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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Exhibition and Healing of Aspects of Personality - Lady Master Pallas Athena

Today brings joy. Today is the day of recommencement. The resumption of much love, strength and hope.

You, my beloved children, have been living for a long time in situations of pain and suffering.

They were involved in tears that they became a deep river, from where you could not leave without seeking outside help. They no longer knew how to find strength in themselves.

They were tired of this struggle for a few moments, where they no longer accepted the fact that they always needed to be the seekers of the aid, while in fact they would like to be the ones who bring the relief to those in need.

They have passed from the stage of suffering without knowing how to seek their inner strength. They no longer found her, they were immersed in a reality where they did not know how to leave.

Today, my children, are already stronger, more independent and bearers of the inner light.

The external search, children, only delays the meeting of the path with your true identity, the one you will find only within you.

I come to tell you, with all love, in this message, directed especially to those who have already been following the path of the practice of charity for a long time and who still have no solution to their own pains and problems.

My beloved children, the inner search is part of your evolution, your own healing. Only then will you get a solution to your problems. The practice of charity, the external search, will only bring relief and joy, to tread on your days of experience in the matter, if they are part of your mission. But they will not bring your inner healing.

Many of you, beloved children, seek in charity or in various other forms of activities, an escape of yourselves. Many remain living a false identity in a charitable work, but they do not allow themselves to look within themselves, truly.

The experience of an identity that is not yours, children, can help to a certain extent, as a kind of training, where you are practicing the experience of what it would be if they were, which you are not yet.

From this experience, it is when they realize that they can not remain in that identity that they have idealized for a long time. When they withdraw to their interior, they do not find there that idealized person, but the one they no longer want to be.

This meeting is a shock, children, and it's a positive shock. Through experience in duality, as I explained, it is that you will be able to perceive how it is not what you idealize of happiness. For they did not look within.

Therefore, at that moment, children, in the moment of discomfort, direct attention to the interior, silence the mind, ask yourself why you are not the personalities that you have idealized. Explore your interior until you find the cause.

Many of you children have internal blocks that are very simple to remove but are hidden there simply because they have never decided to look at them. Living immersed in a life created by the mind, they were letting this lock kept and increasingly hidden and difficult to access.

Often, children, even when already inserted in a true reality, from the heart, are faced with situations in which a personality that was already forgotten in time, in yourself, still stands out.

And this exposure occurs precisely so that they are healed and not so that this aspect is saved again. Full healing and elevation of the spirit, children, occurs only when they are completely cleansed within. Therefore, the opportunities you have for healing and healing, for forgotten aspects, will bring what you seek. It will bring the possibility that you are what you have always wanted. But in a complete and complete way.

This is the uphill walk, my children. Some aspects need to be kept for many years, and even for many incarnations, to be exhibited only when you are prepared to work it out. Do not hurry, children, for in trying to deal with aspects that are not yet prepared, they can bring more suffering and loss.

So trust in the time of God. Surrender your life to Him. Allow experiences and feelings to come naturally and begin to treat every aspect when exposed. Following the natural flow, without interrupting the treatment at the time of this exposure, but also, without seeking more suffering in an attempt to heal all aspects which are not yet prepared.

Children, it takes many years of coexistence with their identities that no longer resonate, so that they can then be illuminated, only from the moment they are exposed aspects and experiences arrive. Allow the free flow of these experiences. Accepting and letting them be led by God and not by yourselves.

But perhaps some are wondering how to go inside, how to search for these hidden aspects, and I tell you my children to look for their emotional triggers, or their inner maladjustments.

Let's think about it. Every time you deviate from your true nature, you escape your purpose and do what is not natural, you will have a reaction in your mood that will be manifested by fear, anger, sadness or feeling of abandonment.

We then have our first emotional trigger to look within ourselves. Our emotions, our feelings of maladjustment, that which draws us out of energy, is the first sign that there is something that needs to be sought. If there is this emotional trigger, then there is something to be sought.

A second step that we will begin to notice in our days is what are the facts in our lives, which bring us these feelings in a repetitive way, which are the emotions that are repeated from time to time, by experiences that are brought to us, which leave us Nervous, sad, fearful or make us feel smaller in abandonment without protection.

So let's begin to note these events in our lives, to pay attention to them, whenever we have this inner imbalance, which leads us to manifest something at odds with the feeling of inner love and peace, let us openly repair this cycle Happens in our lives. What are the events that lead us to imbalance and these inner emotions.

This is an exercise that requires a lot of courage, truth, and sincerity, with the real purpose of uplifting the soul. Let's touch the most painful points in our lives and we will often want to just give up. But then we will repair the return of the cycle, which will motivate us again to have the same reactive emotions.

In this exercise we will see that there is a cycle within us. A cycle that occurs, in fact, in emotions of uneasiness and doubt. This cycle repeats itself and leads us to the same lower emotions and feelings.

What we propose is to identify this cycle, through facts that misfit us. But we need to be aware that imbalance is inner and not caused by external fact. What is external is the trigger that leads us to contact these lower emotions.

Then we will have our emotions that have led us to make contact with our inferior aspects, with those that are not true within ourselves, but rather the fruit of the character we created in our mind. But we get in touch with these lower emotions and we identify a cycle, which with much hard work, willpower and sincerity by the real purpose of elevation we propose to break. And how will this be done? Simply by watching the emotions that lead us to the cycle of anger, sadness, inferiority or fear. This cycle will come back from time to time, be sure of it, but as we propose to change our reaction, we will be purifying ourselves and they will come back more and more soft until, someday, they will just disappear.

You realize that life leads us to these lower feelings, but when we refuse to analyze them with an open, free heart, to feel our own pain, to identify our sorrows, guilts, fears, we will be trapped by this indefinite cycle of pain and suffering. But as we decide to seek, through these feelings, within ourselves, then they will gradually begin to become softer.

What we do in this exercise is the cleansing of our records from the search for our truth. When we seek with sincerity and detachment from our own pains, we are purifying ourselves and becoming masters of life, taking care of our souls and giving light to the manifestation of our true divine essence.

But I say, my children, that it is a hard exercise to be done, because it will touch the main point of our life, the roots of our sufferings, which are precisely our attachments, what we want for our life at any cost, or, that Which we think we will not be able to live without.

From this simple but harsh exercise, as it demands so rare interior sincerity, in the way mankind has been educated to live, they will be anchoring their own purification and creating, from the heart, a life more in tune with our true Purpose of soul, with our greatest truth.

You will see, my children, that those who with all sincerity of soul, without pain of themselves, intend to look at themselves in this way, will begin a beautiful process of opening their gifts of the soul. It is from there that our mediumship manifests itself, that the gifts we have come to bring into this world are anchored in our lives. For as we allow ourselves to be freed from these constraints, we become true, and this truth manifests itself in our energy field in a beautiful and magnificent form.

It is an exercise of self-love, of truth, of breaking cycles of suffering, so that life may manifest itself in all its purity, so that we may, from within ourselves, manifest to the world the light of our heart, destined to A lighter and smoother path.

From our pain, we will create light, because the restriction that we keep in our record, will be converted into experience that illuminates the soul. But for every point we move in our life, the light is released in a potent way, adding much light to our soul.

Accept the flow of experiences and healings provided by them.

I am here radiating my love during this process

Ms. Pallas Athena

Messengers: Michelinha OM and Thiago Strapasson - January 14, 2017.

Collaboration: Rebeca Crivelaro Campos

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