going through very difficult phases of my life that last year. I was in front of my greatest fears, where I had to empty myself inside, inserted in a reality that was mine alone. I distanced myself from everyone, I looked inside.

I was in this time, suffering the consequences of acts committed in an unthinking way on my part, and that were far from my true purpose of soul. And then, in a short time, I had the opportunity to heal various aspects that I brought into my life, and that brought me suffering.

Then came the avocado tree, to show me wonderful lessons of love, hope, and faith.

I begin this day, where I was deeply moved when I saw that someone had ripped off my small foot of avocado tree, still a foot from the street, from where I had planted it with great love.

He symbolized to me much in this intense phase that I lived, and today I feel for him immense love.

But in fact, this love, is that love that I learned to have for myself.

Today, when I went to work, I observed the scene that shocked me, and already late to go my way and take the bus, I did not have time to help my little baby avocado tree. I urgently asked my boyfriend, who was still at my house, to rescue my baby by placing it in a pot indoors in a safe place, since they had plucked it from the ground with all its roots.

I did not recognize myself by watching myself so moved by it. Because it affected me all day. I remained sad and disconsolate, as if they had committed an act of extreme cruelty against my heart. I felt heartbroken. I connected with the avocado tree and felt its pain, its sense of abandonment and sadness for being thrown out on the street, scorned and mistreated.

This little abacateiro that a few days before I lived here inside my house, in the cradle of who took care with so much love.

It came out of a beautiful and pure love, from someone who placed in him the faith, hope and love that only a mother and a father have for a child. I created this baby avocado tree with lots of love. And so it cut my heart to see him in extreme suffering.

When I got home, I went to see my rescued baby, sheltered inside the cradle that created him, my home, and with the sheets all knocked down, bruised. The burnt tips of the sun. I realized how much those days on the street must have been difficult for him. O when he suffered.

So now, in tears, I write the story of this avocado tree, which reminds us of our own history.

He comes to teach us that we are like him. Born from the cradle of the Father, Creator, and then ventured into this life, in the experiences of incarnations. We hurt ourselves, we hurt ourselves, and then after so much effort and learning in this life, we are gathered with all love in the hands of the Father, when we no longer have the strength to follow and surrender to him.

I was reminded of the scene of the avocado tree lying on the ground as if in surrender. From that feeling of surrender. And it's just that sense of surrender that we have inside us when we're tired of fighting. Tired of fighting against life, tired of remaining indignant at everything God puts into our lives to learn from experiences.

We surrender ourselves just like the avocado tree, with a wounded heart, we are already calejados of the experiences that we brought to us, to simply at the end to discover that only we were lacking the delivery.

The surrender to God, the surrender to his love. That would be the solution to all our problems. It would be our grace and joy where we could live without suffering. Simply with the feeling of acceptance. Acceptance of life as it is. Acceptance of what is put before us.

The avocado tree came to teach me this beautiful lesson. That was his story, but that is also mine and that of all of us. For we all come out from the Father's cradle. We are all seeds of light. And we follow the struggle because we try to be masters of truth, masters of reason. We think we can move on according to our narrow wisdom, which is nothing before Divine wisdom. We take the directions of life and decisions based on our short experience which is nothing more than a thirty-centimeter baby avocado tree. We find ourselves prepared, powerful, full of reason. But in truth we are these babies, and we will be gathered together by the hands of the Father, the moment we give ourselves to him with all our love and humility. To tears, yes, but with that feeling that we will never be alone again, that all new experiences that come to us will be guided by the Father and then we will follow happily all the challenges of life with Him.

Gratitude my baby avocado tree.

Michele Martini - Jan 12, 2017